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  1. I know the most recent murder in Longview was TYB gang related. We'd arrested 2 that were with him in September with a stolen Glock trying to lure people out into a parking lot to rob them.
  2. Sounds like White Oak is really missing Hood tonight.
  3. Horns already missing easy tackles. That won't work.
  4. ...or God's Word with ever so slight tweaks to try to catch believers worshiping in ever so slight a way that they can be burned for eternity the way it was intended!!
  5. Nope, nope, nope, nope. That other scripture says it must be done with lips. It's vague and subtle....but if it can trick you into violating that command then that's one more soul cast to hell that we can rejoice about. /sarcam
  6. So if they clap out of order they'll go to hell for that, too? Cheese and cracker, Colmsie. Y'all are some stone faced tyrants over there! lol
  7. Not according to this scripture.....it must be done with the lips. "By him therefore let us offer the sacrifice of praise to God continually, that is, the fruit of our lips giving thanks to his name" Sorry, Mutie. No sing in Church (without instruments, of course) no go to the Gates. Too bad, so sad.
  8. If someone claps their hands to a song in Church, is that punishable by eternal damnation? What if they just clap in appreciation of a great singer and it verges on being in rhythm? Is that too close to being percussion? Will they be excommunicated from the no-instrument Church?
  9. I can sing and play an instrument at the same time and it violates nothing with the command to sing. I am still singing.
  10. Millennials have destroyed the country. Now they're trying to destroy where I watch baseball. Unforgivable. Can we go back and skip the millennial birthing years?
  11. So using a French Horn changes God's command to sing?
  12. God directed him to use gopher wood and only gopher wood. God never said you must sing and only sing. God said you should sing. I can use whatever tools I want to make that music because God clearly loves music in worship. If a mute can't sing but can makes an offering of joyful music to the Lord with a flute, is the mute going to hell for doing so? I'm not suggesting in any way that you shouldn't believe how you want. I encourage it. but to claim some sort of holy righteousness over everyone because your denomination (yes....it's a denomination, and so long as there are signs on the building separating it from other Churches, then it will continue to be one) doesn't allow an organ in the door....well that just blows my mind. It really does, especially considering that instruments were allowed in God's worship before Matthew....and commands that there be instruments after Jesus' return, and nowhere in the middle does it prohibit them. We're just supposed to imply a vague, yet absolute, commandment or we're going to hell?
  13. Well, you know how it goes. If at first you allow a piano, someone will want to play a trumpet. Then someone wants to play a guitar. Then all of the sudden someone wants to pull beating hearts out of small children and eat them at the Communion Table. Slippery slopes.
  14. Logic - Are forks allowed in Church? CoC - Of course they are. Logic - Why? CoC - Because they're not scripturally prohibited. Logic - Are pianos allowed in Church? CoC - Never! Logic - ...and the Bible says pianos are banned? CoC - No. It's implied because it tells us we can sing. Fact - That's an interpretation. God tells us step by step what we CAN. NOT. DO. Why is God vague and deceptive when it comes to this? The answer is - God isn't.
  15. I wasn't mocking at all. I'm wanting clarification on exactly what you consider required by God and what you consider just silly. There is NO mention of instruments not being allowed. There is also NO mention of certain clothing not being allowed. Why would you consider one a holy (albeit silent) command and one just silly mockery? By your view of scripture, both should be unacceptable inside the church.
  16. Telling someone to sing does not exclude instruments. Maybe if the scripture pointed out ONLY sing, I would agree with you. However, to imply that everyone is going to hell if their Church allows an instrument within its walls is just ludicrous. God was never shy about pointing out prohibitions. It's almost like the CoC is saying that God is trying to trick everyone into failure. "Ah ha!! Simon didn't say so. You're going to hell!!" That's not how it goes.
  17. Does the CoC allow electricity in the buildings? Can you wear Gray slacks with a blue sports coat? I don't recall scriptural permission being granted for those.
  18. The last tornado I went through was when I told an irrational female to calm down. That never works, but one day maybe I'll realize it.
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