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  1. I thought they did a really good job against harmony. Will be crucial for us to give that time needed to get the ball out to our playmakers. We’ve been extremely balanced these first two weeks which is super exciting so no doubt it will take that same effort against you guys
  2. Several matchups in this game im really excited to see.
  3. Give me the purple Tigers. I think Pewitt will be a nuisance with their ball control offense and likely gain some ground but it will be far from enough. MVs depth advantage ends up being too much for the Brahmas
  4. Note of importance. This game will start at 730 after Winnys first two games kicked off at 7
  5. As much as im sick about Baysinger going down, i know young Birdwell will be ready and full of confidence. I expect a heavy dose of Walls but he will be just one of many outstanding threats that we will have to contain.
  6. Talk about two talented teams across the board. I’ve been super impressed with the Hornets defense in the limited film I have seen. Obviously beating two really good teams has you guys well prepared.
  7. Big showdown next Friday in Hooks. Raiders travel to take on the impressive hornets. Both teams will come in ranked in the top 10 in their respective divisions. This one has all the makings of a great matchup. Looking forward to it
  8. Great game by the Raiders tonight. Once again a complete TEAM win in all facets. Few things to tidy up on but overall just a great performance. Hats off to Canton they played hard. #12 Parker, #14 Petree and #2 Whitlock were outstanding players. Keep it going Rugged Red.
  9. Will be two teams with a bunch of talented young men. Looking forward to it.
  10. Rugged Red Day. Safe travels to the Eagle faithful
  11. Winny JV grey and red travel to Canton tonight to take on the Eagles. Winny 7th&8th will play here.
  12. Doesnt hurt that he is the coaches kid either. Very smart and certainly knows the offense well.
  13. Just watched that last drive. 11 lead them like a seasoned vet
  14. #4. As long as Winny takes care of business this week, could be looking at 3 straight weeks with a top 10 matchup for the Hornets. Exciting.
  15. Hooks moves up to #5 this week in DCTF rankings.
  16. Week 2 Winny vs. Canton Pottsboro @ Callisburg Bonham @ Scurry Rosser Mineola vs. Hughes Springs Commerce @ Leonard Mt Vernon @ Gladewater Rains vs. Edgewood
  17. Canton QB with some big numbers last week. Will present a good challenge to the Raiders defense. Looking forward to seeing us on that side of the ball after coming off a 6 turnover effort vs. Pewitt. Also excited to have our home opener in front of the incredible Rugged Red fanbase.
  18. I know #23 Johnson had 14 for 191 and 4 tds and #2 Preciado had over 100 as well. The balance is exactly what we need to be an even better team. Can’t say enough about those big guys up front and the holes they were creating last night.
  19. Canton is going to be a very formidable opponent. Experienced QB and multiple weapons on the outside.
  20. Yall stay positive man, got too many good players on that team. Defense can carry the load for a bit, offense will come
  21. Can we all agree it wont be 62-7 again
  22. I really feel like you guys will give em a good run
  23. Haha man D5 thread doesnt have near this entertainment i might hang around
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