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  1. 42-0 8 min left in 2nd. 6 tds passing
  2. Give me Winny by 42 MV by 21 Commerce by 17
  3. Come on Jerry youve got it made up in the suite
  4. mamabear might come after you
  5. Don't ask easy questions like that EB
  6. Im aware but its important that you still take care of business despite the opponents ability
  7. Will this be the first of a line of snoozers for the Tigers in district play?
  8. Special in all sports too both boys and girls. Has to be a great place to be.
  9. Still have to play the game guys. One at a time.
  10. Going to be a good one but we'll worry about the purple people on October 6th
  11. Im amazed at how low he gets at the snap of the ball while still maintaining great balance and ball control. Very speedy as well.
  12. Curious to see more of Commerce. I believe MV will be fine. McBride for Potts is a superstar and will lead them. Winny will be Winny. Minny is struggling. Bonham is an unknown. Rains will likely bring up the rear.
  13. I think the early thoughts on the district are Winny and Potts are the top 2 teams with MV and Commerce being the likely other 2 playoff spots. Lots of football to be played to determine all of this but I personally see it that way
  14. Week 5 games. First district game. Winny @ Rains Mineola @ Mt Vernon Bonham @ Commerce Pottsboro Bye
  15. Standings after Game 4 Winny 3-0* (0-0) 188 54 Pottsboro 4-0 (0-0) 134 90 Mt Vernon 3-1 (0-0) 152 104 Commerce 4-0 (0-0) 147 79 Bonham 1-3 (0-0) 84 175 Mineola 1-3 (0-0) 83 137 Rains 0-4 (0-0) 36 150
  16. Winny 56 vs. New Boston 21 Quinlan Ford 44 @ Rains 0 Mt Vernon 27 @ Sabine 30 North Lamar 20 @ Commerce 31 Bullard 49 @ Mineola 10 Muenster 7 @ Pottsboro 28 Callisburg 56 @ Bonham 21
  17. Gunter must be a machine. Big win right here
  18. Winny travels to Emory next week to take on the wildcats for the first game of district play. This will be a game to just go take care of in the manner we should and move on to the next.
  19. Gotta give credit to NB. Im most proud of only giving up 7 in the second half and forcing some turnovers. Last night was all about taking what the Lions were giving us defensively. They were set on playing real aggressive on the outside so we got them multiple times over the top leading to alot of openings in the running game. We are just getting better by the day and will need the full repertoire starting in a couple of weeks as the games get much tougher
  20. Kudos to NB they played real hard and had us on our heels some. Offense was just too much. Real stuff starts next week. Great job boys
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