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  1. Heck yea Timpson! Go win this thing for East Texas
  2. Congrats Cooper! Just got beat by a better football team! Good luck to you guys moving forward! Congrats boys on a fantastic season! You fought til the very end! One heck of a group of seniors we are losing .
  3. It seems to me what he is saying is fair . And if you don’t win state, you will then come here and say “well atleast we beat Joaquin” for your moral victory . The reality is that you said in the initial Joaquin game that you would blow them out, then didn’t . Now, you are up against an even bigger challenge in Centerville and over here thinking y’all will walk through them. If you don’t, what will be the reason?
  4. Oh without a doubt. They are definitely good. I am just comparing Joaquin vs. Corrigan more at the moment. I just don't think CC was built to play against that type of offense. I feel like Joaquin is. It is going to be a dogfight.
  5. I have been watching the CC/Cooper game and CC's defensive line is nowhere near what they will see out of Joaquin. They had some size but were slow and unathletic. Joaquin will be alot quicker and much more physical. With that said the QB for Cooper is a great athlete and they have a few kids that can definitely run. They don't have a Jakoby Williams or Bussey type player but definitely have some speed.
  6. Joaquin/Cooper is Friday at 7 PM at Tyler Rose Stadium. Joaquin is home team
  7. I don’t think anyone doubted that Cooper is good but I also don’t think next week is gonna be a cakewalk for you like a lot of your fans on Facebook seem to think
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