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  1. All big games start out with both teams being somewhat "nervous", but that changes after a few plays for the better teams. Unfortunately, it didn't look like we settled down early enough, especially on offense. Coach Metzel was just agreeing with Jeff the interviewer when it was said, and I believe he was right to an extent. That's about it.
  2. That was the interviewer that said that. These teams are NOT equally coached. You have win 8 state championships in 13 years, probably 9 in 14 after this year to be "equal". That's just a silly statement no matter who made it.
  3. Taken totally out of context. Here's the video of the coach's show. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n3twMOA_egM
  4. Notice, I didn't say we "would". I said we would have to. Big difference.
  5. Man, it looked like the Dawg defense knew our offensive plays better that we did. Of course, it certainly didn't hurt that Surratt, Preston, and company had three weeks to prepare, and for the players to get healthy. I felt like Carthage would win in a low scoring game, but I didn't think they would keep making us go three and out so often, and hold us to 7 points. We never found a rhythm on offense at all. One thing I was disappointed in was that we "let" Carthage set the pace of the game. When you play a team as good as Carthage is, you absolutely have to set the pace, maintain it, and preferably early in the game. That's extremely hard to do when you can't get any offensive rhythm going at all. I thought our defense played their butts off and kept us in the game, especially considering they were on the field for almost the entire game. It's not unusual for us to not win the time of possession stats, but I seriously doubt we had the ball for 12 minutes the whole game. It's extremely hard to beat anybody if the other team's offense is on the field for 3 out of 4 quarters. If / when we meet again, we will have to score at least 35 to 40 points to have any chance at beating Carthage, because I know their offense will only get better, and their defense is good enough already. Like somebody else said, it looked like we played "scared". You can't be that way against good teams. You have to have confidence in what you do, and play like it.
  6. Carthage will likely be able to name that score against PG, who is only a shell of the teams from the past 3 or 4 years.
  7. Nope. Try again. Wrong player for one thing, and I wouldn't single out a player's number, because that's like using a minor's name on a public forum. I will only say that almost every unsportsmanlike penalty we've gotten, and there has been at least 1 to 3 in each game if memory serves, has been by 3 players. They know who they are, and it needs to be nipped in the bud. I say bench them, if it's blatant, for at least a series for first offense, at least a quarter for a second offense, a half for three, and so on. That's called discipline. Not to mention that a lot of starters were "benched" after the game was well in hand. Last week's game was one of those games. If the one you mentioned was "benched" I didn't even notice. If the ref admitted he was wrong to throw a flag on a player and later apologized, that's an official doing the right thing. That doesn't happen often at all, and good for him.
  8. For the first time ALL YEAR Coach Metzel benched a starter for unsportsmanlike conduct in the Lindale game. That's something that should have been done in the first three games to all THREE of the players that can't play with discipline. I don't care if we win or lose. If a player can't play with class, he doesn't need to be on the field. I don't have a problem if it just from being overly aggressive in the midst of a play, but flagrantly taunting after the play should not be allowed, and isn't by officials. Yes, we "should've" beaten Lindale by a bunch more points, but we made critical mistakes at critical points in the game that kept Lindale in it longer than they should've been. Lindale is definitely no slouch of a team, and they play the game the right way. They are well coached for sure. If we make those kind of mistakes in the Carthage game..., let's just say it won't be pretty. I think if we play with focus and discipline we can give them a very good game, and may even upset them if we don't make mistakes and Carthage does. That being said, I would be tickled pink to see the Buckeyes play a complete game with focus and discipline, win or lose. Carthage has been better than us for a few years now. It's time we evened things up a bit. Whether this is the team that's going to step up and play a good game against Carthage and let the chips fall where they may is yet to be seen.
  9. I'm still not sure I'm going to be able to make it. It will have to be a last minute decision because of work.
  10. I noticed when watching the last game that they likely have been reading the forums. They did a much better job of spotting the ball, which is an improvement. They are self admittedly homers, and there's not anything wrong with that. I think every school's stream is homerish.
  11. I'm not sure whether or not I'll be able to make it to the game yet, but if I do, will tickets be available at the game? Lindale high schools website says they will be available, but sometimes these things are not completely up to date.
  12. Here's where the live stream is: https://ghs.gilmerisd.org/288124_2
  13. I remember what happened last year. We were down 35-14 at the half. We were getting donkey stomped. We couldn't stop Lindale for nothing. We played like we were capable of playing in the second half and pulled it out, albeit with a couple of breaks. I don't want to see that happen again. If our players don't come out and take it to Lindale early this will be a close game for sure. I do think we are the better team. Whether that will translate onto the field is yet to be seen. You don't win games on a forum. The Buckeyes will need a focused and crisp week of practice, and execute better than they have in the first three games. I have yet to see this team play a totally focused and crisp game this season. The schedule over the next couple of weeks will tell a lot about whether this team will be able to compete for a title, in my opinion. You definitely can't overlook the teams that are capable of beating you, and Lindale is one of those teams I believe. I think the Buckeyes will do whatever it takes and win this one. Whether it's close or not depends on them more so, in my opinion, than Lindale or what they do. I think the Buckeyes are just more talented, and if they are focused they win. If not, Lindale "could" get the upset.
  14. I take it that the Epps family hasn't hung around Atlanta for a while. I remember when there always seemed to be a player named Epps on Atlanta's team.
  15. Not necessarily, but I do believe Hallsville could probably beat those teams. I'm just giving Henderson the edge. This early in the season it's really kinda hard to tell.
  16. Henderson is 1-1 against MUCH better competition, while Jacksonville is 0-2 against mediocre at best teams. Give me the Lions by about 13 to16 points.
  17. You can still sit there if nobody wants them. They're good seats in the bench back section.
  18. You "literally" love our announcers so much you won't see a game in person.
  19. I have some extra reserved tickets if somebody needs them. At least 4 side by side. PM me if you need them.
  20. Absolutely right about the scoreboard on the screen. I like that feature. The only bad thing is if you are just listening and not watching you really would have no idea what was really going on on the field. Like I said, though, I'm not complaining. They do this for free.
  21. So true, and "literally", ... haha! The hometown announcers are definitely homers, but they really are very good people. There's nothing wrong with being homers in and of itself, but sometimes I do wish they knew how to spot the ball, give down and distance, and describe a better picture of what is happening on the field. They make the game, unnecessarily, very hard to follow unless you're actually watching the game. I mean, slow down with all the talk, find out exactly where the ball is and call it accordingly. They finally have a decent cameraman. It would be nice if they had at least one more to pan around, give field level views, etc. I'm not complaining, though. These guys do this for free, and just because they are Buckeye fans. I am not one of those that is thinking this game will be a blowout. I've seen too many matchups between these two teams to take anything for granted. Henderson, more times than not, competes very well with us. It may be a good thing that we are playing them early in the season while they are still trying to learn the new system in place by a new coaching staff. The thing is, the Lions always have a lot of talent. If the Buckeyes play flat, or make a lot of mistakes, this could be much closer than it should be. JMHO
  22. High school football season is one day away. Can't wait! I wasn't able to make but one game all of last season, and that's after not missing but maybe one regular season and two playoff games most seasons (due to work). I will go to a bunch of games this season, Lord willing. About this game..., I just think Gilmer has too much depth for Gladewater, and it will start to show pretty early. If the Buckeyes avoid turnovers and penalties, Gladewater will have a hard time stopping Gilmer's offense. And on defense, Gilmer will have a definite experience advantage, and the Bear QB will be under a LOT of pressure. I'm anxious to see how he performs under duress. I think the game will go a lot like most of the past games in that depth will be a huge factor. Gladewater's players will be gassed for sure. I won't predict a score, but I do think the Buckeyes will win comfortably, and that's about as arrogant as I will get.
  23. Twice the enrollment? Gilmer has around 700 in high school. Gladewater has over 500, if I remember correctly. Yes, there's definitely some disparity in numbers. Gladewater's enrollment has shrunk over the years. Gilmer's has always stayed around the 690 on average over the past couple of decades at least. Matter of fact, we had about the same numbers when I was in high school back last century.... Like everybody else has said, though, I think Gilmer's depth will be a problem for the Bares. The Buckeyes absolutely "should" win by at least a couple of touchdowns, but you never know how the oblong ball will bounce. A few turnovers and miscues, and this game could be close. I certainly hope not.
  24. Haha..! No doubt! We came out and punched the Dawgs in the mouth, and woke them up, and they commenced to giving us a beatdown. I will tell you this: nobody was going to beat Carthage last year. It happens occasionally. One team is just much better than everybody else. That was Carthage last year. I've also said in the past, I will never "bet" against Surratt in the championship game. Maybe this year it will be a little more even. Who knows for sure? I do think the gap has closed some. Whether it's enough or not, we'll see. Also, somebody mentioned the 2006 Gilmer/Liberty-Eylau game. I have always been a realist. My brother and I were talking on the way to the game, and to be honest, we were worried about the Leopards. I had told him much earlier in the season after the Daingerfield game that if ANYBODY held us under 40 points they would likely beat us. Sure enough..., that's exactly what happened. We didn't buy into the hype that we were unbeatable. Mainly because, for all the offensive prowess that team had, their defense was extremely suspect. That 2006 team was a prime example of the old saying, "Offense wins games, but defense wins championships."
  25. I think this year's Gilmer / Carthage matchup in Carthage will be a prime example of why these two teams were mentioned in the list. Everybody knows it will be a full house with an electric atmosphere. I hope our Buckeyes come out completely focused and ready..., mainly because if not they will get woodshedded again. I pray nobody gets hurt because there will be some hitting goin' on fo sho.
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