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  1. You would be full of stupid if you think that.
  2. Dealing with the truth is a cultural thing, you would not understand.
  3. Things I care less about. Moderating or being called a clown by a lesser man. So who got charged with organizing the 3 day riots or burning the car lots, or ….I could go on but people who listen to Don Lemons gay self for political indoctrination would not understand that.
  4. The people of Longview are majority freedom lovers, but the people who run things, are liberals. Conservatives create and liberals retard.
  5. We all know BarryLaverty would be loading up children into the buses, because that is what lemmings with degrees do.
  6. What type of government lets riots happen all year and only prosecute the one guy who defended himself during the riot. Your line of thinking, which many others have said, is really lacking on what was actually happening. Kyle shot only those who attacked him, and had excellent muzzle discipline. I say he needs to be the trainer for the police. have you even watched the videos?
  7. So is he innocent or guilty? Is the prosecutor stupid or full of malice? Is the judge being partial? Why do the leftist defend the child rapist, felons and thugs while the right defends the rule of law?
  8. White Liberals are evil. It has more to do with the progressive mindset then race. These same progressives/liberals (Margret Sanger) loved them some eugenics as did Hitler. that is why Democrats support Planned Parenthood and this is why Barry hates the new pro-life law in Texas.
  9. Global Cooling we are all going to die! Circa 1978 BarryLaverty Global Warming we are all going to die! Circa 2000 BarryLaverty Global Climate Change we are all going to die do to extreme weather! Today BarryLaverty So extreme weather is new to world history?
  10. Somebody’s got to win, might as well be us!
  11. The police do nothing to stop Antifa, but if someone did something to Antifa they would be all over that. welcome to anarchism-tyranny of these United States.
  12. Waiting for Barry to post something that perverts the science in order to show how Antarctica being cold proves global warming
  13. These boomers all afraid of dying of Covid and somebody needs to tell them that they are at the age when death comes for them quickly.
  14. Barry always posting things that show how perverted his worldview is.
  15. https://m.theepochtimes.com/mkt_morningbrief/new-york-judge-restricts-unvaccinated-father-from-visiting-3-year-old-daughter_4054737.html?utm_source=Morningbrief&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=mb-2021-10-19&mktids=20531d34ef6623de9f28c4ac5de04d42&est=1SNYLXoKbUYVkopofW8vHwUAafyLdbYgcG5%2BrJv6ltwaIozQKDUwMg6GgQt3cJPqCpDD A Manhattan judge has suspended a Long Island father’s visitation with his toddler daughter unless he submits COVID-19 tests on a weekly basis or gets vaccinated—despite the man already having contracted the virus. “Here, in-person parental access by defendant is not in the child’s best interests, and there are exceptional circumstances that support its suspension,” wrote Justice Matthew Cooper in a case involving the father’s divorce and custody dispute over his 3-year-old daughter, according to the New York Post. Cooper also wrote that that the “dangers of voluntarily remaining unvaccinated during access with a child while the COVID-19 virus remains a threat to children’s health and safety cannot be understated.” The names of the father, mother, and daughter weren’t revealed in the order. But the father’s lawyer, Lloyd Rosen, told the Post on Oct. 14 that the father was previously infected with the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) virus, which causes COVID-19, arguing that the man has natural immunity and doesn’t need the vaccine. Several studies, including a landmark research paper from Israeli researchers in late August, have found that natural immunity provides robust and long-term protection against the CCP virus, and in some cases, it’s superior to the two-dose Pfizer vaccine. “My client is not a conspiracy theorist,” Rosen said. “He has concerns about the vaccine. He’s heard about side effects. He once had a bad reaction to a flu vaccine. “This judge must feel that 80 million Americans who aren’t vaccinated are placing their children at imminent risk of harm and, therefore, the courts should intervene and remove those children from their parents. This is an absurd position to take.” Evan Schein, the mother’s lawyer, praised the judge’s ruling. MOST READ Colin Powell Dies Due to COVID-19 Complications: Family “It’s an incredibly important one that highlights the extraordinary times we are living in and reinforces that a child’s best interests are paramount,” Schein told the Post. In September, Schein had raised concerns about the father’s vaccination status. Cooper then claimed that inoculation is now a requirement to “participate meaningfully in everyday society” and pointed to controversial vaccine mandates for various professions. New York mandated earlier in 2021 that people have to show proof of COVID-19 vaccination to enter restaurants, gyms, bars, theaters, and similar businesses. The New York state government recently mandated that health care workers have to receive a COVID-19 vaccine or face suspension, although a federal judge issued a temporary ruling last week allowing the workers to skip the shots if they apply for religious exemptions.
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