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  1. I watched that 9A game. The Lobo D in that game was clueless. I hope that's not a sign of things to come.
  2. I think the point is it doesn't HAVE to be what it is. If that's the mindset going in, I guarantee that's all all they'll ever accomplish. There's a poster in the halls of White Oak Middle School that reads, "Whether you think you can or you think you can't, you're right." If people only knew how true that is.
  3. Man...I'm about to have a panic attack already and it's still three days away!! Riff Ram!!
  4. I was disappointed to see he wasn't on the field with the JV. That kid is impressive. On varsity, I doubt he would see any PT. I don't understand that move. He needs to be on the field, even if it is JV.
  5. Actually no. My mistake was not putting a comma. It should have read, "Whoa there, big spenders."
  6. All true. I have no reservations about admitting how much his passing has improved this year. Doesn't even look like the same guy. It's just the scrambling. He's plenty fast enough, but it just seems like his brain goes into vapor lock when it's time to escape. I swear it's like he sees the opposite jersey intentionally runs right at it or chooses a path that makes it 1000 times harder on himself. Lol
  7. I know you can't really coach field awareness. It's one of those "intangibles" a person just has or doesn't. I sure would like to see QB1 develop that area though. The TD run he had that was called back was 100% on him. He had a wide open slot to the inside of his tackle he could have more easily gone through without even the slightest need for his holding. However, he took it to the outside and the tackle's only option was to hold or get his QB clobbered. Every other scramble saw QB1 run directly into a defender
  8. King gets the Lobos back to their game plan next week. Big win a-coming.
  9. Their defensive game plan was to sell everything on stopping anything between the tackles...and it worked. Fortunately, we had the strength, and in the end, the adjustments to overcome it. They just ran their offense. Nothing surprising there. I think it was just their defensive plan that made this game as close as it was. That's JMO, though.
  10. My personal opinion...King's play calling was the result of him trying to slow down the game. Lancaster is obviously high octane. Anything you can do to change that is a benefit. The problem was that King, and probably most of us, underestimated Lancaster's defense. The Lancaster D came in with a plan to sell everything they own to stop us between the tackles and they did it. When we did tried to pass, they slipped our line way too quickly and J. Allen didn't have time to make his reads. Now he has vastly improved since last year, but let's face it. If we have to depend on his feet this year, we're in trouble. He can not read a defense when he is rushing. He seems to run head-long into a defender every time. He also has trouble scrambling in a way to free up his arm. He simply needs time to throw and Lancaster was doing very well at not giving him that time. Listening to King's post-game, he knew his play-calling made this game harder than it had to be. He played right into what Lancaster was doing. I personally feel it was a good game plan for frustrating Lancaster and I, too, was not expecting 1) that the Lancaster D was that good, and 2) that their whole team would play with that much discipline. It wasn't until the end of the 3rd that he seemed to realize he needed to spread the field some. I think Kings knows he should have recognized it earlier, but when you have a plan, you need to at least see where it's going to take you. I give him credit for doing it in time. That Lobo D was lights out again. 6 dropped interceptions were a little tough to swallow, but they handled it. Good game to both teams.
  11. While thinking of a blowout, I predicted last week that Longview would win by 20. Greatly underestimated that. lol. I'm going to stick with superstition again this week and say Lobos by 20.
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