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  1. I'll say PG will probably beat them by more. The reason being is that the Hawks won't have 4 turnovers (including a pick-6), 3 or 4 empty trips into the red zone, poor offensive execution, and tons of penalties. PG is a little more polished than the Buckeyes are at this point, and much more consistent.
  2. The good news is that both of those games are definitely winnable.
  3. I think Jasper may stay in the game through most of the first half, but Carthage wears them down in the second half and pulls away. I don't really predict scores but I think Carthage wins by at least 20. Just my opinion.
  4. I guarantee that the Bulldogs win this game! Any takers?
  5. I don't think any kind of Jobu spell is gonna change anything. He already rolls it to BT about half the time...
  6. Just wake me up when the Buckeyes have the ball...
  7. I concur, this game will likely be a blowout, but the Buckeyes have a lot of stuff to work on. I just hope they play four good quarters instead of two.
  8. I'm anxious to see how the Buckeyes respond after getting beat by Carthage. I hope it woke them up to the fact that they can't get off to slow starts against ANYBODY and expect to come out on top every time. They absolutely HAVE to improve defensively, and it's imperative that they don't get themselves in a hole early like they have every game this year. The longer you let teams you should be beating soundly stay in the game the more confidence it gives them. I would love to see the defense step it up and improve each game, and the offense has to stop putting themselves in 2nd and long, and 3rd and long situations with penalties and negative plays. If the Buckeyes put together 4 quarters of hitting on all cylinders offensively, while getting regular stops defensively, they will be very tough to beat. I think the Buckeyes have a better chance at a district championship this year than they've had the past couple of seasons. They will still have to improve a bunch to do that, though. I look for the Buckeyes to put away Spring Hill relatively early. Whether they do or not depends on the above.
  9. Football is all about matchups. Gilmer didn't have the physical size and strength in the trenches to match up with Carthage. Carthage dominated in the trenches, hence the blowout. Gilmer had some chances but kept making mistakes on offense. The Buckeyes didn't have an answer defensively for the Dawg offense, though. I think PG matches up better with Carthage physically, but I just don't see them being able to consistently stopping the Dawg offense, nor do I see them sustaining many scoring drives. Unless the Dawgs turn the ball over a few times, I think Carthage pulls away, especially in the second half when depth becomes a factor. I think this game will be very similar to last year's game.
  10. To be the best you have to beat the best, and that's why we schedule Carthage. Back in the Traylor era, we wouldn't schedule a team in pre-district if there was a chance we would meet them in the playoffs. Win or lose, this is a good matchup for both teams. I would absolutely love to see the Buckeyes win this one. We have a lot to clean up to get where we need to be as a team. If we do somehow beat the reigning champs, will it signify that the Buckeyes are back to the contender level? I think so. There's really only two teams on our schedule in the past 4 years that have been on the championship level, Carthage and PG. We have to find a way to beat these two teams for sure to have any shot at a championship. I like what I've seen as far as enthusiasm and effort in this year's team. They are mentally tougher than they have been the last 3 to 4 years. They will have to maintain that toughness regardless of how things are going in the game. We have a good enough offense to keep us in the game, and the defense to get some key stops (especially after making adjustments). The thing is, we will have to make quicker in-game adjustments on both sides of the ball against teams like Carthage and PG who have very good coaching staffs. The only thing that I definitely don't want to see is for the Buckeyes to hang their heads if down. I don't think that will happen judging by what we've seen thus far this season. I would love for this game to come down to the wire with a chance to win. I would really love for this to be a comfortable win for the Buckeyes, too, but that is probably asking for way too much.
  11. I wholeheartedly agree. It's either fix the snaps, or find somebody who can. I'm pretty sure he is getting a healthy dose of snap practicing in. He has gotten better, but it still happens a little too often for my taste.
  12. I do think the Buckeyes will win, but it won't be a cake walk like some seem to think, unless they fix some of the mistakes they have been making. The mistakes that are obvious are the continual bad snaps which throw the timing of plays off, fumbles on special teams, and some penalties at inopportune times. The defense usually starts slow by giving up a lot of yards, but at least they do make adjustments at halftime that actually work. The good news is we are 3-0 even with the mistakes, and if they are fixed, we will definitely be a contender for a district title and more.
  13. Gilmer had 3 TDs called back in this game. They eventually scored on all of those three drives, but the penalties were definitely a problem and needs to be cleaned up.
  14. i would definitely be surprised if it were that close. I think it would say more about Gladewater than it would for Spring Hill, because, for whatever reason, it seems like the Bears seem to have some bad games every season in the past. I don't think that will happen under Jonny's watch. I think the Bears will be much more consistent throughout the season now.
  15. Gotta go with the Bears in a name their own score in this one. It won't be close, in my opinion.
  16. As to an answer to the OP question: No, they will not win a state title this year. Just my opinion.
  17. Uh, they did lose yards nearly every play. They made positive yards on about 6 or 7 plays all night. The Buckeye offense didn't look as sharp as usual, but it was the first scrimmage with several starters out.
  18. It looked to me like Terrell needs a ton of work on their O-line. The Buckeye D-line was in the backfield on every play. Other than a couple of long plays, the Tigers didn't do much of anything. Terrell has good athletes all over the field. They will get better. The Buckeyes looked "pretty" sharp all things considered. They will only get better, too.
  19. That's one thing we have missed since Jeff has left. He never took the foot off the throat too early. The last couple of years, at least, Turner took his foot off the throat way too early and nearly cost us a couple of games, certainly making games "seem" closer than they really were.
  20. The defense was under Barr. Both Barr and Turner retired. I'm interested to see what the new coaches bring to the table. I will have a better idea after tonight's scrimmage. I can't make any calls on this game until I see what happens tonight. I'm pretty sure Gilmer will win against Gladewater, but at this point I'm leaning toward a close game. Gladewater wants absolutely NOTHING more than to beat Gilmer, so they will pull out ALL the stops to try and get it done, i.e. trick plays, special plays, etc. I may be wrong, but I don't think it will be quite enough.
  21. The only thing I have against Texas high schools teams playing somebody like IMG is the fact that teams like IMG recruit top talent (and coaches) from all over the country. It's definitely NOT a level playing field when Texas teams are only able to put players on the field from inside their own school district only. It would be AWESOME if Duncanville can somehow beat IMG.
  22. Yep, I realize that now. Lindale moved down to 4A. Our regular season remains in tact. Good deal!
  23. So, I guess that means we open the season with 4 road games, and only have 4 home games this season.
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