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  1. Gladewater in a close one. Both will be much improved but I think Gladewater pulls it out in the end. Gladewater 34 Pine Tree 28
  2. Liberty-Eylau in this one by 15...maybe more if they can get it cranked up this early.
  3. Sorry, Coach! I have to apologize for getting personal. That wasn't my original intent. I (along with several other fans on this site, of whom, most are former players) was, merely, trying to draw attention to some of the things we've seen over and over that, if addressed, could improve the Buckeyes chances. You know, as well as I do, the first step toward solving any problem is recognizing one exists, in football, or life in general. All of us do APPRECIATE what y'all have done for our kids and our program and hope y'all stay! It's a WHOLE LOT easier being a fan than being a coach, and easier to critique from the outside looking in than from the inside looking out! By the way, my better half is a teacher. One teacher in the family is enough! I don't want any part of it! Good luck, Buckeyes! Remember DASH!
  4. That's right! This is always a fun matchup no matter who wins! From all the threads on this site, it looks like it WILL be a packed house! GO BUCKEYES! PLUCK THE EAGLES!
  5. I agree with you OldBuckeye. Let's not get down on our boys. They are young and will improve as the season goes on. I think they will be just fine. They scrimmaged a very good 4A team and held their own. Sure, there are areas that need improvement but that is why you scrimmage. You scrimmage to see what needs to be fixed and address it, not deny its existence. I'll definitely be there to cheer them on no matter what!
  6. :thumbsup: sssssssssshhhhhhhh!! You might wake up the neighbors! Most stadiums are in residential neighborhoods (Buckeye Stadium included)...the neighbors might complain! There are also noise ordinances in most towns. Can you turn down the volume? Maybe the residents near Rose Stadium won't mind........if y'all get to blow it! Maybe Gilmer's defense can help y'all keep the volume muted........hhmmmm? :thumbsup:
  7. That's exactly what I've been talking about when I say defensive technique. It's not only the arm-tackling that worries me, it's the face-guarding receivers by defensive backs. It has been a problem for a number of years, now. I've seen our defensive backs get burned so many times in the past, even though they shadow the receivers pretty good, mainly because they don't turn around and look for the ball. This is another "technique" that is not working and should be addressed by the coaching staff. Where are you CoachLangley?
  8. I take it that you are a coach. GOOD! No, I haven't been to any staff meetings! I don't get that privilege. Yes, I have seen them practice and have seen them work, and yes they work EXTREMELY hard! I know their problems in past years is NOT FROM LACK OF EFFORT! I also know that the Buckeyes can't win it all every year. There's too many things that have to happen for a team to win it all. I DO APPRECIATE what Coach Traylor has done for our program and am not knocking it ONE BIT. BUT, if you're trying to tell me there hasn't been problems with defensive technique in the past, then you're either blind, naive, or in denial. YES, Gilmer will always have a chance to win it all every year, but those chances will be greatly enhanced the better the defense plays. I would never dis or knock the players so who do YOU fault? One problem (if you can call it that) is that the offense scores quickly and does not allow the defense to rest. That's a good problem to have and I'll take that in stride if the defense can make a stand when it is needed, something they've had problems with in the past. And being realistic, I know that they won't be able to every time. It's just been that those few times a stop is needed the defense hasn't been able to get it done lately. I'm hoping these defensive lapses are getting addressed and I know they will! Anything I have to say about the defense is meant to be CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM! That's the only knock I have on my beloved Buckeyes and I will follow them regardless! Don't knock what I have to say, either, 'cause there ain't no bigger fan than me! I also know that you, being a coach, have heard the adage "offense wins games, but DEFENSE wins championships!" MY 2 CENTS!
  9. Looks like Gilmer has alot of work to do. Turning the ball over is not something that will win games. I hope they get that fixed! Defense has been the achilles heel for the Buckeyes for several years, and will improve with experience, but they're still not where I was hoping they'd be. It's too early to gauge the team but this is why you scrimmage, to see what needs to be fixed.
  10. That's the one team nobody seems to knows much about. What we do know is that they were in the quarterfinals in Louisiana 3A. We have heard that they are very fast and very athletic. Their record last year was 8-5 after losing their first three games. They also lost their starting QB to graduation. That's about all I know. If anyone has anymore information, please oblige.
  11. You're right FriscoFan, last year WAS last year. What I'm saying is the offense has carried them the last several years. When they won state in '04, though ranked #1 in state, the defense nearly gave the championship game away. I won't make any bones about it, I don't like the defensive scheme the Buckeyes have run under the present defensive coordinator. Though the stats you gave look pretty good on paper, they could've been much better had they played proper technique defensively. It's the coach's job to teach this and it just hasn't been done. Hopefully, this year will be different. Do you remember the Buckeye defenses in the mid '80s? They may have given up some points here and there but they didn't miss tackles. Just imagine if the defense were really good at stopping people....they would have been state champs every year (very possible) with the talent they've had. I have seen this defense at its best (against Lindale and Daingerfield in '03) and if they could keep that intensity throughout the year, there's no telling how good they could be. A message to Buckeye players: you heard it before and it's still true, offense wins games, but DEFENSE wins championships!
  12. I know this post is old but what about the 1941 Buckeyes? They went 12-0 outscoring Van 70-0 and Rockwall 51-0 in the playoffs. That's as far as the playoffs went back then. Also outscored opponents 369-6, with the only touchdown given up by the backup players (they had emptied the bench). That team was way before my time but I would love to have seen them play.
  13. It could be against Monroe Richwood or Tatum, but a couple of the other teams might just sneak up and upset them if they're not prepared and don't shore up the DEFENSE! There is a possibility of a 10-0 regular season if they play defense.
  14. I think the district will play out like this: Gilmer 9-1 (5-0) Gladewater 7-3 (4-1) Spring Hill 7-3 (3-2) White Oak 5-5 (2-3) Mineola 3-7 (1-4) Sabine 2-8 (0-5) I don't see anyone sharing the district title Bear Den. Like I've said, Gladewater will be much improved but I don't think they are improved enough to beat Gilmer, yet. Neither is anyone else in the district.
  15. I would like to see this scrimmage but can't. Promised the kids I'd take them to Splash Kingdom before school starts, but judging by the past there should be a good crowd.
  16. You're right Bear Den, this is shaping up to be one heck of a game! I look for Gladewater to be much improved this year. The Buckeyes better NOT take the Bears lightly or they could beat! It is my prediction this game will be for the district championship.
  17. I haven't forgotten Slikk1803, and neither have all the other Buckeye fans! Daingerfield and Gilmer always provide some sparks. That Daingerfield game last year was the first inkling that our defense was horrible. As a fan of the Buckeyes, I walked away after that game with the feeling we had lost, even though we won 62-42. Daingerfield has been the only team to beat Gilmer in the regular season in the last 4 years (beat Gilmer 26-17 in Daingerfield in '05). I'm also VERY sure the Tigers have that date with Gilmer circled on their calendar. Daingerfield would LOVE to be the first team to beat Gilmer at Buckeye stadium since '02 --- provided that Gilmer keeps that streak intact against the Monroe Richmond Rams (a quarterfinalist in Louisiana prep playoffs --- NO EASY TASK). I'll DEFINITELY be there!
  18. Prayers from Gilmer. May God comfort all the families involved in this tragedy.
  19. Liberty-Eylau vs. Gilmer in bi-district. If everything goes as it should they'll have a rematch. It should be interesting to see if Gilmer learned anything from last year's loss. Oops!! I'm getting ahead of myself. An always exciting REGULAR season matchup is Gilmer vs. Tatum. Two perennial playoff teams with alot of history.........and class.
  20. The Gilmer-Tatum game will be on Thursday night, Sept. 6 @ 8 PM at TMF Rose Stadium in Tyler. It won't conflict with Spring Hill's Friday night game. Can we expect to see you there? Which side will (or would) you be sitting on?
  21. 130 kids? That's impressive! Especially when you consider there are only, maybe, 300 or so male students in the student body at Gilmer High School. Yes, I'm excited about their chances. I'm ready for some football!! By the way, do you know anything about Richwood?
  22. I hope you're right gtownballer. If technique (facemask-in-chest, wrap-'em-up) is taught and learned, the defense should be just fine. I haven't been able to see them in two-a-days yet but I will. Like I said, if the defense plays to its athleticism they should be able to shut offenses down. I'm rooting for some shutouts this year......something they could not do last year. On offense, it doesn't hurt to have D1 talent that has been playing varsity since the 9th grade. I think there are 3 OL left that played on the '04 championship team, right? Correct me if I'm wrong.
  23. The defense is the main question mark for the Buckeyes this year, but my hope is they will figure out how to stop people. Lack of talent defensively hasn't been an issue, it's technique. Last year's team underachieved on defense, but the offense was good enough to offset that, until they played Liberty-Eylau. If Tatum can come in and score early a couple of times, they should win. If Gilmer's defense shows up and stops Tatum the first 2 or 3 possessions, I think Gilmer will win. Turnovers will also play a role if there are any. As far as I'm concerned, these two teams are very evenly matched. Personally, I don't like the defensive scheme the Buckeyes run and I make no bones about it. There's too much arm-tackling which is a sign of poor technique.
  24. I don't think it would ever be considered. There are just too many differences between the 5A and 3A levels, i.e. sheer numbers at the 5A level = more depth of both talent and players. Besides, who would benefit from such a matchup? What if the 5A team were to lose? What if the 3A team, though very good, were to get blown out? There are too many MORE negatives than positives for such a matchup to happen. But, it would be INTERESTING to see!
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