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  1. Man the least yall couldve done is matched the colors of the roughneck
  2. The rankings dont mean alot at the end of the day. Koff is absolutely deserving of that #1 spot and i dont envision them relinquishing it during the season. The Raiders have a tough opening 4 games with some new faces leading the way so it will be crucial that they just play their game and let all the other take care of itself.
  3. I dont think it would be because of talent, they should have some outstanding players returning
  4. Winny is the place to be today
  5. Definitely a special, talented group of kids
  6. They are the defending state champs right?
  7. Talk about a brutal trek on I-20 to make it to DBU at 5 pm
  8. To my knowledge Coach Worley was on campus yesterday as our baseball season came to an end Friday night
  9. What a treat it is for us to get to host these great games
  10. Complete game i believe 93-94 pitches
  11. Raiders will be lamenting that first inning having bases loaded with no outs and only getting 1 run. Tatum pitcher got stronger as the game went on and we couldnt get the timely hits when needed
  12. Really glad he did, he has done a great job. Big series starting tonight vs. Tatum
  13. Hes our head baseball coach right in the middle of a playoff run
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