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  1. Well start listing the crooked democrats. Or are you just full of hot air? Did you ever finish that Biden Lie list?
  2. Are you gay? Or do you “identify” as gay? Are the happenings in Uganda directly affecting your life?
  3. Who will go to the next Biden rally in Texas?
  4. Such 1986 Junior High humor. Lol. We know your secret. I knew there couldn’t be two people that dumb
  5. Lol!!!!!! Lol!!!!!! Lol!!!! biden lies every hour. Every time he talks he is lying. Lol!!!!! it seems your hypocrisy knows no bounds!!! What a moron
  6. One sided justice system. Keep that in mind
  7. Now do Biden and his corrupt anti-American family.
  8. You support a lawless group and perverts. Trump supports America and the constitution. I’m just about tired of your pedophile loving mantra. You are a sick demented person
  9. No, Barry just worried about the blacks because he thinks they’re stupid, as he has already labeled them that over voter IDs
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