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  1. Calling him a half-wit is a shot at true half-wits
  2. I’d rather have to register as a writer than to just be censored outright. Barry, your corrupt party just censors free speech. Moron
  3. Anything that doesn’t have Texas squaring off with OU, aTm and Arkansas every year is just dumb. There’s one pod for you.
  4. This would not rival the ACC in sports, revenue or academics. The Big12 signed their fate when they let aTm, Colorado, and Mizzou leave and replaced them with TCU and West Virginia. The Big12 hasn’t had a decent commissioner since …well, ever. They sat back and let Texas and OU bring in everything for them. They could’ve formed a Big12 network instead of giving tier 3 rights to each university. The shortsidedness of the institutions not named Texas (and OU) when considering tier 3 rights was pitiful. A Big 12 with a tier 3 network would’ve brought in as much as the sec was paying. You could’ve brought in Arkansas, Memphis and the Arizona schools easily. Instead they did nothing. The Big12 just lost their seat at the grown folks table and are eating with the kids.
  5. Still the church of the Christ is the Body of Believers, not just those that ran out and painted “church of Christ” on a sign. Personal attacks? Where?
  6. So you’re talking about Barry then. Glad we cleared that up
  7. And I do know about the 2007 Public Service Loan Act. I think it’s congressional overreach
  8. So you’re kinda moderate? One ounce of lefty makes you a lefty
  9. Calling you out on your stupidity isn’t trolling. I still laugh about your DM’s you sent. I read them from time to time just to laugh.
  10. Claiming to be a moderate is like saying you’re kinda pregnant. You can’t claim to be a conservative then pick and choose your lefty policies you want. You either believe in the constitution or not
  11. Hell DZ just make college free for all, then you can push socialism like the rest of the liberals.
  12. Don’t borrow if you can’t pay it back. Plain and simple.
  13. I test drove a corvette one time. I knew dang good and well I wasn’t going to buy it. It sure was fun though
  14. I think High School counselors need to quit pushing traditional colleges on kids that don’t need it. There are far too many programs at jucos that prepare them for the actual jobs they will be getting into.
  15. Disagree, you borrow the money, you pay it back. That’s the only way to do it. Why not oil&gas? Their jobs provide for the public. Car makers? They provide automobiles for everybody. Butchers? Farmers? Ranchers? What about their debts?
  16. You’re a liberal and you tote a gun??? What if it goes off all by itself and creates the mass shooting of the week?
  17. The word combat was NOT mentioned. If you’re so liberal you can’t read something without your liberal slant, then you are a nutcase. - pretty much everybody not liberal
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