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  1. Canning a coach in game 2 of year 3 says all you need to know about Long-Term commitment. 8 year contracts can be voided, bought out, not paid, etc….
  2. That won’t be the reason Timpson wins. They are loaded with talent.
  3. The kid runs effortlessly. He broke that play against Joaquin and looked like he was jogging. 10.6 - 100m speed
  4. They have athletes everywhere. the thing about Bussey is he looks so effortless when playing. It’s like he’s jogging and runs away from others. If you strictly focus on shutting him down they rest of their offense WILL make you pay. They are loaded with talent.
  5. Maybe Gilmer just prefers teams they can bully that ain’t ready
  6. I think they’re saying the team was chanting it before running out of the Dawgs head. If so, they need to quit crying.
  7. A Gilmer fan calling something distasteful after years of them running up the score on teams and putting their band on the visitor side in Gilmer is ironic. Lol
  8. Sorry to hear about your family’s loss. Prayers for peace and comfort buddy.
  9. Texas needs to recruit J Whit to stay one more year and feature him. He’s been the best WR on the field all year
  10. Good, he can drop passes and give up on balls in LA now
  11. Exactly. They are not bipartisan at all. Their way or no way. They are also the most divisive group of elitists ever
  12. A table full of white liberal women preaching diversity. Hypocrite much?
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