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  1. I hope you're right gtownballer. If technique (facemask-in-chest, wrap-'em-up) is taught and learned, the defense should be just fine. I haven't been able to see them in two-a-days yet but I will. Like I said, if the defense plays to its athleticism they should be able to shut offenses down. I'm rooting for some shutouts this year......something they could not do last year. On offense, it doesn't hurt to have D1 talent that has been playing varsity since the 9th grade. I think there are 3 OL left that played on the '04 championship team, right? Correct me if I'm wrong.
  2. The defense is the main question mark for the Buckeyes this year, but my hope is they will figure out how to stop people. Lack of talent defensively hasn't been an issue, it's technique. Last year's team underachieved on defense, but the offense was good enough to offset that, until they played Liberty-Eylau. If Tatum can come in and score early a couple of times, they should win. If Gilmer's defense shows up and stops Tatum the first 2 or 3 possessions, I think Gilmer will win. Turnovers will also play a role if there are any. As far as I'm concerned, these two teams are very evenly matched. Personally, I don't like the defensive scheme the Buckeyes run and I make no bones about it. There's too much arm-tackling which is a sign of poor technique.
  3. I don't think it would ever be considered. There are just too many differences between the 5A and 3A levels, i.e. sheer numbers at the 5A level = more depth of both talent and players. Besides, who would benefit from such a matchup? What if the 5A team were to lose? What if the 3A team, though very good, were to get blown out? There are too many MORE negatives than positives for such a matchup to happen. But, it would be INTERESTING to see!
  4. That '83 Daingerfield team did play Gilmer that year, the second game of the season. The score was 14-0. I was there and remarked to one of my co-workers at halftime, with Gilmer behind 7-0, that Daingerfield would be the next state champ. Gilmer had the most yards given up by that defense all year (188 total yards). As far as the best team of all-time, I think it has to be broken down a little bit further. Overall, that '83 Daingerfield team was the best I've ever seen (PF 631 PA 8), but I never got to see the '73 JT Lions, or the '75 Big Sandy team who outscored their opponents 831-15. I think you could make a statement for either of those teams, especially that Big Sandy team.
  5. The best 3A team in East Texas right now is Liberty-Eylau with Gilmer running a close second and Van not far behind at third. Liberty-Eylau has proven itself based on last season's state championship. The most consistent team is Gilmer... though they haven't performed as well in the playoffs the last couple of years (the real gauge). Van is an up and comer, though not proven as of yet. There are some other teams that could surprise people this year if it comes together for them. That's what makes 3A football exciting...there are always those teams that seem to put it together at the right time to keep the state championship trophy here in East Texas! 3A State Champions from East Texas so far this decade: 2003 Atlanta Rabbits 2004 Gilmer Buckeyes 2005 Tatum Eagles 2006 Liberty-Eylau 2007 ? still to be decided :hmm:
  6. That's a bold statement for Warren City. What do they have over there? Will they ever beat the Mings Chapel Turncoats. I think the best team in that district will be the Sand Hill Hillbillies...but don't overlook the Latch Goat Ropers!! :lol:
  7. Let's see...................there are several possibly good matchups in zero week: 5A Lufkin vs. Longview 4A Kilgore vs. Mt. Pleasant; Whitehouse vs. Forney; 4A Hallsville vs. 3A Palestine 3A Celina (3A Div. II finalist '06) vs. Waco Robinson (3A Div. I finalist '06); Richwood, LA (3A semifinalist in LA) vs. Gilmer 2A Daingerfield vs. Tatum 1A Chilton (state champ '06 1A) vs. Mart (state champ '06 2A Div. II) Another interesting matchup: 4A Paris vs 3A Gainesville If I had to choose just one matchup it would be Celina vs. Robinson.
  8. Gilmer's Buckeye Stadium is adding a new section of bleachers for the Buckeye band. The stands are supposed to hold 250 band and pep squad members and should be situated on the northeast side of the stadium (north of visitors stands). It hasn't been built yet but trustees put out for bids back in April or early May and should improve seating capacity on the home side by at least 250. I certainly hope they get it done quickly because its always so overcrowded. I don't think the stadium holds more than 5000, with, maybe 3000 on the home side. I would hope that the next major expenditure there would be to increase seating capacity. Have you seen the new field house? If only they would spend that kind of money to improve the stadium itself, I'm proud of it though, and the players deserve it.
  9. All I can say is WOW!! Where does this kid play? I didn't catch that. He has vision, awareness, speed, and talent that you don't normally see at such an early age. I hope he stays healthy and gets bigger (and stouter) as he matures without losing any of his natural ability. If he keeps playing football, keeps his grades up, and does the aforementioned we will likely be watching him on Saturdays in about 6 to 7 years. BUT, I'm like the others about that vulgar music...I had to mute it! If his parents listen to that #### I see problems in the kid's future. They can't be very intelligent. They (and the boy) need a little religion in their life to have a good balance or we may not be seeing the boy in the future.
  10. GoBigRed, if you had any inkling as to what you were talking about, what you said would be more believable. It wasn't the Gilmer fans that were doing the trash-talking. It was people from other towns. When a program is successful, people will talk trash about them. I've never razzed the Big Red, or any other team. It's something called R-E-S-P-E-C-T! Don't dis something you know nothing about. I don't think anybody in Gilmer was completely surprised when Gilmer lost to Liberty-Eylau in the first round last year. Disappointed, yes, but not surprised. After all, they lost to a very GOOD Liberty-Eylau team WHICH WON STATE rather easily after getting by Gilmer by 3 points. Gilmer played an uncharacteristic game that night, turning the ball over, getting inopportune penalties, things the Buckeyes never did during the regular season.
  11. I wouldn't say Gilmer will be down this year BAM 0015. They just won't be as dominant early as they have been. Stump Godfrey will be a good quarterback and should develop quickly but I don't see the Buckeyes winning by blowout scores as often as in the last three or four years. If the defense does not improve their scheme and technique this could be a year with at least 2 losses in the regular season. I have confidence in the offense, but not in the defense. If the defense steps up, I look for the Buckeyes to cruise once again.
  12. Gilmer will still win district but with a little more difficulty this year. Gladewater will most likely finish second, Spring Hill third. My prediction for Gladewater: They will win at least 7 and go to second round in the playoffs.
  13. I saw the '83 Tigers. I've never seen any team as dominant as that one at any level. I didn't get to see the '80 Pirates (wish I had though). I saw the Daingerfield / Gilmer game, which was the second game of the season, and remarked to one of my co-workers at halftime that Gilmer would lose that game, but they would lose to the next state champ (I must have been a prophet, huh?). I honestly believe that the Tigers would've won the title in any classification that year. I've heard that the '80 Pirates were on the same level as the '83 Tigers. If this is true, the game would have been won by Daingerfield by a score of 2-0. Both defenses were legendary and we will never see defenses like those again. What a shame! I love defense! :notworthy:
  14. Go Pritchett Bootleggers!!! Win it all!! Will you pick up Justin Johnson in a limo? :bounce:
  15. I think it's a done deal...... Gilmer vs. Tatum @ Trinity Mother Frances Rose Stadium, 8 PM Thursday, Sept. 6 It's not definite, but.... They will open up the Kickoff Classic in week one on national television in front of more than 11,000 fans. Not bad for two small school programs! Prediction: (which is all the above is) Tatum wins by 9 Tatum is going to be strong and Gilmer will be eventually (if they learn how to play defense). Both are class programs with class coaches and well-disciplined young men who deserve the exposure.
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