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  1. the Road for carthage just got a little harder.
  2. SOC is clicking on all cylinders right now. they will be a handful to beat.
  3. So it’s the let’s see who’s going to lose to SOC game. im picking PNG to pull this out in a close one. Maybe by 3 or 7
  4. 100 percent correct. i believe the pressure is on chapel hill to win while the window is open with stewart and company still in school. players like them don't come around often. you have to take advantage while you can.
  5. Well they still do apparently cause they got put out twice in the semifinals.
  6. Wow well congrats to the buckeyes !!! Carthage will be back next season. They have nothing to be ashamed of.
  7. This was the second time I’ve seen chapel hill. Sooooo what’s the deal with Chapel Hill’s passing game ???
  8. the knock on Samples was Great Coach but couldn't win the big one.
  9. the old saying goes it's hard to beat the same team twice. sometimes that's true sometimes it isn't. to me this game is a toss up. i'm going with kilgore in a close one maybe by 3 or 7.
  10. that hurt my feelings lol i still stand by my statement. if a coach took over longview and failed to win the district championship after a few years fans would be calling for his head.
  11. we're still on this ??? Carthage will win title number 10 and then in feb they will jump to the SEC and beat Georgia for the SEC title the following year.
  12. There are so many high schools who would die to duplicate a third of the success longview has had down through the years.
  13. im sorry winning your district championship isn't success ? going multiple rounds deep isn't success ? i get it you want more state championships it's easy to look at schools like carthage and aledo etc but i'm telling you longview is a successful program and King's tenure will back that up. i don't know if another coach for longview will do better.
  14. i remember some lufkin fans were calling for Outlaw's job too. then he passes away and look at how things turned out for them. the measure of success king has had at the 5A/6A level is not easy to achieve or maintain. The grass isn't always green on the other side.
  15. Can’t go by that though. It’s the playoffs and jasper is hot right now.
  16. Could be at rose. if gilmer and Carthage don’t get to it first. Or Longview.
  17. Idk why that’s shocking I’m wondering who’s on heritage’s schedule because they have been stopped all night.
  18. Heritage doesn’t look like the 2nd ranked team in the state to me.
  19. yeah a tough non district schedule definitely pays off come playoff time ! I believe if they can keep it close by halftime they have a shot.
  20. we won't see marshall vs carthage for awhile. i wouldn't mind seeing Nac vs Carthage again.
  21. Yes if they get lost going to the Stadium. Why do we go through this ?
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