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  1. You are correct. The committee was not willing to take scrutiny over leaving the sec out. Bring back the bcs rankings
  2. Sucks to be Florida state today. Adversity and kept winning.
  3. You used LSU and their Heisman front runner qb as an example of FSU being an elite defense. LSU had 460yds of offense and scored 24 pts. Elite defenses don’t do that. I hate pawl finebomb and think he is an idiot. He caters to idiot sec pumpers. playoff should be Michigan, Washington, Florida St and Texas. No sec team
  4. Why do they keep referencing Georgia’s 29 game streak and back to back titles. This year is this year. The last two years have no bearing on who is better this year! ESPN is pushing SEC hard
  5. They are a good defense. LSU wasn’t a good example of saying they’re elite.
  6. The offense they gave up 460 total yards to? I watched that game. LSU couldn’t stop nothing defensively, and with limited possessions LSU still popped for 460 total yards. 2 turnovers lost AND 0-3 on 4th down attempts with stupid playcalling. Yea Florida State has a good defense
  7. Sankey has publicly stated his case for the sec. Yormark has not. If he doesn’t state the case for HIS big12 champion in the cfp, the remaining teams should fire his TobinFrost and replace him. That’s been the largest issue within the Big12 for years….leadership
  8. No no no…. The committee should not think about money. And if the networks are trying to influence them that’s so wrong. But it is happening.
  9. ^^Read my answers to your questions The sec has benefitted from bias for years, they can’t cry if they’re left out.
  10. Louisville’s offense was putrid. Not hard to stifle. I believe fsu’s defense is good, but want to see it against something that uses more than the Tecmo Bowl 4 plays.
  11. Michigan Wasington FloridaSt Texas/Alabama. you’re about to find out if there is bias in the college football playoff committee
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