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  1. That's certainly my question. The Buckeyes didn't prove they could stop Carthage last season at all. I do like our new DC. I think he will make our team a little more defensive minded. Whether we will have the horses to stop Carthage's complex offense is yet to be decided. Plus, the Carthage DC is one heck of a coach, too. Until the Buckeyes can prove that they can actually get stops regularly against elite teams like Carthage, AND be able to consistently move the ball offensively into the endzone, you still have to have Carthage as the outright favorite in this matchup. Like all Buckeye fans..., I am ready to END the Carthage streak against us.
  2. And you won't see a defense like that again. The best defense I've seen since is 2015 Katy, but they weren't even close to doing what that '83 Daingerfield team did. Add in the 1980 Pittsburg Pirates and the 1975 Big Sandy Wildcats to the list if you want to include inside their own classification. It's all subjective anyway. Other states don't have to follow UIL rules. Most of those schools on the list can legally recruit players, making it an uneven playing field when comparing them to Texas teams.
  3. My vote goes to this year's team overall. This year's defense was by far the best I've seen of any of their previous teams.
  4. I don't know about "grown folks" talking on here a lot of these times. Think TCU44... ...but I agree with you on the rest.
  5. The Bulldogs are looking a little this when they know they have to play Gilmer again.
  6. This is a game for the state championship. I don't think "billboard material" is needed. If you're not motivated enough already you have not given the game enough thought. We already know what Carthage brings to the game. It's not rocket science. Gilmer will have to play out of their mind to stay within striking distance. The Buckeyes will have to establish offensive rhythm against the best 4A defense in the state, while getting several stops defensively. I like what the new coaches are doing at Gilmer. I think we will be very good for as long as we have them. I hope the Buckeyes come out on fire and can put 4 quarters together because that's what it's going to take.
  7. Where is TCU44 when you need him? All we need is for him to pick Carthage to win and we're assured a Gilmer win. Both teams worked very hard to get here, and deserve the opportunity. It's been a long time since these two teams met in Week 5. I know both teams have improved since then. If Carthage has improved "as much" as Gilmer has, all I can say is "uh oh!" I'm just hoping we can put 4 quarters of our best football together for this one. If we don't we will likely get blown out of the building. I would absolutely HATE to see that happen. Honestly, I think this is the best Carthage team I've seen, especially defensively. We absolutely have to play our best to have any chance at the upset. It's the last game of the season, so no excuses, just play ball. See y'all at Jerry World.
  8. We're still getting ahead of ourselves a little. Graham ain't no slouch of a team obviously. Our focus is only on the Steers, and that's where it should be. By the way, Pigskin Preps has Graham as a 2-point favorite.
  9. We're still getting ahead of ourselves a little. Graham ain't no slouch of a team obviously. Our focus is only on the Steers, and that's where it should be.
  10. Not all Buckeye fans think that way, mike. Carthage is actually on a whole other level than any 4A team in the state. It will take for Carthage to have a few turnovers, penalties, and also near perfect play by any team left to compete with them. I think because of the familiarity, though, that Gilmer would play them better than the other two teams that are left. "Extra prep" had nothing to do with their win against Gilmer earlier in the season. The Buckeyes were outmanned in that match up. Maybe a little more experience will help the Buckeyes play them closer than the earlier match up, but I wouldn't count on it. Having the opportunity is the goal at this point, and that starts with Graham Friday night.
  11. Man, I guess I'm just old school. I like paper tickets much better, not to mention they're much quicker than scanning a phone. I think the Buckeyes will do whatever it takes to win. If the offense gets into a good rhythm early, I think the Buckeyes start pulling away. It's good to see the "Black" back in the Black Flag Defense. A good rhythm offensively and a few stops defensively is what it will take. I like that there weren't as many penalties in the CM game. That's a good sign. There's still points being left on the field. All the teams from here on out are very good. We just have to be better.
  12. That sounds good to me. Maybe we can make Carthage sweat at least a little if we both get there.
  13. Gilmer 38 Caddo Mills 14 Final The Buckeyes totally dominated the game, as did Carthage.
  14. Thanks for chiming in. I was wondering if a Hawk fan was going to break it down from their viewpoint. I know when we played y'all, BT had a couple of INTs -- 1 in the PG end zone, and another in the PG red zone. He made a couple of poor decisions in that game, but he settled down in the second half and started using his legs and arm to move the ball down the field. Our defense made some halftime adjustments and made it extremely difficult for the Hawk offense to consistently move the ball, save the one Hawk drive where there was a fumble recovery by Gilmer that was given back to the Hawks. BT is getting better and better at reading defenses, and making better decisions. The Black Flag Defense has made it difficult on opponents to consistently move the ball, save maybe a couple of drives a game lately. They get stops regularly, which is tons better than the last few years. I like the direction the Buckeyes are heading as a team. They do, however, need to minimize the penalties and other mistakes to get to the next level. So far, they've been able to overcome them and get the win. I know we can't afford to continue to be penalized over 100 yards per game and expect to continue winning against very good opponents. Caddo Mills has a very good team, obviously. Like I said before, we will have to get into a good offensive rhythm early and keep the pace for 4 quarters. I also believe that the Black Flag Defense can get enough stops to help us win. We will see. It ought to be a great game to watch between two very good teams.
  15. You're right. I realized that after I had typed it in at work and had left. We beat them in the playoffs 63-14 in 2017. I'm old...I get confused sometimes...
  16. I respect your thoughts, micotrav, and you are spot on with some of your observations. I certainly "hope" the Buckeyes are not banking on their "status" going into this game. That will certainly get you beat. I have faith in our coaches to keep our players grounded, and willing and able to execute their game plan. This Caddo Mills team is absolutely nothing like the team we beat badly when we were in the same district. The Foxes absolutely believe they will win. The key for the Buckeyes will be to impose their will on CM early. The Buckeyes will need to get into a very good rhythm on offense, and keep the play in front of them on defense. The Black Flag Defense will have to keep continuous pressure on the Fox offense and not allow them to get into a good rhythm. Yes, points will be scored, but what counts is who can get stops when it is needed. I am banking on the Black Flag to get it done. We shall see. It should be a great game.
  17. Nobody from Caddo Mills on here. I guess we could talk amongst ourselves... Anybody from Pleasant Grove have an opinion?
  18. It was poorly officiated for sure, but you can't dwell on it. You have to be able to overcome it. I watched the game on my DVR, and replayed the penalty calls, and about half could've been legit, but likely wouldn't have been called by most crews. Two of the pass interference calls were bad calls, along with the unsportsmanlike on both teams. The unsportsmanlike penalty that was called on both teams should have been on the Sunnyvale player only because he was throwing punches while our player never punched back. There was also a catch out of bounds on the one yard line that shouldn't have been, along with another out of bounds catch that kept a drive alive for Sunnyvale, and a phantom holding call against Gilmer on an interception that gave the ball back to Sunnyvale. A few holding calls that weren't called against Sunnyvale kept some drives alive also. To have a game this poorly officiated this late in the playoffs is inexcusable, in my opinion. Penalties should be a little more balanced at this level, in my opinion. At least you would think so. Having 135 yards (maybe more - I never got the official yardage) against us, and 15 yards against them just isn't right. BUT, you have to overcome them either way. The Buckeyes have done that all season. I would love to see a game where we have 50 yards or less in penalties. That hasn't happened thus far this season I don't think.
  19. The Buckeyes absolutely HAVE to cut the penalties down. That is about the only thing stopping this team from being a scoring machine, and having a shutdown defense. Over 100 yards in penalties is a lot to consistently overcome, but they've done it thus far. I would just love to see them cut those penalties in half at least. If they can do that, I don't think there's any other team out there that can stop them except for Carthage. Caddo Mills is one of those teams that is very disciplined, and do what they do very well. I think Gilmer is a better team, but they will have to definitely up their intensity, cut their penalties, and execute like they know they can. Our coaches will have a good game plan for sure, but I do think they will have to make adjustments on the fly, especially in the second half. The Buckeyes will have to put a full 4 quarters together, and not leave points on the field like they did against Sunnyvale. Caddo Mills is one of those teams that can score quickly, and at will if the defensive intensity is not maintained. This game could go either way if momentum is allowed to shift to one team or the other. The Buckeyes will have to be the ones who set the pace on both sides of the ball. If the offense finds a rhythm early, and the defense gets consistent stops, Buckeyes win. If not, it's a toss up.
  20. The closest thing to a challenge for Carthage in the playoffs will be China Spring. I don't think they will beat the Dawgs, but they will give them a good game. Their only next closest thing to a challenge will be in the finals. Still don't think anybody beats them.
  21. For those interested, here is the Buckeye's live stream link: https://ghs.gilmerisd.org/288124_2
  22. We can agree to disagree on that one. There were other players that would have stepped up. That team was loaded. I may be a homer, but I am also very much a realist. Anybody who knows me can tell you that.
  23. Blake Lynch was just one player. We were going to win state that year regardless. Blake definitely helped fill the void with the death an even better player, in my opinion, Desmond Pollard. I agree with mikehoncho. The recruiting accusations usually only fly around when a team has built a winning program. Everybody wants to be part of a winner. Parents want their children to get more exposure to college recruiters, and the more games a team plays, the more exposure they will get. Now, let's talk about this game. This game has been circled on these two teams' calendar all year. I'm excited, as well as anxious, to see what happens this season. The Buckeyes have a new head coach and a new defensive coordinator. I definitely like the direction these coaches are taking the team. The Buckeyes can't match the physical size of the Hawks, so they will have to find a way to neutralize it. I do think the Buckeyes have a couple of advantages, overall team speed and depth. We will need to keep PG from dictating the pace of this game. The way to do that is to get stops defensively, and get into a good rhythm offensively. If the Buckeye offense gets into a good rhythm it will be hard for PG to get stops regularly. I don't know what will happen in this game, to be honest, but I do think the gap has been closed a bunch over the last 3 seasons. We've been working hard to get back to this point for several seasons. We have the talent this year to do that. We just have to be to prove it. We have to be just as mentally tough as PG, and take it to them for 4 quarters. Refuse to lose, and protect our house.
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