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  1. Well, Royse City took a left hook to the chin and was literally knocked out of the game, knocked out of the playoffs and possibly knocked all the way down to last place if they can't handle Mesquite Horn this Friday night. Tough year for the Royse City Bulldogs. After advancing to the playoffs and going two rounds deep in their first season as a Class 6A school was amazing, but graduation hit the Bulldogs very hard losing a great QB, Safety and an amazing tailback that led 6A rushing numbers while scoring numerous touchdowns as well. It will take a couple years for the Bulldogs to regroup, recoup and build up to not only 6A numbers, but also talented 6A athletes. Congratulations for what I think is the correct playoff picture... ** Denotes Playoff Bound Teams 1. **Rockwall 2. **Rockwall-Heath 3. **North Forney 4. **Tyler Legacy 5. Mesquite Horn 6. Royse City 7. Mesquite
  2. A game that has big playoff implications for several. Tyler Legacy's last-minute win over Royse City was a big move toward the playoffs for Legacy and the third last minute loss of the year for Royse City. A loss, is a loss, is a loss and even though the Bulldogs have been close several games, they still own a 3-5 record and not the 6-3 record that only a select few plays caused Royse City to be fighting for their fifth consecutive playoff season. Can Royse City beat Rockwall-Heath? Heath returns their game changing quarterback from injury this week and while the Hawks are returning "healthy" players, the Bulldogs are like most teams and struggling to keep eleven healthy players on the field. If the Bulldogs win, they keep their hopes alive and hope they can end the regular season with a victory over Mesquite Horn. Rockwall Heath needs the win over the Bulldogs to advance, but would not be out with a loss. They win, they're in. Rockwall and North Forney are in and the rest of the field will be determined in the next two weeks. I will say this, of course, that I believe Royse City is a team that deserves a playoff spot, because I think they are good enough to be anything from second seed down. Rockwall is the clear and deserving District Champion. I don't know how deep they can go, but the second seed will be facing Duncanville in the second round and we all know which direction that game will go.
  3. That's correct! When the great people from East Texas come to visit Royse City ISD Stadium for all of their playoff needs, please stop by Bucees! I can't afford a sandwich for everyone, but they are very good! The gas is cheap....or let's say cheaper than most anyway. Good luck in the playoff season to everyone. We are here if you need us! But on another note, the Royse City Bulldogs are playoff bound in our first year of Class 6A. We are also going to be expanding our stadium size right after playoff season. Hopefully the Bulldogs get to play a long time after, but we realize that it is great that we are in the playoffs.
  4. Royse City gained a playoff spot with the 47-22 victory over Tyler Legacy. legacy may be having a down year, but they still have some athletes. Really enjoyed their Hall of Fame induction ceremonies at the stadium. Well done and great folks there at the stadium.
  5. Well, Ennis was bound to fall soon, I guess. Didn't the Ennis Coach leave, or is he still there?
  6. QB under center, double wing, single setback, with FB lead on QB draw. Play 2: Shotgun QB keeper strong right or left with full house backfield and a quick pulling guard. Play 3: Tailback cross-buck lead tap. Time's out after 3 plays after dragging their heels every 40 seconds. If needed: Throw the ball on an easy out with a good quick QB arm.
  7. I don't think Celina will lose a game this year. In my opinion, not good for many, but I think you're looking at my early season pick for a State Champion. They are unbelievablly good at every position and very deep.
  8. No sir, I'm a Royse City Bulldog fan. Just watched Celina scrimmage our Bulldogs a couple weeks ago. We are still trying to find our footing and get ready for 6A football this year. 4A Celina believes in winning in a foot race, a tennis match or just a football scrimmage in early August and they were showing all their aces and showing out by outscoring the Bulldogs 3 to 1. Celina does look good and they are in mid-season form, if not, then when they do get to be mid-season form, they could be unstoppable if they stay healthy. At least I was very impressed.
  9. You have more insight than I do, but I believe it will be Rockwall and Mesquite fighting it out for first and second, Heath and Royse City could be, at least strong considerations for playoff spots with Horn having a say in how things will evolve. Tyler is not going to lay down and let any of this happen and if North Forney's growth brings in some unknown talent, then it could be a toss-up from the number three spot and down. That is basically repeating what you have said and I'm biased toward the Bulldog's chances. The reality is that this is a very talented district with some unknowns that could be surprises just like we see every year. Per square mile, Rockwall County will quickly be known as a hot-bed of talent, especially since they (Rockwall, Rockwall Heath and Royse City) represent the smallest county in Texas. It is also one of the fastest growing counties in the nation, which means that even more talent will continue to pour in for many years to come. Forney ISD is also on the cusp of supporting two 6A schools with Forney High and North Forney and Royse City adding a second high school in the near future.
  10. Celina is a legit runner to win the Championship this season. Just watched them in a scrimmage and they are loaded, loaded and then loaded some more. Not a weak position on the team. Depth at all positions is what will give them a good chance to win another state Championship. Special teams for the Bobcats are a stand-alone force in themselves for the Bobcats.
  11. Terrell is supposed to be an improved team this year and possibly make a legitimate run to a playoff position in their move to 5A.
  12. Looking forward to kickoff of game one! Anyone know when Dave Campbells Texas Football Magazine will be mailed out to subscribers?
  13. Also, just a reminder that Royse City ISD Stadium is on the verge of starting a massive remodel and enlargement project that has been approved in a 2021 Bond package. Stadium capacity enlarged to 10K, new field turf...already installed (beautiful), new addition of a very impressive event center that will include a tunnel for athletes to enter through to access the stadium. The event center can also host numerous events for not only athletics but also for community and/or events relating directly to public education, training exercises and many more options that will enhance the school district.
  14. District 10 Mesquite, Mesquite Horn, North Forney, Rockwall, Rockwall Heath, Royse City, Tyler Legacy. Some new faces with some old foes and some new chances for growing districts to begin making a name for themselves in the largest UIL Division (so far) in the state. Mesquite and Mesquite Horn? Two schools in an old district that have produced incredible talent. Right now, I think the "Old" Mesquite "Skeeters, may have a slight edge over the always talented Mesquite Horn Jaguars. Rockwall and Rockwall Heath? Two more schools with strong traditional programs that will be coming out with 'guns a blazing'! However, graduation took a toll and both will not necessarily be rebuilding, but they will be reassessing the very deep pool of talented football players that both programs have either attracted or have built upon for numerous years through the talents of incredible coaching staffs. Hard to pick one over the other, however the Rockwall Yellowjackets return with their stable of great coaches and Heath will be challenging in this district with a new head coach. With that being said, Rockwall should be the inter school favorite in 2022. Tyler Legacy, I don't have a clue about their program this year. A consistent football team over the years, but I know they have had better seasons than recent years. Still a very respectful football team and maybe someone on here can enlighten me about the near future for this powerhouse program from the past. Royse City and North Forney? These two have battled each other for several years and played in the same district as well. North Forney played very deep into the playoffs just a couple of seasons back and Royse City has been a consistent playoff contender for the past three years. The Bulldogs return a very strong core from last year's 8-3 playoff team. Those 8 wins for the Bulldogs were consecutive victories until losing to Ennis, Forney and Frisco in the final three games of the season. You can be sure that North Forney will be returning with a strong team after rebuilding with a new coach in 2021. Note both of these teams will be playing in their first season of Class 6A football after playing in Class 5A DII for the past few years. My Predictions for this district for 2022-23? If I put the Bulldogs from Royse City in the running for a playoff spot their first year in Class 6A, I would be laughed at. If I picked Rockwall to win this district, the Heath fans would think I'm out of my mind. If Tyler Legacy is not a playoff prospect, the deep East Texans will thumb their noses at my predictions. Mesquite area football is suspect right now, but you can bet they are expecting to be post season favorites. North Forney is very hungry after last year's disappointing season and they will be fighting for a playoff spot for sure. So, I would rather someone else stick their neck out and predict what they think will be the inaugural season of 10-6A and these teams. Go Bulldogs!
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