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  1. Nac tied the live portion with Henderson 7-7 and won the controlled portion scoring twice.
  2. Welp we tied with Henderson during the two live qtr portion of the scrimmage. The refs were very flag happy. We’re in the middle of the controlled portion now. We have a lot to clean up in a short amount of time.
  3. Nac will be a primary running offense as well. The O line will be the X factor, there were times last year when we could run the ball at will but we couldn’t hold blocks long enough for the passing game to develop. We need to be better up front.
  4. Hey hold on now. I don’t think Palestine is going to come in and run us out the building. No we haven’t won a playoff game recently but we have some athletes and talent across the board.
  5. You aren’t kidding man does bill Harper ever age ??? Coach sid looks the same as well.
  6. Yeah. Texas high also has a great coaching staff at the time. Whatever happened to that OC ????
  7. I mean honestly we caught fire at the right time that year. We had back to back upsets of Marshall and Jax and I firmly believe we would have beaten Whitehouse anyway without their help.
  8. Yeah I wonder which team who drew the short end of that straw lol
  9. We’ve had our fair share of Kilgore. I’m glad we are playing someone else to kick off the season.
  10. Dang well at least it will get us ready for Marshall.
  11. We haven’t won a playoff game since 92. Sooooo.
  12. It’s been some time since we’ve played the wildcats. We last scrimmaged them in 2005 I believe. We will open up the season at home. This is the season that Nac needs to take a step forward we can’t use any excuses. Allman has been here for a while now. We know the system we’ve had a full offseason we return the majority of the back from last year. A convincing win to kick off the season will do us some good.
  13. It doesn’t mean much but We actually made it to the state tournament a year ago from this very tournament.
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