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  1. The republicans want less people on entitlements. The democrats want more. There’s a problem there. The republicans want more jobs, the democrats want less. There’s a problem there. Democrats are the problem. Plain and simple
  2. When they get through with the Trumps, they need to investigate the Clintons, Obama’s and Biden’s.
  3. I work for a Transmission and we can’t own the gas in our pipes. We just charge for throughout/volume.
  4. Transmission companies can’t own the gas in the pipes. According to FERC, you are transmission or midstream. If they’re adjusting the prices, they’re not a transmission company. Sounds like it’s midstream
  5. Committees in DC are jokes. Every last one. They’re dog and pony shows. They load them to intentionally find exactly what they want to find or not find, depending on which side of the aisle is in question
  6. Sounds like ET was price gouging during the storm and Vistra didn’t like it.
  7. After you asked somebody else to not be a hypocrite…. Lol. Asking to get banned?
  8. The last 4 years you’ve been a hypocrite.
  9. Yep, his wife should be ashamed of herself for letting it happen to the man she supposedly loves. She must not be much of a decent wife
  10. Sounds like a technology that can time release any injectable liquid. Sounds interesting.
  11. 4x10= 40 companies will still require a full workload
  12. Schools in Arkansas started it 3-4 years ago. It cut down on lots of stuff like bud driver salary, fuel for buses, cafeteria staff, electric bills, etc.. the kids love it from what I understand
  13. I didn’t even turn it on. The highlight of his day is not spilling chocolate pudding on his chin and his butt being wiped. I don’t care to see him have t-ball questions asked to answer
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