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  1. Heard the purple team up north of winny got a former mustang
  2. Lets go! Big time for Winny
  3. Sounds like a great hire Congrats to Kellan. Great dude
  4. Watched them play 7 on 7 in Winny last night and they definitely have some good looking kids and were slinging it around pretty good
  5. Yes sir, 1 senior and both pitchers who started in the Tatum series are freshman. 2 freshman starting in the field and 1 freshman starting DH. Bright future for sure.
  6. I thought he was very crafty last night. Defense played well behind the Eagles too. CF made a really nice play in the mid innings that saved 2 runs that woulve cut it to 8-6 i believe. Their bats were definitely buzzing last night and we just gave yall too many base runners. Looking forward to tonight, our boys will scrap and claw and fight as long as they have an inning to play. Side note- Redwine is a physical specimen
  7. That was a BOMB. To my knowledge only the 3rd or 4th HR at our park.
  8. Im going to guess they pitched their number 2 last night but nonetheless, he was very solid. Biggest difference was tatum hit the ball well and we had too many walks. One big fly too for the Eagles with the grand slam in the 2nd. Got another shot at it tonight.
  9. 3A Boys 3200 meter run state records broken. Freshman Strohman from Holliday with a 9:11.73 takes the gold with Senior David Soto from Winnsboro with the 9:12.85 taking the silver. Both times break old record by 5 plus seconds. Incredible race, congrats to these young men especially our very own Red Raider
  10. Excited to square off with them. We are a very young team with only 1 senior and multiple freshman in the starting lineup along with 2 freshman pitchers that have done excellent for us all year. Going to be a battle for sure
  11. Thats fair, my little knowledge knows that you guys are a very solid team and we will have our work cut out for us. Looking forward to hosting you guys here.
  12. Winny wins 8-6 in 11 innings to advance. Way to go boys.
  13. Based on this response, im certain its NOT ironic that your profile name is what it is.
  14. Certainly the kids deserve it as they always do in these situations. Unfortunately, i see ZERO chance that it passes this year or anytime soon. I could be proven wrong but i am just basing it off of last year as it was not necessarily that close plus turnout was low. Add in the fact that they added $11.6 million to the total, i just dont see it being successful a year later.
  15. I got tired reading all of his stops. I want to definitely give him the benefit of the doubt, but its hard not to think that based on his track record that he will not be around long.
  16. I think its going to be more along the lines of the increase in the total amount that people wont go for. If they didnt like it last year, they sure wont like it this year when its $11.6 million more.
  17. Also just read a press release that MV put out yesterday about another proposed bond to be voted on in May at the cost of $63.9 million. Will be interested to see how it goes over considering how the $52.3 million proposal was received just one year ago.
  18. Can only imagine the splash MV admin wants to make again
  19. Enjoy the ride. Make the trip. Spend the money. Soak it in. Very special opportunity.
  20. I stayed and watched the game and i thought Holliday just outplayed FF. Also FF looked like they had tired legs for the majority of the game especially in the first half when they shot 4-26. Kudos to them for fighting back in the 4th on the shoulders of McKinna while Shadasia was on the bench with 4 fouls. After taking a 44-43 lead, FF started to make several turnovers and it ultimately led to Holliday finishing the game on a 15-3 run. The biggest difference to me was the lack of production from the role players compared to the Winny game as McKinna and Shadasia combined for 42 of the 47 with only one other girl scoring. Credit to Holliday for some outstanding defense and just a never die attitude.
  21. Sorry friend i never got on here during the tournament. I thought we had a great strategy and did exactly what we needed to do to have the best chance to win. Kudos to the role players for FF, they made some big shots and then they ratcheted up their pressure when it counted the most. We just didnt make the plays down the stretch and you know that is just how it goes sometimes. Still very proud.
  22. I never got on here during the tournament. I just have to say how proud i am of the Lady Raiders. Obviously a disappointing end to the season but there should be no hanging of their heads. They fought through alot of adversity this year and kept working and returned to the Final Four. Those 5 seniors are so special and will be very hard to replace but i know the other girls will get back to work and have a burning desire to make another run next year. Hats off to Holliday and FF, that final was a great game. What a run for the elder Brackens girls the last 4 years. No question they have generational talent and will continue at the next level. Just as our Lady Raiders will look different next year, so too will the Lady Eagles but i know they will be wanting to return to the mountain top as well next year. Already looking forward to it.
  23. 3A Region 2 Prosper High School Friday night Whitesboro vs. Mineola Ponder vs. Hooks
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