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  1. *tears* I know he absolutely LOVED this place, he spoke of it often...especially during football season.....Thank yall for missing him too <3 ~Heather I dropped in because I had a question and Pops is who could answer it for me...Maybe yall could help? My husband is driving out to west Texas and wanted to see if anyone knew if there was any internet broadcasts of crosstown showdowns?? Our big Paris/North Lamar game is tonight and he was hoping there was a way to listen in? {{{Hugs}}} to you all!
  2. Thanks again for all of the loving thoughts and prayers {{{{hugs}}}} It is too cool to read all of your responses knowing how much he enjoyed being apart of this community
  3. This made me smile :) thank you for suggesting the honor. Thank you to each and everyone of you....all of these kind comments warm my heart <3 Pops will be missed tremendously.
  4. My dad spoke of this site often, especially during football season :) I just wanted to let you all know that he passed away Sunday evening. He had a heart attack and didn't make it. Prayers are appreciated. ~Heather
  5. Actually had Whitehouse and Lufkin not already qualified, LV might still be looking for a spot...but you rock Fonzie!!! HaHa!!!
  6. Did LV beat Pine Tree or JT JV 34-6 in the first round at Tyler? http://theoldcoach.rivals.com/content.asp?CID=1516119 Then LV gets wins against 4A Crosby 52-43 and 4A SS 45-8 in pool play before getting one of the two state spots against JT 26-13....not really the elite 7 on 7 group you keep crowing about. Good luck at state!
  7. So you're saying Stern decides the outcome of the games? He has strings attached to the refs, coaches and players?
  8. LV has given Wolfie the right to wear his green goggles....I just don't get why he finds it so hard to give anyone else besides 5A a little credit.....is what it is!
  9. Lol! Who wins tonight?
  10. If LV wins all these Monday nite 7 on 7 games we would hear of their dominance not about their glorified practices...just sayin'!
  11. Maybe.....but dude is implying that the NBA (Stern) had Pop pull Duncan so Bosch would get the rebound, kick it out to Allen, so he could hit a stepback 3 to tie the game.....make a free throw and the Spurs are champs!
  12. ...so it was "fixed" because the NBA, a 5 BILLION dollar organization, "needs the money"...gotta call BS
  13. Come on man! You're grabbin' at straws.....
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