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  1. Leach said ya'll don't have a system. Remember?
  2. It doesn't build or deny my case, it proves my case. I'd rather have Jones as the ones you listed. They won't spend the money Jones does, but they still want to coach. Johnson didn't succeed in Miami because he didn't have a good team and wasn't there long enough to build one. They won some super bowls and Jerry got a little too big for his britches and his owner's box. he wanted the glory himself and it run one of the best coaches ever out of town by trying to get too involved with the day to day stuff.. I don't think Phillips is a good coach at all. Half the game he looks as if he is lost. TO is starting his old stuff and they'll try to appease him. Jones made the deal to get Pacman to Dallas. There were stiff stipulations that if he got into trouble he was gone. Newman gets hurt and Pacman is in the starting lineup and then gets into trouble. Guess what......Jones wants to put the investigation off a couple weeks to focus on the upcoming games and get the team back on track. In steps Goodel and Pacman is suspsended. that is what should have happened to begin with but Jones wasn't about to do it. Goodell will restore some respect and prestige to the NFL. Good for him.
  3. It used to be "take a number and wait your turn". After seeing them almost fall to Nebraska and barely beating aTm he is a little worried about playing a good football team.
  4. Orakpo, Miller, Lewis, Melton all have two things in common. they all start on the front 4 and they all are seniors. That isn't good for Texas next year. They better hope they sign Jamarkus Mcfarland.
  5. 3 super bowls and Jimmy Johnson left/resigned/fired/who really knows. There must have been something to it. Parcells had to rebuild and in his final season made the playoffs. He left as well. It isn't as much as the coaches doing a bad job, but they are leaving for something. Poke away, but I call it the way I see it.
  6. Missed field goal? I don't recall that being the straw that broke the camel's back. On 4th and 1 Ole Miss shut down Tebow. That is what sealed the deal. The game came down to one play and they chose the exact one play that Ole miss thought they'd choose. Since then Urban Meyer has realized that teams are keying on Tebow and he has better athletes on the field than Tebow. Florida should be 8 with USC 9 and Ohio State 10.
  7. I usually research before I post, but got lazy on this one. They did only win 4 in a row.
  8. 6 wins gets you bowl ELIGABLE. It doesn't guarantee you a bowl.
  9. Too many weapons......that's what all the experts said about Oklahoma.
  10. As long as JJ is picking the players and trying to coach Dallas is done. Wade Phillips is no more than a "yes" man. That is why Jones and Parcells parted ways. Phillips will be gone after next season. Jason Garrett will take over and he'll be there three years. Guess what? Jones will still own them and still be telling his coach who to play, how to coach and bye bye in three years.
  11. so basically your saying he isn't a stud? To me Chiles was better last year. He bulked up too much and looks like a true bruising type RB. It also seems by bulking up he lost a step.
  12. I think it will be a great game as well. But Texas will be too much for them defensively.
  13. You are talking about Vanderbilt. Remember when Cutler was there. The went 6-0 and didn't win another game the rest of the year.
  14. Exactly. 3 OL drafted off that team. They left alot to be filled.
  15. I think Ok. state is the third best team in the south. Right behind Texas and OU and just ahead of Tech.
  16. It is their fault for not getting off the field, but it is their offenses' fault for putting them back on the field so quick. If the O would keep the ball longer than 3-4 plays, which is enough for them to score or punt, the defense wouldn't be put on the field so long. The Tech defense is the weakness to the team, always has been since Leach took over. It is almost like they can't get a good defensive recruit for that reason as well. If your defense ####, do you want them on the field longer than your offense? No. If you know your offensive unit is way better than your defensive unit you better find ways to keep the defense off the field. Or you'll give up 21 pts to a average team in the 4th quarter. OU and UT will kill Tech. Those two teams are far better than Nebraska anyday of the week, especially on Saturdays. "There isn't much more Nebraska could have done. Tech only stopped them twice. Think about that.".......What if Tech had used more of the clock and prevented Nebraska from getting their hands on the ball and killing Tech's defense. Tech may have won in Regulation and not OT. OU and Texas won't need overtime to beat Tech. It will be over in 4 quarters.
  17. Vince Young started two games against OU. 1-1 His RS freshman year Mock started the game, but Young came in at 13:30 in the first qtr only down 7-0. It was almost like he started that game. With VY Texas was 1-2 against OU. McCoy is having success relative to what VY had. He is playing with two of VY's most reliable recievers in Shipley and Cosby. Only if McCoy had David Thomas, IRby was close but is out now. Young had way more athleticism and became a more accurate passer as the seasons progressed. His running ability made him the biggest threat but he could throw well too. McCoy is a way smarter and is far more accurate than Young and is progressing as a runner. Lots of similarities in the two in my opinion but the biggest is that they both had loads of passion for the game and their teammates.
  18. The one thing Leach knows nothing about.....Time Of Possession.
  19. TOP will be a huge factor in this game.
  20. Like in the other post, you still don't get it. Take your Raider goggles off and look at this. Tech's defense did a great job holding Nebraska to 10 pts through 3 quarters. However after they had to stay on the field for 30 minutes (time of possession for Nebraska) through those 3 quarters they wore down and gave up 21 points in the 4th quarter alone. No depth and fatigue. OU and Texas will blow Tech out in the 4th quarters. I know, I know. "Take a # and wait". I am patiently waiting.
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