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  1. There have been some instant classics in this series, and it is no secret that if you ask both teams, they will say that this is the real rivalry instead of Nacogdoches and Lufkin and Marshall and Longview. Yes, Lufkin looks to be improved, but I still see Longview winning this in a close one.
  2. All of those are true but let’s be real. Texas high stills rules the roost around here. I honestly believe they will win the district title again this year. Marshall will finish 2nd and whitehouse and MP battle out for third and fourth. Nac and Jax and Hallsville will get the playoff spots in basketball and baseball etc.
  3. I can’t argue with any of this. Especially the whitehouse pick I just don’t see how they are expected to finish ahead of Marshall when they haven’t beaten them in a while. We’ve also seen in this district what happens to teams when they’re all talent QB graduates. I expect a little drop for MP but the experienced O line will help though. I do expect Nac to struggle on both sides of the ball due to Losing a lot on both sides. I still think we beat jax I even think we beat hallsville too. The others……… it will take strong disciplined play and I’m not sure Nac is able to do that just yet but give House time he can right the ship it takes time to build a consistent strong program. Texas high is the 600 pound gorilla in the room the question is who has the team to knock them off ?
  4. i figured they were up to something with this type of schedule. I'm sorry i still think they will beat Heritage. from what i saw when they played Marshall. there was no way they should have won that game. Marshall had them beat. i just don't see the hype. I don't know much about fayetteville but i will say this Texas Football is way different, Bryant found that out when they came to longview.
  5. i was at the tyler high game. there was absolutely no reason as to why Marshall didn't win that game. i think that left a sour taste in their mouths. i think they return the favor. the Tyler Legacy scrimmage was chippy as well towards the end. i believe they can and probably beat them as well. Longview is always Longview that's a monster hill to climb. the Palestine Game will be interesting with new head Coach james Reyes on the sidelines against his Alma Mater. Palestine mirrors Nacogdoches great athletes but struggles with consistency. that could go either way.
  6. you never truly know how a lufkin longview game will turn out so that does intrigue me. i plan on being there when the lobos take on SOC. im sorry no disrespect to Ruston but i don't feel anything from this game. i believe Longview will win this one and i wouldn't be shocked if it was a blowout.
  7. Texas High (11-2) Vs. Tyler Legacy (3-8) WIN @ Liberty Christian (14-0) LOSS Vs. Midlothian Heritage (12-1) WIN @ Fayetteville (13-0) WIN Marshall (6-6) Vs. Tyler (6-4) WIN Vs. Longview (11-2) LOSS @ Tyler Legacy (3-8) WIN @ Palestine (4-6) WIN Whitehouse (7-4) Vs. Dallas Woodrow Wilson (4-7) WIN @ Kilgore (12-2) LOSS Vs. Chapel Hill (13-3) LOSS Vs. Paris (4-7) WIN Mount Pleasant (5-4) @ Crandall (6-4) WIN Vs. Lindale (7-5) LOSS @ Terrell (7-4)WIN Vs. Sulphur Springs (8-3) LOSS Nacogdoches (3-7) Vs. Palestine (4-6) WIN this game should be a win for Nac New coach for Palestine hopefully leads to growing pains @ Lufkin (5-5)LOSS Nac hasn't beaten Lufkin since 2014 matter in fact the last three wins against them have been in Nac we haven't beaten Lufkin there since 82 and it won't happen this year. Vs. Livingston (2-9) WIN not any history with the Lions this is strictly a homer pick @ Bryan Rudder (3-7)LOSS not much History with Rudder either. We played them during the pandemic and lost a close one. it was at their place too, Nac has a history of struggling on the road. i see them dropping this one. we go into district play 2-2 Jacksonville (0-10) @ Center (7-4) LOSS @ Brownsboro (5-5) LOSS Vs. Henderson (2-8) LOSS Vs. Athens (6-5) LOSS Unfortunately Jax will struggle in non district Hallsville @ Lindale (7-5) LOSS Vs. Crandall (6-4) LOSS @ Corsicana (2-8) LOSS @ Pine Tree (6-5) LOSS Prediction time. How do you predict everyone going in non-district play?
  8. someome fill me in on that story.
  9. im sorry. that district with HP and the others i didn't see a playoff appearance. in this one though i can see Lufkin making the postseason.
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