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  1. The person asking questions will be known and not undercover anymore either. Autocorrect got me, I edited
  2. That’s exactly what their duty is, to serve. But they can be bought by lobbyist and corruption
  3. The next time Warren tells the truth would be the first time
  4. The person doing the interview is also outted as well. You know good and well the person they’ve interviewed has told who it was.
  5. Biden has already had 2 negative quarters of gdp (definition of recession) and economists are claiming a second run of negative gdp is coming (double dip recession). You can’t make this stuff up. And idiots want them in office because they “understand” rainbow people and green energy
  6. Dumb people like blahblah think Reagan was bad for cutting taxes. Reagan’s tax cuts are credited for more than 14 million new jobs over five years; incomes grew by over 22 percent for the next seven years; and the economy grew by over 3.5 percent, on average, for the rest of the decade.
  7. Tax cuts for corporations work as well. They end up keeping jobs in America
  8. Govt healthcare is not the answer. They’ve screwed up everything they got theirs hands on so far. you want to fix America’s problems? Make the elite politicians use the programs they set up for the taxpayers for themselves. No more fully funded retirement for the rest of their lives, they get savings plans they must fund and look forward to social security. They get to purchase healthcare like the rest of us, and wait in line for care. Make them pay their “fair share” of taxes like most of us do. And stop the lobbying and self voted raises. Make their pay raise be voted on by their constituents that sent them there.
  9. He also says they’re too stupid to get a valid ID to vote
  10. Not give those states the amount of D votes they have to come up with to win
  11. From now on I’d like to see Texas and Florida hold their election results until Georgia, Arizona, Pennsylvania and Michigan announce theirs.
  12. They got the cheating thing figured out, her only chance
  13. Keep telling yourself that. The liberal media doesn’t particularly get into it
  14. Then arm yourself legally. Those #### are doing it illegally
  15. Sarcasm…..I think the D’s would cheat that bad to get him elected again.
  16. Biden will win re-election with 470 electoral votes
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