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  1. Once again, politicians are getting rich off our healthcare system. They can’t even put on a decent dog and pony show
  2. I will acknowledge it usually is a part of socialism. But that alone doesn’t make a country socialist.
  3. Incorrect. It’s the left that constantly points to the Nordic model to back their argument that socialism works. Time and again those countries have set them straight. Socialism is Cuba, Venezuela, etc…. Where people are revolting at the moment. the US govt hasn’t proven they could manage a dog and pony show, much less govt healthcare.
  4. BlahBlah like weirdos that cross dress ands tries to groom kids into thinking it’s normal
  5. https://www.forbes.com/sites/jeffreydorfman/2018/07/08/sorry-bernie-bros-but-nordic-countries-are-not-socialist/amp/
  6. He sticks to the liberal talking points doesn’t he?!
  7. Your 3 fingers pointing back comment was almost as good as Bart saying “I know you are but what am I”.
  8. Calling a spade a spade is online bullying these days? Didn’t mean to upset you so. Maybe a hard look at your self and views on politics are in order.
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