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  1. Any idea on where the next round will be played at against PG ?
  2. I have Bally sportswest and it doesn’t seem like they are going to show the game it’s not even listed in the lineup.
  3. I’m happy for him and Lumberton. That doesn’t mean he would have had success in Nac. His dad only had two great years during his whole tenure.
  4. We’ve been seeing that since Allman has been here smh.
  5. It’s a hard offense to prepare for really. Nac only has seen it once before the Marshall game and that was against Palestine. If ran correctly it can cause problems for a defense. You have to be disciplined in every assignment to stop it.
  6. Yeah we did we knew Texas high had some problems during their last three weeks of district play
  7. Wouldn’t be a playoff season without a trip to Kincaide for Longview.
  8. But honestly Nac had them beat the year before this one as well. So we go 0-4 in the first round smh.
  9. We knew Texas high had a problem when they barely beat us by 3
  10. I knew last week t high was in trouble maybe it might serve as a wake up call for them. Congrats to whitehouse on the win.
  11. Man !!! You had me with the catfish baskets
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