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  1. Going to be loving that "boring" offense now i bet?! Interested to see how re-alignment shakes out for us
  2. Congrats fellas, looking forward to seeing you guys put it on display with that skill. @Eagleborn @Eagle8 @Tatum_DirtyBird
  3. Most teams would love to have made it to the final two years in a row. Obviously coming up on the short end of the stick both times leaves much room for debate but its still a great accomplishment nonetheless. With that said, CS was a heck of a team that ran the table through the playoffs against a who's who of 4A ball.
  4. True testament of an incredible human being. Great coach, even better man. Congrats to him.
  5. In my honest opinion after watching the other nights game, if Brocks rb is no healthier than he was thursday night Lorena should win. If MVs rb had been healthier than he was thursday night, it would be a Lorena/MV matchup this week. No matter what it will be a great game.
  6. Should be online, all the times ive been there they even had some people outside the entrances helping with that. No ticket booths open
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