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  1. No public shame. Has he had Tim Cook in Washington shaming him on TV? No.
  2. The entire premise of CRT is telling people to disregard actual history for a new way to think. I think history should be learned from and for the most part has been. There’s always a very small portion that don’t though
  3. Do you think that’s worse than changing history to back your ideology?
  4. Here’s what I find hypocritical….. Biden scolds the energy/O&G businesses for posting good results and doing stock buybacks, while Apple posts good results and promises more buybacks than anybody while announcing layoffs.
  5. That’s in a kitchen with gas stoves and fryers. It’s hot in there….. up the wages $45/hour
  6. A lot of them think they should make $28/hour to fix coffees at Starbucks
  7. Boomers retire, millineals and genZ aren’t filling the gaps.
  8. Most honest post you’ve ever typed. It’s what we all hear/read when you post
  9. Every month they release the numbers only to revise them weeks later. Water is wet
  10. I never said it was proof or truth, just that I read it on multiple sites. Geez, you are fricking dense headed. I knew better than to post anything talking about it.
  11. https://www.sandiegouniontribune.com/sports/aztecs/story/2022-04-22/zeigler-college-sports-nil-name-image-likeness-recruiting-collectives-payouts this is worth a read as well
  12. Banks WAS hired by aTm right after he left his wife for the stripper. Lol
  13. https://sports.yahoo.com/texas-m-struggles-set-cautionary-173458502.html here’s an article that suggests players are leaving because others may have gotten money from the get go. Keep in mind, I am not saying that aTm paid for signatures. The guys are suggesting that the highest touted class ever did receive money.
  14. If I stated it as the reason, then you can say I lied if there’s no proof. I never said they were my words. Maybe you should read what people post closer. Then you wouldn’t look stupid
  15. I haven’t lied. Just bring up things that have been said and never disproven. Funny that certain universities haven’t addressed the comments made about them, just fanboys getting mad about it.
  16. I’m saying I read tweets from people that claimed to know. They haven’t been disproven either. Those tweets were typically retweets of players. I’ve never made anything up, just brought things I’ve read. I’ve claimed that numerous times. Your personal attacks are getting tiresome. You saying they’re false has no more traction than saying they’re true. Congrats to Ewers if that’s what he got. The Texas program should continue to draw top talent by showing that type of commitment.
  17. I’m not digging through billions of tweets by recruits to find something that you’re just going to say is false. There’s been video posted before, you say it’s taken out of context. I’m not wasting my time. did you ever find out how much Ewers got from Texas? I’d really like to know
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