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  1. Aggies don’t want to talk about their past because it doesn’t have any bearing on the now and future….but the aggy is predicting Texas’ future based off of one’s past. nick Saban was 34-24 with 3 different 6 win seasons at Michigan State. I bet lsu and Bama are glad they didn’t disregard him because of his past. Is Sark the next Saban? Probably not? Does he deserve a chance to prove he’s learned from his mistakes and grown as a coach? Sure. Can you be skeptical of him? Absolutely!!! I sure am. Can you guarantee what he will do moving forward based off of his past???? Nope.
  2. The people screaming about inflated rankings for Texas have been Aggies. Have been for years. So is it a talent discrepancy or inflated rankings? I’m asking you? Be careful how you answer because I’m bookmarking your response for future arguments.
  3. I watch Fox business, but not Fox News. when it turns political I swap to Gunsmoke
  4. Some of the recruiting analysts never even played sports. I know one personally that never played a lick of football, but a national recruiting site pays him a salary to analyze players and rank them.
  5. Hold on, Aggies have always talked about the Texas bump with recruits. Either they’re inflated ratings or not?
  6. Saying he’ll be fired in year 2 is pure stupidity. Everybody says wait and see mode, but you are here talking about talent advantages…. Lol. Texas has lacked talent in the trenches for a while. The last good LB they had was Jordan Hicks. Malik Jefferson never developed. yes, you’re talking trash. As usual
  7. 7 point loss to OU 8 point loss to Ok State 7 point loss to Baylor 8 point loss to West Virginia texas led in all 4 games with a piss poor OL. They couldn’t finish off a game . Yes the OL couldn’t be used to run out the lock, and the coach kept pushing it. You’re very close to 9-3 with just avg OL play. aTm beats Bama with a terrible qb that had the game of his life, like out of body experience…. And the Aggy talks trash. Lol, I love it. It’s always great when the Aggy gives his insight. It’s almost like reading texags.
  8. It’s dark in that room, they keep the idiots in the dark…. Lol
  9. To get started, I wasn’t happy with the sark hire. Year 1 on any new coach is not going to make any say in their time at new place. Saban lost to ULM. Should they have fired him? my biggest issue last year with Sark was this. While you could see what his vision was fit the team (at least offensively), he didn’t have the OL to accomplish it. He kept leaning on them trying to follow his plan. He never deviated from what he wanted to do, and did what he needed to do. Now, this year, if the same issue keeps arising, I’ll say he prolly lacks the brains to adjust. this year, One blowout won’t define the season imo. However if you see the same issue of blowing leads in the 4th and they lose games they shouldn’t, then question whether he’s the right guy. It takes 4 years minimum to change the OL room. You should see improvement in year 2. im excited at the fact that he and his staff have brought in good talent in areas of need. I want to see improvement. I also want to see in game adjustments.
  10. One game in year 2 should not decide the future of a coach. Progress should. If they go 5-7 in year 2, show him the door. I wasn’t big on the sark hire, but I’m willing to give him time to get it going
  11. Me too, but the lib nuts won’t even discuss the two at the same time as it completely demolished their argument. It actually puts some libs into hiding on sdc
  12. Do you believe in the immortality of the soul/ eternal life?
  13. Implied and enumerated rights. Read up on them. the constitution isn’t a penal code. We have separate documents in our country that establish law. Also the scotus doesn’t legislate law, just decides if one is constitutional. A heavy liberal scotus decided on a law they shouldn’t have (implied vs enumerated, once again read up on it) that took something out of the hands of the people. It took a conservative scotus to do what was constitutionally correct and turn it back to the people. Roe v. Wade was a scotus trying to legislate. That is not their job. Liberals don’t get that.
  14. Show us in the constitution where it says a person has the right to an abortion. I’ll wait
  15. His wife had to fight his battle for him. I’m not suprised at anything a man hiding behind a skirt does
  16. I’m doing fine myself, but I do have a regard for my fellow man, which doesn’t seem to be the case for you. I see people daily who are having to decide on groceries or letting their kids play ball. That is sad. And it all stems from the sorry TobinFrost party you claim you don’t support yet we all know you love. your last two words speaks volumes to your character. Pitiful human being.
  17. Well, he’s a libnut idiot. What did you expect?
  18. Millions of babies killed…..rare but 800,000 covid deaths is a catastrophe? Liberal spin at its finest
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