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  1. You would be full of stupid if you think that.
  2. Dealing with the truth is a cultural thing, you would not understand.
  3. Things I care less about. Moderating or being called a clown by a lesser man. So who got charged with organizing the 3 day riots or burning the car lots, or ….I could go on but people who listen to Don Lemons gay self for political indoctrination would not understand that.
  4. The people of Longview are majority freedom lovers, but the people who run things, are liberals. Conservatives create and liberals retard.
  5. We all know BarryLaverty would be loading up children into the buses, because that is what lemmings with degrees do.
  6. What type of government lets riots happen all year and only prosecute the one guy who defended himself during the riot. Your line of thinking, which many others have said, is really lacking on what was actually happening. Kyle shot only those who attacked him, and had excellent muzzle discipline. I say he needs to be the trainer for the police. have you even watched the videos?
  7. So is he innocent or guilty? Is the prosecutor stupid or full of malice? Is the judge being partial? Why do the leftist defend the child rapist, felons and thugs while the right defends the rule of law?
  8. White Liberals are evil. It has more to do with the progressive mindset then race. These same progressives/liberals (Margret Sanger) loved them some eugenics as did Hitler. that is why Democrats support Planned Parenthood and this is why Barry hates the new pro-life law in Texas.
  9. Global Cooling we are all going to die! Circa 1978 BarryLaverty Global Warming we are all going to die! Circa 2000 BarryLaverty Global Climate Change we are all going to die do to extreme weather! Today BarryLaverty So extreme weather is new to world history?
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