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  1. I'd love to watch the games from home, but Hulu doesn't have Fox Sports Southwest anymore...
  2. We got a pretty good one at Brook Hill - Lane Barter. Third year as a starter and has a couple of FCS offers out there.
  3. Well, I saw it on Twitter too earlier yesterday afternoon and to dig a little. Made me nervous when I saw it, but glad it was false info.
  4. This is extremely untrue. They cancelled the 7 on 7 tournament and a summer sand volleyball tournament. But that is all.
  5. We will know a lot about what we will have in the fall based on how we respond to the next month and things opening back up. If we see a big spike, kiss it goodbye...
  6. I think with the new guidelines set forth by the government that by June we will be back CLOSE to normal. At least with the new normal. I think we will be able to have summer workouts in some capacity and start the season on time. I sure hope so!
  7. As the parent of a senior, we have really had to consider all that this effects. Prom, Graduation, Athletic Gala, etc. In addition, we (she) was set to try out for cheer at Mississippi State in May, which has now been postponed/rescheduled. Lots of changes, but we are going to make it!
  8. I truly believe we will be fine by August, but the longer this thing drags out now the more pessimistic I become. While we may be fine in August, imagine how behind everyone is going to be with kids having to do their own workouts, not being able to coach them up on scheme, etc. Could be an interesting fall! Everyone stay safe!
  9. While I applaud TAPPS and the UIL for having great plans in place and preparing multiple options in case we return to action, I just do not see us playing again. Believe me, I hope this is not the case, but the liability all of these schools face if they bring kids back to early is going to force them to play it more than safe. I hope I'm wrong, but common sense tells me we are done.
  10. I have a hard time seeing us back on the playing field for any sports this spring/summer. I echo the sentiment above that I just hope we are able to start practicing on time in August.
  11. My concern after the layoff is the health of pitching arms. I am not sure about all kids, but I am sure a lot of them are not throwing during this break and would be at risk when we ramp up to two playoff games a week.
  12. Maybe this is posted somewhere else too, but anyone got their schedules finished? Brook Hill Week 1 - Wills Point Week 2 - Garrison Week 3 - Tenaha Week 4 - Frisco Legacy Week 5 - Fort Worth Christian Week 6 - Brownsboro Week 7 - BYE Week 8 - Dallas Bishop Dunne* Week 9 - McKinney Christian* Week 10 - Grace* Week 11 - Dallas Christian* Much better schedule than our last one!
  13. It’s been addressed and over with. I’m out of it.
  14. Any thoughts on who they should hire?
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