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  1. The gauntlet will begin September 29th, not that far away. The opponent this week will prepare us for that gauntlet. Lets go
  2. Just listened to a preseason interview with Coach Birdwell on TK Gameday. Really enjoyed it. Also did not realize you guys returned 9 on defense.
  3. Weve got 4 dogs at backer too and theyre all seniors. 4,7,21,22. Cant wait to see them this Friday
  4. Yes it definitely appears he gets stronger as it goes
  5. One thing i have been impressed with is how hard Walls runs. That was one of my biggest takeaways after last year and through two games, its much of the same this year. When he gets in that mode, hes coming downhill and in a hurry. I noticed he also likes to get outside pretty quick if that hole isnt there in the middle. I know Hooks wants to use the numbers game as well to their advantage. They went 2x2 a few times against Cooper against a 4 man front with only 2 backers so all the right tackle had to do was seal the edge and 21 was off to the races.
  6. I was answering a question about our team after qb1 graduates but yes you are correct
  7. There will be no altering of what we are "building" here despite losing an extremely talented qb after this year. 2 more are waiting in the wings
  8. We are in good hands as mentioned
  9. Gotta be in the early lead for "smoaky post of the year"
  10. Im real impressed with 11, 13, 18 on defense. Looking forward to seeing what the Hornets strategy is on that side of the ball.
  11. I noticed at least 3 against Cooper. I would guess there could be more this week just based on our offensive attack.
  12. Lots of respect for sure. Also its all about the kids on the field showing their talent, not us in the bleachers or on a message board. I know both teams will be ultra prepared and will treat both fan bases to a great show
  13. Winny moves up to #7 in D1 while Hooks remains at #5 in D2. Going to be a fun week
  14. The defense has played well these first two games against two drastically different offensive schemes. You guys bring a whole new challenge this week with an excellent running attack coupled with super talented receivers on the outside.
  15. I expected more out of Canton personally. They have some guys, just got in a hole and couldn’t put it all together leading to us really pulling away in the second half
  16. Standings after Game 2 Winny 2-0 (0-0) 111 20 Pottsboro 2-0 (0-0) 67 53 Mt Vernon 2-0 (0-0) 83 50 Commerce 2-0 (0-0) 84 49 Bonham 1-1 (0-0) 49 70 Mineola 1-1 (0-0) 40 40 Rains 0-2 (0-0) 24 73
  17. Winny 52 vs. Canton 14 Pottsboro 34 @ Callisburg 28 Bonham 6 @ Scurry Rosser 45 Mineola 28 vs. Hughes Springs 6 Commerce 63 @ Leonard 35 Mt Vernon 42 @ Gladewater 26 Rains 8 vs. Edgewood 45
  18. Winnsboro 52-14 over Canton SR QB #6 Kyler Finney 22/32 257 yards 4 tds SR WR #11 Will Wilcox 7 catches 128 yards 3 tds JR RB #23 Tyson Johnson 17 carries 128 yards 2 tds
  19. I thought they did a really good job against harmony. Will be crucial for us to give that time needed to get the ball out to our playmakers. We’ve been extremely balanced these first two weeks which is super exciting so no doubt it will take that same effort against you guys
  20. Several matchups in this game im really excited to see.
  21. Give me the purple Tigers. I think Pewitt will be a nuisance with their ball control offense and likely gain some ground but it will be far from enough. MVs depth advantage ends up being too much for the Brahmas
  22. Note of importance. This game will start at 730 after Winnys first two games kicked off at 7
  23. As much as im sick about Baysinger going down, i know young Birdwell will be ready and full of confidence. I expect a heavy dose of Walls but he will be just one of many outstanding threats that we will have to contain.
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