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  1. Im intrigued by it for sure. Based on how many yards 10 for MV ran for last week i expect 5 for Potts to run wild
  2. No chance but i have seen them up real close so i can speak for their talent
  3. I figured so, almost fell out of my chair reading his statement of the idea that any of their players being better than yalls 21 or 14 or 8 or 10 or 11
  4. If the 21 youre referring to is wearing a Hooks jersey then yes you are sleeping on him
  5. You and DirtyBird load up and head this way tomorrow i know yall aint got anything to do.
  6. This is going to be a big game from the standpoint of "defensive discipline". The Tigers offensive attack will put to test our DEs, LBs and Safeties and cause them to really make sure they are in the right position. The CBs will have to be aware of the chunk play over the top to #4. I have no doubt our offense will move the ball and put up points, i think this is a game that the defense puts their stamp on.
  7. LONG ways to go. We got 4 tough ones in a row starting tomorrow before we can start crowning anyone. A curve ball was thrown last week with Minny beating MV so i think it would be foolish to make any predictions 1 district game in. I know what we are capable of and if we play our game it will all take care of itself but its not going to be easy. Right now we are focused on Commerce and thats it. One at a time.
  8. You guys will take care of business. Come on down
  9. I think so too, but i bet we will have a little something for them too.
  10. Commerce does appear to have things headed back in an upward direction. I am looking forward to this game and seeing how the Raiders come out against a talented, quality opponent. I would say the jury is out a bit on the Tigers based on their schedule but they pass the eye test on film. 1,2,8 will be a challenge from a rushing standpoint. 4 appears to be the best threat on the outside as well as 19 on the inside. I am curious to see how they attack us from the qb position as it appears they have utilized both 9 and 12 thus far. Their defensive line looks to be their strength with 10, 90, and 99 having great size. It will be important that we not only keep those 3 off our qb on pass plays but really get a hat on them in the run game as well to give us the best chance to succeed. As mentioned above this game will be the first challenge in the line of 4 straight games that will define our district slate. I know the Raiders will be prepared and come ready to play especially in front of the incredible Rugged Red fans
  11. MV fighting an uphill battle after their loss the other night
  12. Winnsboro over Rains 59-0 SR QB Kyler Finney 20/27 410 yards 6 tds SO WR Camden Capehart 5 catches 104 yards 3 tds FR K Rudy Calderon 8/8 XPs 28 yard FG
  13. Week 6 games. Winny vs. Commerce Mt Vernon @ Bonham Pottsboro @ Mineola Rains Bye
  14. Would definitely not have predicted last nights MV/Minny result. Will be curious to see what Minny does moving forward and how last nights game propels them especially with Potts coming to their place next week. Just scratching my head over MV. I know they will be ready to go when we come to town in two weeks but we will cross that bridge when we get there. Commerce is the dark horse in my opinion but we will see what they're all about next week. Big 4 week stretch coming up for us. Potts will go as McBride goes and he certainly can go.
  15. Standings after Game 5 Winny 4-0* (1-0) 247 54 Commerce 5-0 (1-0) 202 87 Mineola 2-3 (1-0) 125 164 Pottsboro 4-0 (0-0) 134 90 Mt Vernon 3-2 (0-1) 179 146 Bonham 1-4 (0-1) 92 230 Rains 0-5 (0-1) 36 209
  16. Too much talent on that defensive side to be having that happen man.
  17. Tigers come to town next week rolling at 5-0 playing some good ball. This game starts a crucial 4 game stretch for the Raiders against quality opponents. Looking forward to it
  18. 59-0 final. Great job boys did exactly what we were supposed to do. Got a big one next week. One at a time
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