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  1. Did they play a full season last year? How can you recruit if over half the teams cancel games with You due to state legislatures shutting it down??? This may last 4-5 years!! Who knows
  2. The landscape of college football is changing. We will see super conferences and a 12 or 16 team playoff within 5 years I’d say. The pac has just said they intend on doing absolutely nothing as far as expansion. They’re watching what is going on with the Big12 right now and still having that mindset. When the playoff expands, that’s more opportunity for more money and more teams in the playoffs. The Pac will do good to get one team in. Now, I honestly don’t think there’s any teams, regionally speaking, that will help their cause in the matter so I understand their mindset. However that
  3. What has he done with vaccines that isn’t following up on trumps operation warp speed. The ones that took the vaccine were going to take it whether Biden or Trump were in office. Those that aren’t taking wouldn’t take it either way. trumps border policies were keeping them out
  4. What is so stable about the Pac? Oklahoma state, Kansas state, Iowa state, tcu, tech, Arizona state, Arizona, Houston, Cincinatti, Memphis, Baylor, and Colorado would be as good as the Pac currently is.
  5. Trump/Twitter? Liberals are okay with censorship!!! Don’t knock it now that it’s happened to one of your own
  6. Cobbled together blather should be the phrase used
  7. I honestly saw that mentality coming. I always felt like AZ and ASt should’ve been invited before Col left.
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