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  1. 7 hours ago, Blazin97 said:

    I think it’ll be #9. I hope we find some creative ways to get #2 the ball in his hands. He’s a game changer 

    I would like to see #23 pushed back to DE and play a couple kids both ways and see how it looks. MV will have to play its absolute best to win, but I’ve seen weirder things happen in this rivalry. I wouldn’t rule us out 

    I also think that 23 at DE is a bigger threat. He is obviously super talented no matter where he lines up. 2 is great with the ball, its just a matter of being able to get it to him. 14 is definitely a deep threat with his speed. I expect to see some form of trick plays like the double pass with 15. I also have seen weird things over the years in these games. Looking forward to it. 

  2. 49 minutes ago, MVFAN1 said:

    Good question. I have no clue

    I think 9 gives the best chance to have the qb be a running threat otherwise its a formality that it’s always going to be a handoff. I just don’t think it will matter either way, 10 is the guy who needs to be contained 

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  3. It only took a couple of minutes of watching the Bonham game to confirm my original thoughts. 10 is extremely talented and will need to be the main point of emphasis for us defensively. I would say the second point of emphasis will be 14 and the threat he poses on the deep ball. Next will be 2 and his ability to find open spots and make big catches. 

  4. 6 hours ago, Blazin97 said:

    MV will be ready to go!! This one might be an instant classic 

    I fully expect the Tigers to be ready to go no doubt. They had a masterful defensive strategy last year but with DC gone and a different set of personnel, im not sure they can run that defense again.  Their linebackers are the strength on that side ill just be curious if Boone stays there or goes back to DE for this game 

  5. My initial thoughts are from a defensive standpoint its not going to matter who is playing QB for MV, it will all come down to our ability to slow down Witherspoon or not. Offensively i am confident we will score as many as we want as long as we limit our mistakes. I’ve seen no reason to think otherwise 

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