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  1. If your going to just run the ball, you better have a heck of a defense in this era of the spread. Willis oversold this D. The back end is constantly out of position. LONGVIEW exposed it, as will the rest of the district. You have to have the ability to catch up.
  2. No. There is no reason to. No QB, no WR and no development. Last game and have no plan to implement a passing game. 6A school and not one WR walking around, year after year.. That's just not willing to grow. Miller and Donnell cant do it all. These teams see film, they know.
  3. I sure hope this 50 point beating makes us better , and Allen wins a State Championship. Turnovers kept this from a train wreck in first half.
  4. Well.. congrats , the streak continues. King and Co. had a good game plan and Willis didn’t. (Without all the details). Longview D is pretty salty, and the offense opened up to reveal the passing game. Good luck the rest of the way, will be following.
  5. It changes alot if Donnell is out. He, Miller and Brukner have become alot to think about. It takes pressure off of one to have to deal with three. That's what springs loose the offense. Donnell has been a big part of the passing game as well.
  6. It's been since leather helmets, that Lee beat Longview. That's pretty dominant. I agree nothing last forever, and nothing stays the same.
  7. Well..your the first to ask. Nothing came out last night or today. Cant find much on Donnell today. But he is the key piece for Legacy to a win next week. He sprained a ankle and ,they parked him before half. Not sure if it was precautionary, or how serious. His report awaits my prediction. Hes 1/3 of their scheme.
  8. I remember watching the 2009 game against a heavily favored JT team. Lee was young and didnt have a chance. Laquintas Wallace (sophomore) ran back the opening kickoff,and JT went downhill from there. It was turnovers and busted plays. Lee played the perfect game and took advantage of every opportunity. it was a circus game. That's what can happen in these games. Big Mo shows up and anything can happen.
  9. I’m not going to stick my neck out too far on this game, for I know there will be a lot of City pride on the line. It’s early season and the most improvement a team makes is between week 1 and 2. Legacy appears to have a edge, but Rick will have those boys ready to battle. It will be close. Legacy by 7
  10. Lee has enough talent to be a playoff team. District run, IDK. 1st game on the road, get a W and move on is always something to build on. Lee coaching staff is doing a better job than the past 2. Alot of positives to rejuvenate the program The skill positions are there, but will go as the QB goes.
  11. The 2 D1 running backs, the 5 star Jordan Renaud, and the lockdown corner Sears, is what I'm excited about for Legacy. Those 4 fill up the table at signing day. Something Lee hasn't had in several years. If the QB can just run the offense, they can have a playoff team.
  12. Legacy should edge this one out. Playing in Lufkin is always a challenge. It wont be easy, but Legacy has a little Defense this year, against a Lufin team with 3 returning offensive starters. Week 1, Defense is ahead of offense. Should be the difference
  13. Didn’t really buy the week 1 Longview game no more than the Legacy win over Lufkin. Throw those 2 samples aside and now it’s back to Playing Longview at home. Legacy has some talent on offense , a couple good tackles on D, but beyond that I don’t see the standouts that say this team is all that. The only advantage Legacy has is catching Longview early before King starts putting all the pieces together. Longview will turn this into a physical game and punch their ticket again.
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