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  1. Great play by Johnson but that tackle deserves all the credit on that his blocked cleared out that whole side.
  2. Line back up in that three back set and pound this game out. The spot route has worked since they are playing wayyyy off but our run game is working.
  3. If they can score and play defense like that a full season they may actually make some noise this year.
  4. Like what I see defensively only concern right now is they still don't really have an elite shooter. The guys they have are streaky at best.
  5. I thought they reviewed every play in the booth for targeting and would buzz down if there was a question. They called fumble first then they reviewed whether or not the guy was down. So the booth would've had ample time to review and buzz if they thought it was targeting. After looking at the play it wasn't head to head the dbs helmet hit the qbs shoulder and he punched the ball out with his forearm. It was a bang bang play does there need to be consistency yes of course but hey I hate targeting call so im glad they let them play. I don't think overshown should've been called for targeting on the utsa sack either but it happened.
  6. Slow start then they got going at the end hopefully it carries over to second half or we will be in trouble at the end
  7. This offense is legit when ewers plays
  8. Great game did anyone see Saban go off when someone went to throw horns down lol
  9. If we win a defensive game against bama talk about irony.
  10. Send Quinn back in that locker room to put his uniform back on he looks fine.
  11. Anderson is on another level of off his game today
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