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  1. Our school cut out drivers Ed. Must’ve cut into the football budget. Teaching life skills might not go over. Lol
  2. Bless her heart. She doesn’t know what she wants.
  3. He was also impeached twice, and got past those false charges.
  4. Everything you post is hilariously dumb
  5. People don’t worry about their golden years like they should. I spoke to a guy the other day and he bragged he was retiring at 62. He said he finally hit 6 figures in his work savings plan and was going to live the good life of Social Security. He’ll be eating beanie weenies in 3-4 years. You better have $750k+ in a retirement fund these days if you plan on leaning on social security. Our company offers a webinar every quarter on retiring and economic situations. They even say now says to continue living your pre-retirement lifestyle one needs a minimum of 8x their annual gross pay at time of retirement. Depending on SS alone will put you in poverty
  6. We should be that way. People depending on the govt to take care of them is not good.
  7. Those with nothing should’ve saved. It’s called being responsible
  8. Which means it can’t fulfill obligations, or broke. Exactly what a Ponzi scheme does in time
  9. Vote for what makes the country the most productive. Put more people to work, and those that dont really want to work, give them incentives to get OFF the couch instead of keeping them ON the couch.
  10. The man on the moon would’ve happened regardless.
  11. And he made a few notable statements. He was Bill Clinton before Bill was. A horndog
  12. People are stupid to depend on SS being their “retirement” fund at 67. I hope they do away with it so I can invest my money the way I’ve been for years. SS is a vote buying leveraged Ponzi scheme.
  13. Can’t argue. But in 2 years a lot can change. How long was Jalen Milroe committed to Texas? Wasn’t it a long time?
  14. Let him play his junior year before you call him elite. That’s all. He may grow as well, and develop more. That’s all I’m saying. 2 years from signing is a long time and a lot can happen. Just as likely to grow into the #1 recruit?? Lol. Odds on that?
  15. Until they don’t grow anymore, lose weight, can’t make the throws the better prospect can and he gets overrecruited. Lots can happen in two years. Three kids can pass him in talent and measurables.
  16. New rope is stiff. Get some that’s worn and soft! Lol
  17. Which is why it’s laughable. In two years he may not be the elite of the class. A lot can change.
  18. I’m a Texas fan and this is laughable. Two more years of high school football left. So much can happen
  19. The current potus is compromised and all you can worry about is a person that had the office stolen from him. You should worry more about how Biden lies his teeth out and you’re list getting longer
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