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  1. The GOP has to win the swing votes. Trump will not do that
  2. To be honest, the RNC did not back Herschel Walker. They lightly campaigned for him and he barely lost. Until the RNC gets the Rino’s daughter out of leadership, they will continue to do so. Until the GOP leadership like McConnell grows a pair or gets voted out, we might as well get ready for more inflation and immorality in our country.
  3. Actually it means the Dems actually think they can fix the game and nobody will notice, but whatever.
  4. Liberals are used to being told what to believe instead of thinking for themselves.
  5. Doesn’t matter what they do, if they don’t become more physical it won’t matter. Carthage was far more physical and it showed in the running game. PG got whipped in the trenches
  6. If he runs a lot this game he will get lit up. This Dawg D is the most physical hardest hitting I remember in a while
  7. I wish I could come watch this game, but I have prior obligations. longview 38-21
  8. I bet there will be a lot of folks moving to California if this comes to pass. This is nothing more than a ploy to buy votes when Newsome makes a run at the White House.
  9. He had Texas within 3 pts with 5 minutes to go in that game. I’m not, or never have, saying/said that King was a horrible coach. He’s a good coach, but has had good talent every year. I think he’s lost games he should’ve won due to his decisions. I work with guys from Longview that all day he coached them into a loss ever so often. For Pete’s sake I was comparing him to Mack and Les. And I’ve said they should beat Aledo by 17-21 points.
  10. Gilbert was the top qb recruit in the nation, and completely obliterated a stacked Longview team at Floyd Casey, I was there. I think Gilbert passed for 350 and ran for over 100 iirc. Gilbert stunk at Texas because Brown tried to turn his zone blocking OL into a power rung team in a year or two. i think you guys are selling your talent short for the sake of propping your coach up to be some kinda god or something.
  11. 2008 in Lubbock, Texas scored with 1:33 left. Too much time on the clock for Harrel, Leach and Tech. Mack Brown should’ve had his guys understanding to run as much clock and not to score too fast. 2009, Mack left Colt in lots of games that were blowouts. Gilbert could’ve gotten lots of valuable reps but Colt’s run at a Heisman was too important. Personal records were worried about more than team/program development. I notice you didn’t touch the LSU side of things. Any particular reason why? I think you Longview guys just don’t want to believe king underperforms at times. So much so you’re willing to sell your players’ talent short. Longview has as good of talent in the state IMO. That is being given as a compliment. And you don’t win a lot of games without being a good coach. I think your overvaluing your coach and thinking he’s better than what he actually is though.
  12. Think about this for a minute. Texas from 2000-2010. Far talented team 99% of games, very few championships. LSU les miles tenure. Far talented team 99% of games, very few championships. Both coaches had consistent success. But contendors are usually separated from champions by coaching difference. Les Miles and Mack Brown were good coaches and had teams contend every year. They typically lost to better coaches. Do you disagree?
  13. Yep, they scored with 5:51 to make it a 1-possession game. Longview was up by 13 with about 7:00 to go. You forget, I was there. Longview led by 17 in the second half
  14. I think you’re used to losing games you shouldn’t have and making excuses. Longview should win Saturday. They will be more talented than Aledo.
  15. Longview was up by 14 or 17 with a few minutes to go. They passed incompletions and punted the ball after running in them all day long. I was there, I watched it. All the Lobo fans around me were bellyaching about King giving it away. Had he kept running the ball they beat Guyer that day.
  16. I’ve not been impressed in years past. Like you said their offense typically runs through one player mostly. They are typically very disciplined and fundamentally sound, but I’ve never really been wowed by anything they do. When I’ve seen them they’re very basic on offense.
  17. It’s not a myth, it’s reality. You just don’t want to believe after your own eyes have seen it.
  18. Walsh’s Denton Guyer at Ford field. Gave up a 3 score lead to lose in the semis. Plenty of us remember those AwCrap jobs by King. I hate seeing a more talented team get outcoached. that’s why I said Longview SHOULD win this game by 17-21. They’ll be the far more talented team.
  19. Longview has a ton of talent year after year. I won’t say the rest as it upsets the long viewers
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