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  1. I edited it to say we DID TALK them on the Commerce pre game show that you can hear on 88.9 and ketr.org
  2. We talked Winnsboro when they beat Pewitt the first week...since then they have won, but lets not pretend they are beating titans of 3A. We talk more when teams are playing tougher schedules...side note we DID talk them on our KETR show this week since they play Commerce Friday.
  3. I was working Canton radio his first year and he is one of those coaches that people either fully love him or fully hate him. His personality is big and so it attracts and repulses about the same...also he knows the right things to say, has some solid success on the field at times But I will put it to you this way...the day he was shot I was driving from Tyler to Shreveport for my new job and When I heard..Breaking news an East Texas Coach was shot...I knew who it was before they said it The guy that shot him was not stable...He tried to come into the booth one night when I was at Canton broadcasting the year before.
  4. That would not be me...While we were at the game @Gsquared and I left before ended...Here is the link to our show though https://lonestargridiron.com/2022/09/brock-eagles-football-092222/
  5. My bad. I was getting all excited about that game and forgot Franklin moved up
  6. Be out tomorrow. But it is recorded on Wednesday afternoon every week
  7. Week 4 3A Rankings https://lonestargridiron.com/2022-class-3a-rankings/
  8. Our first rankings of the season Week 4 https://lonestargridiron.com/2022-class-4a-rankings/
  9. That is Grant...I have been high on Bells all year. Put them as a region rematch against Gunter
  10. 7A will happen. Whenever the UIL announces or talks about something they are "studying" it means they are floating it out to see how people react and get them used to the idea
  11. Idalou running the spread...almost a sentence I cannot comprehend lol
  12. Here is Tyler Legacy coaches thoughts on the game https://lonestargridiron.com/2022/08/tyler-legacy-red-raiders-football-083122/
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