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  1. Be great if they wanted too, but my feelings is they would want Jerry World...or maybe Globe Life. Seems that new stadium is getting a lot of playoffs this season. But without a doubt, anybody will get the best treatment playing at Donaghe Ford Field at RCISD Stadium!
  2. Lancaster schedule must have been weak. But, they do have some great talent. Longview got the jump on them and never let up. Congrats to the Lobos! Great win!
  3. I believe this falls in a big upset and by two TD's is big to knock off number 1 ... Ennis did not play well, but Timberview looked great. That's football!
  4. Carthage vs. Ennis? It would be a great game...but Ennis is very good as well. And I say Ennis, because I think they will win 5A DII. I would definitely want to attend that game, if it happened.
  5. Caddo Mills is not used to playing this deep in the season. It is hard for a team that is not a playoff contender every year to keep up that level of play. Gilmer should have won this game, no doubt, but if they played earlier, I believe it could have been a closer score. Now, if Caddo can come back with another team that is playoff bound next year, they should play better the deeper they get. Gilmer's defensive line was the difference maker, I believe. They were able to contain the CM QB more than other teams this year.
  6. I'm thinking that if Royse City can end up with more points than Frisco at the very end of the game, that Royse City will win.
  7. It's always funny how some folks analyze these games, and I'm the world's worst! For instance, if they come out strong, they will play really good and have a chance to win, but if they don't play very well and give up a ton of points, then they could possibly lose, but if they both play hard and neither team has any turnovers and the team that is expected to win, does what it is supposed to do, they could win in a close match where neither teams scores many points, but if they score more than the other team, they should win. I'm thinking the winner will play again next week, maybe...
  8. Royse City at 5-3 and Frisco at 7-1. Royse City losses to Ennis, North Forney and Whitehouse. Frisco loss to Lovejoy.
  9. I'm of the opinion that several times, the new kid on the block has something to prove. Gilmer has proved themselves time and time again and they deserve the edge in this game. The Buckeyes earned it, they have defended it, they have the recognition all over the Great State of Texas and tradition is a deal breaker when you reach this point in a season. But......(very long pause), for all of these reasons, I am going with Caddo Mills to win, upset, spoil, slip by or sneak past the Buckeyes. I'm not from Caddo Mills, however I have checked in on their progress from time to time this crazy
  10. Not sure about PG, but Caddo Mills has been playing most of their players both ways all year. That includes Townley, the Caddo Mills QB, who played both ways in the game against PG. Royse City is 5A and on the verge of going 6A in the new realignment. Royse City plays their most talented players both ways. In high school football, unless you are the very elite like Allen, the game is demanding that you play your best 11, especially during the playoffs.
  11. PG has a good football squad. But if you hang your hat on one player to make it all the way, I just don't think you make it all the way. PG was trying to outcoach Caddo Mills and it was a great battle between the two head coaches. In my opinion, and I agree that my opinion and a couple of bucks will not buy you a cup of coffee, but in my opinion the team that goes to the Big Show, is the well rounded team from top to bottom. Not one great player, but several good players, like at least 8 or 9 on both sides of the ball. If one very good player goes down, then the rest take up that slack. PG
  12. Going with Caddo Mills. Everybody is looking at the CM QB as being their entire team. I think that is a mistake. Their defense, with the exception of a couple of expected PG big plays, was doing their job extremely well. If you have ever watched Melissa or Gunter at their best a few years ago, they just did everything according to the book. I know they were a different classification. Very disciplined, very under control, calm and calculating every move and knowing what is coming up next. CM coaching has the most respect among the players and they truly believe they can win rega
  13. Congratulations to both football teams. They both left it all on the field. Caddo Mills did not get any breaks in this game, it was pure adrenalin and talent that put this one in the win column for the Foxes. I've watched Caddo a few times this year and they are just a very steady football team. Great leadership, great coaching and they just do the basics with very few mistakes. Caddo Mills defense was on fire at the beginning of the game and with the score tied 14 all, you just knew that all of that PG talent was about to break loose and start scoring at will. But it just never really ha
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