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  1. He didn’t want to prove me right, because that’s all he has.
  2. More votes, and more lobbyist money in their pockets. As well as billions of unaccounted for stimulus money that can’t be found.
  3. Hopefully McCarthy has more class than that
  4. Deflection and personal attacks in 3…..2……1……
  5. Sounds like Barry is glad George Floyd is dead too. He was told to stop. I guess he got what was coming to him in Barry’s mind
  6. Knee capping a 115lb woman would’ve negated the issue. He center punched her, dead. That officer had a history too. Look him up, he’s nowhere to be found now. Like the undercover fbi man Epps. you mean those violent folks that walked through the doors opened by capital police?
  7. You’re denying capital police killing unarmed people?
  8. How is it unlawful entry when the police were opening the doors?
  9. So you were fine with 99.98% of January 6th. Good to know. The only violence were cops shooting unarmed people. Are you in favor of the cop commuting the violent murder being held accountable? Or will you once again be a hypocrite?
  10. So the “Trump let spy balloons go by too” mantra is hysteria as well then. Right?!?!
  11. Can you explain why all the jobs reports have been revised months later?
  12. The recession has already happened. It started Dec’21
  13. You already have parents influencing coaching staffs as it is. That would just make that even worse. Everybody’s kid would be the best player on the team and need more touches.
  14. I think they’re trying to fix it so kids won’t do as Ewers did and leave early. Out of HS may come at 16 or 17 for some. I believe this law may be intended to force HS kids to stay in HS
  15. It gave sick people the sense they couldn’t spread the virus.
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