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  1. Sam doesn’t have the arm strength. He can’t push the ball downfield. He was in the perfect offense for his skill set, Texas was just quick to abandon the short to intermediate passing game
  2. I felt cosmi was a late first/early second round pick, ossai was a 3rd to 4th rounder, and the only others that would be drafted was Graham really late and possibly sterns. Sterns was the only one that went higher than I felt like. Sam was actually drafted too, that suprised me. Eagles needed 2 more years if he had them, he’s not sure handed nor a willing blocker. Texas will miss cosmi, ossai and Graham. The rest will be replaced easily.
  3. What about transgender men who think they’re women/mothers? Happy confused daddy day?
  4. I also picture the teacher from Beavis & Butthead singing about the sea gulls
  5. You should take a lot of notes
  6. Missed once again...., I said democrats meaning politicians. You know, we were talking about politicians.
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