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  1. I just want to apologize to Winona for the display from our players tonight. As a Daingerfield fan I'm embarrassed. 8 personal foul penalties is unacceptable. Good luck the rest of the way Cats.
  2. Because I don't think anyone wants the Center getting his head down. He's a GREAT kid and a really good player. I feel bad for him. I believe he will regroup from this and be an all-district player.
  3. Congratulations to Hughes Springs. Well deserved. This one wasn't close. I hope the fans, coaches, and players enjoy it. Still glad to be back in East Texas and here on Smoaky. Gonna try and make the most of this season, but that was ugly.
  4. I can see from your avatar that you have a mental illness. Therefore, I will let your egregious error slide Sally.
  5. Grimace? Is that the fat purple dude from McDonald's?
  6. A wise man once said "you don't have to be scared to get whipped." Oh, that was me that said that.
  7. BTW, I take full responsibility for the lean years in Daingerfield. I left after DF went four rounds deep in the playoffs. The next season they promptly went 1-9. Coincidence? I think not. I figured something had to be done. Hence, the reunion tour.
  8. You'll see. Me and ole JAKE will be smiling at Halftime. Pardon the glare.
  9. JAKE's wife too. That family has more teeth than a comb factory. This is true.
  10. Not if JAKE's there. He's got all his teeth plus a few extra.
  11. Final prediction Daingerfield 33 Hughes Springs 20 Teeth in Visitor's stands 12
  12. Archeologists recently found the Ark of the Covenant. It was in DA's chin cleft.
  13. Shouldn't you be mowing DA's yard? Lol Seriously, good to see ole JAKE.
  14. I got the old jersey in the closet. Don't believe I will be breaking it out though. I'm pretty sure it shrunk. Lol
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