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  1. Jeffries isn’t their best choice and shows that the entire party has embraced the progressive far left lunatics.
  2. More damage done in the last 2 years than any admin including Carters. The house not being sworn in means nothing gets done for 2 years or however long it takes. Nothing getting done is better than the last 2 years.
  3. Nor have the 212 mental midgets that keep siding with Jeffries.
  4. Good, then when she’s impeached, a Republican will be in office. That’s why I hope the 5 keep McCarthy out. Put Jordan or someone else in there.
  5. Yep, they advertised NIL deals in detail. Not money for signed LOI
  6. Tell us about the level of firepower you’re ok with the American civilian owning
  7. I’ve never made a Mensa claim. I’m assuming you think Jeffries is great.
  8. It only takes seeing Jeffries speak a few times to come to that conclusion. Only other idiots would think he’s great.
  9. Prolly because they pay attention to politics. Jeffries is an idiot
  10. True…. Jimbo may not let him do anything. He may be eyeing that big payday
  11. Being a coach wouldn’t change my mind either
  12. Some. Hope they don’t injure it. I taped my left ankle to play basketball, before the game was over I had both feet in an ice bucket
  13. They could, if they’d nominate somebody other than McCarthy
  14. Playing in a twinged ankle turns hurt into injured.
  15. The govt shouldn’t have a stockpile of any medicine. Just like in covid. They withheld the antibody treatments which actually worked.
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