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  1. Louisville is garbage. There’s 30 teams out there that would roll them
  2. This team is not a playoff team as it sits, but their resume will get them the 3rd place spot in the playoff.
  3. If FSU is 3 and faces Washington, Washington runs them out of the stadium
  4. Louisville rarely has pass option across the middle. Most route combos are deep and out. Plummer isn’t getting any quick options. I thought Brohm was an offensive mind. Their Offensive gameplan has been rather weak.
  5. If Florida state wins they are in. Not punished. If they lose it’s different
  6. It was gone, nothing to share. I’ve known for years Gary Danielson was an idiot. They just had him sitting next to Vern Lubdquist so he’d sound smarter.
  7. I just had a Bama fan leave my house. He is muddled by Gary Danielson commentary as well. He smelt of banana pudding too
  8. 138 yds total offense in first half. Thats both teams combined. This is pathetic
  9. Louisville is garbage. With a decent QB Florida state would be up 3-4 scores
  10. If September doesn’t matter, just don’t play games then lots of teams have a shot at the CFP.
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