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  1. Rain moving in. no lighting so they'll keep playing.
  2. Man! i hate this....we've had so many great games with you guys over the years. i know what it's like to be "snake bitten" with injuries and have to put most of the JV on the field and your going against everybody elses 1st team thats healthy. sometimes with us it was grades and sometimes it was total injuries. i hate it when i start reading about ACL's, MCL's and Achilles tendons on kids that are between 15 and 18. score be damned, im thinking about those kids who've had to endure all of those injuries and and deal with them. Tatum im with you guys and and whatever happens friday night happens but i wish every kid thats been injured a speedy recovery and i'll keep them all in my prayers. anybody dogging on Tatum needs to get a reality check and realize that all of those injuries are somebodies son and that kid is hurting and probably going through either surgery and / or therapy and is hurting like hell and has an extreemly long road to recovery. they're still human beings, young ones at that. Atlanta will win or loose but whats most important is as always the health and safty of the kids playing the game.
  3. im still trying to figure out where i insulted you or the buckeyes when we beat you guys when you accused me of it to be honest. i'd like to refresh your memory but t seems that honestly you don't have one anymore so there for there's no refreshing it.
  4. Hey! We'll Gladly play Gilmer or any other team in the play-offs. One thing i love about our Coaching Staff is that they have a "Can Do" attitude, thats old school military for get the job done, and they've coached into our kids that nobody is bigger or better than they are. I love it!
  5. Congrats to Center! you guys have always had a lot of great looking kids on your team and it's obvious that the coaching staff has been able to harnass that talent and get you guys on the winning track. you guys are the real deal for sure. also in my opinion everybody is talking about the QB and the LB but #55 is a BEAST!!! he was sucking up double teams all night and letting the LB's roam free. it was a good game for 3.5 quarters and then our D just finally ran out of gas. i was impressed drive after drive when our offense would go 3 and sometimes 4 and out and our defense would come back on the field and i thought their tank would be on E and they'd pull out a 4th down stop or force a punt when it looked like Center was about to blow us up. we had a few dropped passes that could have flipped the field and just couldn't connect. Now the comment about "its a McClure coached team" and a few other of the arm chair QB comments i've read. REALLY!!!! when he got here we were at probably our lowest point since 1987 just before Coach Sharnberg showed up and got us turned around. if you want to have an issue with a few of the plays called thats cool but to suggest that Matt and Craig and their coaching staff have done anything but turn this thing around and get us year after year heading in the right direction is just viewing this entire thing with blinders on and honestly its and insult to a bunch of really great Coaches and human beings that put in 80+ hours a week putting in game plans , studying film and putting their hearts and souls into not only keeping not just the football program but the entire athletic program at as high of a level as they can. The coaches gave it their best, the kids gave it their best and you know what, sometimes no matter how hard you play, no matter how hard you try and no matter how much you want it....the other team wins. doesn't make our team any less than what it was at 6:59 last night or change the fact that we're still a damned good team. it just means that we didn't win. i was honestly proud of the way we played up until the end. even though the offense couldn't get on track they kept on charging and no matter how many holes our defense had to defend they kept attacking. i guess my definition of a good team and some on here's definition of a good team a just a little differnt. we've got two games left and i have no doubt we're going to the play-offs and then we'll see what happens. i definately have not and would not even think about this team being anything but special. who knows...we could see Center again. I'm down with that! Again Congrats Center! Great Game. Go Rabbs!!!!!
  6. LE is still my pick to win state in the upper bracket of 4A. Nothing up to this point has changed my opinion.
  7. Can't wait for you guys to come to Atlanta next week. I'm sure we'll be competitive with you guys. From your post it sounds like you figure we're already a W in your book. We'll do our best to stay on the field with y'all .
  8. You guys played a great game just as you have the last 4 times you've beaten us I'm pretty sure I've acknowledged that already. Y'all had the momentum coming out of the 2nd half and our guys had to rally to stop your surge. Our guys did that. On the converse we played a pretty damned good game all and managed to overcome our weaknesses and lapses. Also we managed to do it at Gladewater and not at home. It should be a complement to you guys and your program that this is a big win for us. I never insult teams we beat, especially teams that have had our number for years. I just think that we played a great game tonig and ourCoaching staff put in an awesome game plan against you guys and our guys executed it quite well for the most part.
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