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  1. In case you had not seen, Our show has moved to a new network in 2023. It is in fact our network and we are so excited. You can now find our shows at https://www.s2ssport.com/ https://www.s2sgrantandterry.com/ We will be adding a 2A show this season. I will also be doing the same Coaches shows( If you are interested in your school being one of them message me or email me [email protected]) We will also be doing The Regional shows and our East Texas show will now be done by the guys at NETSN https://feeds.transistor.fm/net-sports-network https://www.netsn.live/ This will be our 16th year of shows and my 20th year doing this and once again I thank Smoak and the staff for letting us promote on here and I thank all the East Texans who have listened and continue to listen. The fabric of the show is indeed My East Texan roots lol. Oh we have a youtube channel now as some of our stuff will be video https://www.youtube.com/@l4mediacompany We are on all the major podcast platforms, you just have to unsub the old one and search for the new one using Sideline to Sideline L4 in search
  2. LIVE Post game https://www.facebook.com/events/825540605334329?ref=newsfeed
  3. Both coaches join us on the preview show https://lonestargridiron.com/2022/12/2022-class-4a-dii-state-championship-preview-extravaganza/
  4. https://lonestargridiron.com/2022/12/2022-class-5a-dii-state-championship-preview-extravaganza/
  5. Class 4A D1 China Spring vs Boerne https://lonestargridiron.com/2022/12/2022-class-4a-di-state-championship-preview-extravaganza/
  6. Class 4A D2 Carthage vs Wimberley https://lonestargridiron.com/2022/12/2022-class-4a-dii-state-championship-preview-extravaganza/
  7. Preview show with BOTH coaches...Also Coach X SPEAKS!! lol https://lonestargridiron.com/2022/12/2022-class-3a-di-state-championship-preview-extravaganza/
  8. Class 3A Gunter vs Poth Preview Show https://lonestargridiron.com/2022/12/2022-class-3a-dii-state-championship-preview-extravaganza/ Brock vs Franklin Preview Show https://lonestargridiron.com/2022/12/2022-class-3a-di-state-championship-preview-extravaganza/ We will have a post game show tonight I will post the link when we go live
  9. I will post each link in here. We do a preview show for every game 2A-6A with Grant, Matt Diggs, Terry Bennett, Chris Doelle and COACH X( 2A-4A) giving their picks. We also have multiple coaches interviews for the games as well. We had another great year in shows and we thank all the folks here at Smoaky who tune in. We will do a Post game show each night to wrap up that day's game. https://lonestargridiron.com/2022/12/2a-dii-state-championship-preview/
  10. yea the D for Brock is their strength. Crazy thing..The whole D is back next year. I love both these teams and since I do coaches shows with both coaches, I respect the staffs so much. This is a on possession game for sure and I could see 24-21 being the score
  11. I actually do not know who I have yet. Seen them both many times this year and this is a classic match up of strength vs strength.
  12. And I don't think Brock is 15-0 with Franklin's schedule either. Brock's offense has had long stretches of being inconsistent this season and even in the playoffs
  13. I did not say Franklin's was tougher, I said it was not a lot easier and it was not. Also a schedule is not just a non district slate. Franklin was in the toughest district inside maybe the toughest region.
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