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  1. It’s still being talked about. In lots of places on the internet. Do you frequent other sites and spout off your little punk mouth behind a screen. I bet you wouldn’t talk that big in person.
  2. Lol, the video was taken out of context?? Ok, that’s possible, but the coach said what he said. I’m not lying, and I take offense in you calling me a liar. If you want to get that bit straightened out we can go to the pm’s or meet up. I’m just going off of what has not been proven false. And a year later some of those players have left the program after saying the payments stopped. Those are statements that have been on Twitter and football sites. Fisher has always been a scumbag, you hired him and the sleeze came with him. Texas takes care of their athletes. They announced NIL deals for position groups. They have programs in place that teach their kids how to capitalize on it once they’re on campus. I don’t know if Ewers was paid for a signature or not, AND I don’t care. You let this crap bother you too much, but you’re making it personal now. You’re the one being a punk.
  3. Nobody cares but you. The problem is it is all over the country that aTm paid for signatures. You can get mouthy all you want. I don’t care. Ewers IS making a lot of Money at Texas. Bijan did too. I’m not denying it, because I don’t care.
  4. Georgia’s day1 starter for the ‘23 season
  5. There is a big difference. And this story also proves what lots of pundits have been accusing some schools of doing. Kids know that some universities have paid for LOI’s, so why not try it themselves.
  6. I’m not the one that started the “rumors”, they’ve been all over the internet. This isn’t just an Aggie thing, which is why I typed it here. There are kids demanding NIL deals just for signing a LOI. Saban has proved it. That’s not derailing anything. Kids have been paid to sign, and are still wanting it. Quit trying to be a keyboard tough guy. It’s not very fitting of you.
  7. You’ve defending aTm every time it’s been talked about them paying for signatures.
  8. You say kids aren’t wanting money for a signature. Saban just said they did. NIL isn’t supposed to be for commitments or LOI’s
  9. The Aggie doesn’t get it. Which is why he denies they paid for a recruiting class last year
  10. I heard a guy named Tepper this morning explain how the 2.9% gdp was a false reading as well. That it was actually 0.9%
  11. He said probably, which means he hopes trump did wrong. He’s pathetic
  12. You said probably… probably more cobbled together blather. Do you still have me on ignore? Do you know how to gather yourself to respond? Your posts remind me of the cat crap I stepped in yesterday.
  13. Being out of shape was one of the worse things for sever covid infection. Pretty good correlation imo
  14. So you’ve deflected 51 other times instead of answering?? Lol you are a special sort
  15. Becoming a judge should not be easy. The last one confirmed to the SCOTUS was a black woman that a majority of their rulings were overturned at a higher level.
  16. I would never side with a sales tax. A flat tax is best, but won’t ever happen. My suggestion of a tiered tax bracket above would prolly work, as long as there’s no write offs. If you gross in that bracket, you pay that percentage. You can have your employer withhold a set amount each check or pay it all at the end of the year, your choice
  17. 23% is too much id say $0-$49,999 pays 10% $50k-$149,999 pays 12% $150k-$249,999 pays 14% $250k-$499,999 pays 16% $$500k-$999,999 pays 18% $1million plus pays 20% no write offs that’s it. If they can’t run a govt on that, cut spending.
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