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  1. Thank you Stoney, I had a good time! Hopefully we will do this again next year! You had me worried when you stockpiled all those starters!
  2. @Stoney I sent you a trade proposal, let me know what you think. I am willing to negotiate.
  3. gotcha. We do not use school vehicles for ours, but I have seen others.
  4. Keep in mind a lot of teams are still in school right now... becomes a different animal once summer hits from my understanding.
  5. My Grandmother taught at Tatum the years Tatum was orange. According to her it was for a few years, but older alumni asked that it be changed back to kelly green.
  6. Best of luck to Overton, and coach Strick. My interactions have been few, and in a professional setting, but he was always first class.
  7. With Special guest Maury Povich running lie detectors "You said you had a drivers license, the lie detector determined that was a lie". "You said you enjoyed Bud light, The lie detector determined you were actually telling the truth."
  8. Word on the street is that Jerry Springer will be moderating the next school board meeting.
  9. http://www.espn.com/mlb/story/_/id/23156501/kansas-city-royals-sign-autistic-tarik-el-abour
  10. In years past it has been opened seating, just like at the football SC's. not sure about this year.
  11. I signed up the other day. Y'all take it easy on me.
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