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  1. We still have a long way to go and many areas to improve on. We are just taking it a day at a time
  2. QB Finney through 5 games 103/158 2023 yards 26 tds 1 int WR Deaton 36 catches 791 yards 10 tds
  3. Official stat leaders Finney 16/28 336 7tds 3 rushes 73 yds 1 td Deaton 7 catches 214 4 tds Preciado 9 rushes 101 2tds 29 rushes for 307 yards 643 total yards
  4. Winnsboro 73-13 over Rains Kyler Finney QB Jr. 16/28 336 7tds 3 rushes 73 yards 1 td Jonny Preciado RB Jr. 9 rushes 101 2 tds Hayden Deaton WR Sr. 7 catches 214 yards 4 tds Will Wilcox WR Jr. 2 catches 50 yards 1 td Malik Reddic WR So. 2 catches 37 yards 2 tds Total yards 643
  5. Big win for the Raiders last night. Lets be honest, Rains is by far the weakest team in the district and will struggle to win another game. Winny did exactly to them what they should have. Although scoring 73 jumps off the page, there are still many areas to improve as we move deeper into district and much tougher opponents. Stay hungry boys getting better every day.
  6. Raiders coming off a big win over Rains in the district opener. They travel to Commerce next week to take on the tigers who are coming off a big win over Bonham. I know that they will have some excellent athletes all over the field. Keep it going boys one game at a time.
  7. Finney 5 tds passing 1 rushing first half. Deaton 3 receiving tds
  8. Rains 7th 28 Winny 15 Winny 8th 41-20 Winny JV Red 68-6
  9. I dont disagree with much of this post myself. Bennett was most definitely the catalyst to a very good offensive attack that in my opinion was only slightly weaker than last year and thats only cause of one player no longer being there in Coffman. Now that he is out, they have to decide on their new identity. 0 and 1 are their best two offensive players and its not close. The others were made better by Bennetts ability to throw. No doubt the backup qb(s) can be/will be good. The question is which route gives you the best chance for another deep run? 1 was the deep threat and him and 8 had a good thing going in the first 2 plus games. Can he still be that threat with a backup qb? Or do you move him into the backfield with 0 and do exactly what they did last week and run the ball 60 times for 500 yards utilizing your best two players to the fullest? All good questions and things to ponder. Should be an exciting district 5 slate first then we can discuss playoffs
  10. Is this still a thing? I always loved seeing this segment on FSSW. Winny was featured in that game in 2008 and it was such an awesome experience.
  11. Saw TJ on KMOO locker room show and he looked good to me
  12. Looks to be the battle of the wildcat offenses. Difference being, the purple people have a "robin" in horton to "batman" mcgill. Minny just has 22 as "batman"
  13. It makes for good headlines and good writeups but it means absolutely zero in the grand scheme. Just keep working hard boys. #TPW
  14. Potts definitely looks good on film. I think its going to be an exciting district slate once again.
  15. Actually just saw that. You weren't lying. Its just rat poison at the end of the day.
  16. Whats TJs status? I think MV will be too much at the end but i bet 22 gets his
  17. Eh not so sure about that. Lots of areas still to improve to be in that conversation
  18. Based on the amount of rushing yards they gave up to Quinlan, i think we could do either one and be in good shape.
  19. Im intrigued by this game. Looking forward to seeing how it plays out. Doesnt get much better than the two RBs that will be on display.
  20. Always love reading your recaps sir. Very good stuff
  21. QB Finney through 4 games 88/131 1684 yds 19 tds 1 int
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