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  1. i may have already mentioned this, but does the thursday night game have any effect on either team? with one less day to prepare does that factor in on this game or is it a mute point? at this stage of the game, its pretty clear what needs to be done. you either win or you go home simple as that.
  2. you obviously do not represent winnsboro or daingerfield and the last time i checked this thread is for those two teams so i think you just need to get on out of here...i am from winny and would like to beat df but i sure would like to see the beating that the tigers will give yall if that game happens to take place.
  3. i would listen to frank and worry about winning the game you would have to win before you come on someone elses thread talking all big
  4. great point frank, as most know that follow winnsboro going for it on 4th down is pretty much a given if the ball is anywhere near the 50 so with that said its gonna take some tricks to pull it off.
  5. no, i totally understand what you are saying. i think that those thoughts are more in the minds of the fans then of the players. this team has some of the strongest minded kids that i have ever seen and i fully expect them to not be intimidated by the "mighty" tigers. they have shown all year a tremendous amount of resilency all year so i dont figure that it will change any this week.
  6. hahahahaha yes youre correct, we sure wouldnt want that happening would we?
  7. lol well i think it is a close race between you two. i think that it is a coinflip as of right now, i guess we will find out thursday
  8. no way will i take it personal. :) i saw what he did against gilmer and new boston and most others, so in no way will be i be surprised if he puts up another monster game i just hope that maybe the raiders could slow him a bit.
  9. crush and frank, i admire both of you. this is supposed to be about football and i have enjoyed every bit of your expertise. my question would be that if the raiders are able to run the ball with great success could you see the score being something like 63-56? lol i know thats a stretch but i just thought i would ask ;)
  10. 98crush, i agree with you on that #5 he is a flat out monster. IF and a big IF the raiders could somewhat keep terry in check, who/what would be the next go to guy/play the tigers would try?
  11. i think youre right frank, it will be difficult to run on the outside. if the raiders could have any success to the outside it would even more open up the middle. or at least that would be what winnsboro would hope for. i thought the same thing myself about them getting gashed by the run. i for one am excited to see how it will play out.
  12. thats a great post frank, your insight is remarkable and i absolutely agree with everything you said. the raiders have been the most successfull this year with outside running. with the exception of one game the fullback hasnt produced a whole lot. the interesting thing for this game will be can the raiders get another monster game from the fullback? or will they have to rely on the tigers mistackling and overpursuit? i noticed in the gilmer game that both lines for dfield appeared to be winded late in the game. i feel like the raiders will need to take advantage of that possibility and try to get the running game going on the outside. those dlineman for the tigers are way too big for winnsboro to continuously try to pound it up the middle. they will need to get a few good runs going on the outside to open up the interior of the defense. as frank said the speed of the outside guys for dfield is a big advantage for them. wildtigers made a great point as well as there has not been much pressure put on the qb for the majority of the season. the raiders will need to maybe gamble a few times to try to get to qb allen. one other thing i noticed was the qb allen was not very patient in the pocket and he really liked to pull the ball down and run pretty quickly. i believe most of that was because the pressure of the gilmer D but that could be another thing the raiders have to be aware of. they will really have to keep an eye on him all night because he definitely has the legs to hurt them once he gets loose.
  13. i believe the jv players moved up will only be used in an emergency situation, and yes id take a few of them 8th grade boys anyday lol ;)....this is just my personal opinion but from what i saw friday night, i would go as far as to say that melissa was one of the best teams that i have seen in person for the last several years. its irrelevant that we are discussing them anyway since this game is against dfield and not melissa. i think that the biggest issue for the raiders will be the speed of the tigers. as the saying goes "speed kills". it comes down to being disciplined on defense and taking better angles to the ball carrier. as we all know, all these opinions we form up on what either team should do or can do is easier said than done so it really just comes down to how bad does each individual player want it. a lack of athletic ability can always be made up for with playing smart and doing what you know you can do to make plays. each player needs to just do "their" job, no more no less just do what they are supposed to do and see how it turns out. trying to do too much nearly always leads to failure.
  14. i think this week will be a great chess match, with both teams having one less day to prepare for the other. the only reason i would think that it shouldnt be too much of an issue is with winnsboro playing melissa just the other night, they should have a little better idea what to do against the spread(easier said than done obviously), and with redwater running a similar offense to the raiders the tigers should also have a pretty good idea of what to expect as well. it doesnt take a rocket scientist to know what it will take for winnsboro to pull out the upset, the question is can the raiders execute the game plan and make enough plays on defense to give themselves a chance. very exciting
  15. thank you frank, that answers my question
  16. excellent point triple7, i think that the raiders will be more than ready to play the tigers
  17. my word for this game is DISCIPLINE. which team will be more disciplined on both sides of the ball and make the plays that are necessary to win a game at this point of the year.
  18. do you consider the bubble and tunnel, screen passes?
  19. a lot of both brf, as it has been said they have speed, speed, and more speed so their main objective is to get the playmakers out on the edge and make plays
  20. thanks for the insight oleman, i noticed #5 appeared to be a favorite target of qb #8. will he be looking for him all night or will he distribute it out evenly?
  21. that is a great question. i believe that the raiders have not exactly played a team with exceptional speed at every position. melissa had several guys with some speed and it obviously was quite a struggle. with that said, the speed of daingerfield will more than likely be unlike anything the raiders have seen this year or the past few years for that matter. it will come down to being disciplined, running to the ball, and breaking down making tackles once they get to the ball carrier. very excited to see how it plays out.
  22. i see, very interesting. what do u think the keys are for each team to have success against the other. as we all know the pass defense is a weakness for the raiders, but after last nights game it what clear that the inside draw out of the shotgun was giving the raiders fits. will the tigers try to air it out and exploit the secondary or will they keep it mixed up with the run game?
  23. i have a question for dfield fans, as i sit here and watch a youtube video of the tigers vs. gilmer from earlier in the year i just see athleticism ALL OVER THE FIELD...my question is what is the issue with the run defense that has been so gashed over the last few games? i just have a hard time believing that after seeing all those playmakers that they would have a tough time defending the run. what are yalls thoughts?
  24. with the weaknesses of both defenses it could be a shootout. im getting pumped just thinking about it right now. DAINGERFIELD, just reading that name gives me chills. to think that the raiders could have the opportunity to knock off the tigers is absolutely special.
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