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  1. 1 game left in pre-district, hows everyone feeling heading into district play next week?
  2. Atl looked very unmotivated and made a bevy of mistakes and NB took advantage of it for sure
  3. New Boston will be coming in off a good win and likely have alot of confidence. No doubt they will play physical and the Raiders will have to match that level of play. I know we will be prepared and chomping at the bit to get back out on the field after last weeks shortened game.
  4. Week 4 Winny vs. New Boston Quinlan Ford @ Rains Mt Vernon @ Sabine North Lamar @ Commerce Bullard @ Mineola Muenster @ Pottsboro Callisburg @ Bonham
  5. Standings after Game 3 Winny 2-0* (0-0) 132 33 Pottsboro 3-0 (0-0) 116 83 Mt Vernon 3-0 (0-0) 125 74 Commerce 3-0 (0-0) 116 59 Bonham 1-2 (0-0) 63 119 Mineola 1-2 (0-0) 73 88 Rains 0-3 (0-0) 36 106
  6. Might could have had something to do with the opponent too?
  7. I did see a first last night, a sideline warning on the chain gang. Poor guys were just doing their job. Not sure what they expect with barely 4 yards of sidelines
  8. Lets talk about the game we did get to see. I thought the Raiders defense was playing really well minus a couple of big plays to 14. 21 really didnt get untracked until that last drive due to us getting great penetration and getting to him before he got to us. That was one of my main keys and we were doing very well in that. I thought our offense was utilizing tempo well and 6 was doing his thing. The offensive line was doing a great job in my opinion of giving him time and he was making great throws. Hooks secondary was having fits with 3 as he got behind them for 2 big tds one being on 4th down. I thought that was a huge play in the game. Great call by us to go for it and the execution was flawless. We could play hypotheticals obviously of how it would have played out the rest of the way but no doubt there was going to be many more big plays on both sides. Both teams will be better for the quarter and a half they got to battle it out.
  9. Looking forward to the Raiders getting back after it next week. Weather forecast looks to be much cooler with some chance of rain. One day at a time boys keep on getting better.
  10. Winny hosts the Lions for homecoming next week. 7 pm kickoff.
  11. Man those were some dudes. Hadn’t heard those names in a while. Fun to watch
  12. I think we all wanted to finish that game and see the outcome but i also think that both teams have far bigger games ahead and at the end of the day the right decision was made for the safety of everyone involved. Im thankful for getting to watch the amount of the game i did. Definitely no losers tonight.
  13. Yes went backwards on penalties and punted
  14. Well deserved man. Great looking player
  15. 14 is a bad man. Great game so far
  16. I will take our staff all day every day of the week and twice on Sundays just as i assume Hooks fans do the same about their staff
  17. I think my top will be our front 7 vs. Walls. He came out guns blazing at us last year in that first half so i want to see us keep him from getting going early like that again. He opens up everything else for you guys when he has success. He is way too talented to keep in check but being able to contain him will dictate alot of how the rest of the game goes.
  18. Yes he has great size and length
  19. @Cannon85 @hornetblue @CaptHook what matchup are you guys looking forward to most?
  20. Should be a great atmosphere. Winny will bring a squad of folks tonight and i know the hornet faithful will show up big too
  21. It doesnt make a hill of beans at the end of the day. 2 different divisions, 2 different groups of teams. Both will still be really good teams whether they win or lose or stay in top 10 or drop out of top 10
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