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  1. I remember the 99 one. Bet we fumbled 5-6 times just on the drive home from mv after i left early
  2. Winny 7th 30-20 Winny 8th 38-0 Winny JV grey 50-0 Winny JV red 48-8
  3. Last week against Commerce was probably his best game. I believe only 1 missed PAT out of 8 tds
  4. Wouldnt surprise me one bit. Going to have to bring in all of wood/franklin county law enforcement for this one.
  5. Ive been fortunate enough to see some pretty high profile games played in Winny and i cant argue with this one being very high if not at the very top of the list. 2001 Winny vs. MV, 2003 Winny vs. Gilmer are the only other two that pop into my head with being up there with this week. Obviously im only 15 days away from 36 so folks a little more aged could likely add some to the list.
  6. DCTF is the only one i pay any attention to honestly. *not just cause my team happens to be in the top 10, just always looked at theirs as the main source*
  7. Probably Lorena and West need more love
  8. Obviously i have Winny colored glasses but its a no brainer to me especially in our neck of the woods
  9. Im not certain how many Winny folks besides me are on here but i know there are lots that read
  10. One of the biggest games in the whole state in my opinion. Seems like there should be more hype
  11. Cantons RB #11 Kameron Shaw can really pick em up and put em down but i believe he got injured in the game after us and im not certain if he has played much since or not. The goose egg on offense the last two weeks seems very surprising because they had some solid players. With that said, Carthage by a sizeable margin.
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