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  1. On Tuesday night, the Blue Devils wrapped up their 20th consecutive trip to the playoffs and another district championship with a 10-0 win over Diboll. This season marks 19 consecutive years that Central Heights has accomplished at least 20 wins ( not counting COVID in 2020) in a season, averaging 26 wins per year over that span. This win also locks up their 17th district championship since the 2003 season. This team is loaded with lots of young talent with much more coming thru middle school at this time. Best of luck to Coaches Jackson ,Thornell and Williams as they get ready for another playoff run.
  2. Not sure, I heard his bicycle may be in need of repair.
  3. I might be interested if I can narrow it down to Wednesdays and Thursdays only unless the fishing forecast looks good on those days. I would probably have to set the "L" screen at the front of the circle in front of homeplate to throw BP, but I can still swing a fungo. York, it looks like your team is rolling. Good Luck in the playoffs.
  4. Game 2 Central Heights vs. West will be back in Madisonville on Friday night at 7 pm due to drenched fields at SFA.
  5. Okay, You say that Kilgore threw their "Waterboy", but did they bat the "batboy", "equipment mgr" , "trainer" and "bookkeeper"? Looks like that Central Heights held them to only one run.
  6. I appreciate you guys stepping in. Did'nt mean to raise a stink.
  7. After filing for and receiving another year of eligibility, I am committing to the University of Phoenix for the Fall. I had received offers from ITT, Devry, Lincoln Tech and Massey Business College,: but I can not pass up the opportunity to play at the University of Phoenix stadium. I want to thank my posse of Ray-Ray, Ju-Ju and Mookie for their support and encouragement. Although I was not rated so much as a two star athlete, there were several times that I did see "stars" in high school and my short time in college. I could not find a University of Phoenix cap to wear at my " announcement party", so I just drew a picture and held it up. I'm not really even sure what their mascot is, but I'm gonna get a tattoo on my bicep as soon as I find out. Oops, Deleware Tech is texting me an offer, I may have to re-think this whole thing. Whatever happened to just committing to a school, sticking with your commitment and having your picture taken by the local newspaper?
  8. I'm starting to look like a soothsayer.
  9. Remember these three initials. J-C-T
  10. No, Seriously, My feelings are hurt!
  11. If somebody figures out an answer, please let me know. I am getting killed in my Fantasy leagues each weekend and my feelings are hurt every Monday morning. Signed, Get A Life.
  12. Yes, the 04 Central Heights team would have to be the Programs best to this point. Seven players off of that team earned baseball scholarships and 1 more walked on and made a team. 37 wins for a season still has to rank as all time high amongst 2A teams. Eight players off of that team made the State Tournament All Tournament team and the one that did'nt was voted the 2A player of the year as well as played in the 2A all-star game.
  13. Alex Phillips, central Heights, Early Commit to Arkansas as Pitcher.
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