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  1. Celina is really jelling and looking smooth. Looking like the old Celina when they were winning it every year. Carthage may return next year, we will see, but there are some much better programs setting up a great finale in this classification. I'm going with the Bobcats to win it all this year and their reign may be the new Sheriff in town.
  2. West vs. Mount Vernon- Now that is a great game with a great midpoint at Royse City ISD Stadium! Yep, I'm still wanting to see more playoff games here for these kids.
  3. West vs. Mount Vernon....now that is a great mid point for this game to be played at Royse City! I'm still wanting to see more games played here...should be a great matchup!
  4. Always tough losing for the first time in a long time. But calling out kids and saying they are the worst the program has had, is really not fair to those "kids". "Worst Offense", "Worst Defense", "Worst Offensive Line", etc., those are all demeaning and degrading terms that these hard working players are getting after a rare loss. Great game by China Spring, tough loss for Carthage....but that is as far as that should go in my opinion. Sometimes you have to win like a champion and you need to accept a loss as a champion. These children have been supported for their incredible efforts for a long time, they need support now more than ever. There will always be someone blaming the referees and blaming the coaches for a loss. And they will be there blaming a team for not winning by a large enough margin and even hear where a coach should be fired because he/she had a 9-2, 10-1 or 11-3 type season. Remember there are experienced kids on these teams that have won it all and they have now experienced losing for the first time, they need to understand that this happens. Don't get me wrong, pushing to be the best is a great avenue to fulfill dreams, but sometimes it is inevitable that we will stumble. Congratulations Carthage, awesome year and looking forward to many more of your successes. Congratulations China Spring, awesome year for you as well and by knocking off a great champion, hope you use that victory to your advantage and win a State Championship this season.
  5. Great win China Spring. Texas High School dynasties come and go and China Spring has a State Championship under their belt. Carthage has had a terrific run and they are probably not done, but secrets to success are sooner or later figured out and although they have received a kink in their armor, I'm sure they will probably make another run in the future. Going to be a coaches big job now to keep China Spring players focused after such a big win. And this the day that another dynasty falls when South Oak Cliff, a Dallas ISD school district, knocked off the Aledo Bearcats! Times...they are 'a changing.
  6. Cotton Bowl would be good, but heck they don't even play the Cotton Bowl at the Cotton Bowl any more...LOL!
  7. Watched Rockwall vs. West Orange Stark in the '80's at Kyle Field for the State Championship.
  8. Yes sir, watched Sealy vs. Commerce in '93 or was it '94 down at the old Baylor stadium.
  9. This is the stadium that started all of the artificial turf, thus the name from the "Astro"dome comes the word "Astro"turf. Earl was "old school" rock 'em, slobber knockin' on the old mud, blood and smell of the real grass field. And I'm not knocking all of the conveniences brought to the game that we play today. I think it is awesome that we can sit "inside" and watch a football game under a roof. I also think it is incredible that the schools can have a playing field that they do not have to mow and don't have to go out every week and push a line-marker full of lime and hopefully get the lines straight. It's wonderful that we can put a picture of our school's mascot in the middle of the field and it will be there forever, or until we have to replace the field with new carpet. I love the giant scoreboards that show instant replay and can be used to inspire and generate more excitement inside the stadium. I just miss old football, every now and then. And for which town it is played in, I guess it does not really matter.
  10. And yes, there have been other sports played in the State Capital as a symbol of State pride. Volleyball, basketball, baseball, softball, golf, track and football have all had their championships decided in Austin at one time or another. Maybe we need a "Capital City Dome" that is equivalent to "Jerry World" with all of the amenities that can host all high school sports within one complex. Austin in due a professional team in Basketball, Baseball and Football anyway.
  11. They tried it for the larger schools at one time. Then there was another time, before AT&T, that the UIL was looking into moving the site from one location to another. This question about holding it in the State Capital is not the first time, but since AT&T, this idea has gone away. And I don't blame them, I just like football played like it use to be played. I would keep the equipment the same, just play the game on grass outside.
  12. I get on here because we like to host playoff games, and I've been doing that on here since 2009. We do great things for kids and we want to keep doing great things for kids. Not advertising at all. But I'm just seeing the game move in another direction that I'm not too fond of. It is getting to the point that we don't see a football game on real grass anymore. But that is the direction that everyone is going, so we follow the leader. And we will continue to give everything we can to make sure kids are safe, are provided the best resources and make their fans and parents comfortable. Other than that, I really like how football use to be played...that's all.
  13. It's been a long time since they actually played the Texas High School Football Championships in the capital of Texas...Austin. I know how awesome it is to have the games played at the home of the Dallas Cowboys in a controlled environment and folks don't have to worry about rain, cold, heat, lightning, snow, etc., but it seems we are taking the elements out of the game. I'm old school, you could tell, but the game was designed to be played outside and in the weather. The game is evolving so much from the beginning of the invention of the game. Equipment has changed and that is good, because the athletes are much stronger, faster and conditioned. But then we took the actual playing field to make it artificial, added amenities such as huge stadiums with comfortable seats, extremely large and expensive scoreboards, suites to sell or rent to make the game more profitable, some schools with special buses for student/athletes/band/cheer, etc., and there are so many other changes being made for kids that now can be lured to schools that not only give them a scholarship, but a chance to be paid for their approval of sponsored sporting goods or for that matter, any number of things that children at a very young middle school age are now being recruited. Over the years, it has been slowly evolving, but now we celebrate a championship season by playing in a multi-billion dollar stadium. Have we already crossed over into a threshold of no return and is this ruining the game as we once knew it? But then again, I'm old school and before long the "old school" folks will be gone and there will be very little resemblance to the game that once was the greatest game ever played.
  14. Argyle has been in the high school football news a lot in the past 10 years, prior to that it was Stephenville for that prior 10 years before that. I think Stephenville has about completed their rebuilding decade and they are on the verge of going back to their glory years. I am going with Stephenville in this one, even though some may consider it a slight upset, others may be saying they are a higher ranked program this year and they should win. Stephenville 35 Argyle 31
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