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  1. There you go assuming what, who and how many…. I also never said anything about Texas missing out on him or getting out recruited. Stop twisting this into something it isnt
  2. This will be good. And the kids can sign their own deals on top of that as long as the obligations don’t interfere.
  3. Do you really think kids are going to keep their offers a secret? Not in this day and time. That’s the very reason I asked if there was any legitimatcy in the $300k rumor….
  4. I’ve asked for validation as this could change college football drastically. There was no undertone to my question. Just wait? This is a message board, people talk and ask questions on them. I guess if you want to wait go ahead. If waiting is your answer, why did you respond to me? You could’ve just as easily followed your own advice
  5. Did I mention UT? Longhorn boards? No I didn’t. Did I say Aggies were cheating? No I didn’t. you gave two answers…. You didn’t know if he did, but that you did know that he didn’t get it before signing day. So did he get it or not? It has nothing to do with UT/aTm….
  6. So I’ve read that Evan Stewart secured a $300k NIL payment for committing to the Aggies. There’s no use in asking any of them if it’s legit or rumor as the ones here don’t know. I wonder if that’s what college football is coming to. Is that why Texas is putting together such lucrative “groups” or “funds” or whatever these things will be called. Will each kid receive this for signing? Will different rankings draw more money/value? Where will it stop if that’s the going rate for a wr that didn’t play his senior year of HS?
  7. He didn’t know, until he did know. Only to find out he still doesnt
  8. NIL money doesn’t have to go through the school. High school players are creating their own brands, businesses, etc…. The comment about it going through the compliance office is not completely correct. If the school helps them secure a deal I could see it going through the compliance office, but the players can sign contracts with anybody they see fit. Bijan signed some, they just can’t carry the longhorn logo on the ads. NIL is about the player, not the university. this has opened Pandora’s box for recruiting, that’s why I asked if there was legitimacy to the $300k payment. A donor, booster, anybody can make a payment to a kid anytime they want
  9. You hope he doesn’t get the money before signing….. I comprehend that. You know what is supposed to be done.
  10. I didn’t say anything about Texas. I asked if the rumor was true that he’s already rec’d a $300k NIL payment. You said you didn’t know, but now you do. NIL doesn’t have to be from the school
  11. aTm is the one allegedly giving him $300k. It was said that Texas gave Brandon Jones an F250
  12. Maybe because Mack decided to change the offense he recruited Gilbert to play in.
  13. How do you know WHEN? You just said you didn’t know IF He got paid …
  14. I saw on Twitter by a couple different folks asking if the $300k NIL payment was legit
  15. Can anybody confirm Stewart receiving a $300k NIL payment already?
  16. Every president uses their first 4 years worrying about getting a second four. Except Biden, who is excited his butt has been wiped and he didn’t dribble pudding on his chin
  17. So a woman has a choice over her body and killing a baby? But everybody shouldn’t have a choice to receive a vaccination? I’m vaccinated to btw.
  18. Most kids now days are looking to build their brand and go to the NFL.
  19. So he’s not able to actually implement the offense he wants due to a lack of a great qb. Another reason a top wr going there is puzzling
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