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  1. I wonder if Hargett will be joining him at LK as the DC?
  2. I've heard conflicting numbers on Hawkins. 219-223. I don't think 3A would turn out good for the Hawks. I would think this is correct.
  3. I'm trying to compile a list of numbers but I'm missing these schools. FRANKSTON ORE CITY - 229 COMO-PICKTON - 226 HAWKINS - 219-221 (still haven't heard a definitive number) WEST SABINE GROVETON CARLISLE - 190-200 *thanks upillinmychain CROSS ROADS -204 *thanks jarden KERENS RIVERCREST - 194 *thanks rebfan1 HONEY GROVE LOVELADY - 160 *thanks LLIONPRIDE CUSHING - 165 DETROIT MAUD TIMPSON - 158 *thanks trueblue82 CELESTE Thanks for the help.
  4. I could be wrong about this but I think it's the first time Gilmer, Gladewater, and Union Grove are district champions in the same season. All being close on 271 is pretty cool. Their combined records were 29-1. Some good ball being played on that stretch of road. Congratulations to the teams. Good luck in the playoffs.
  5. He was at Diana for awhile, had a few good teams. Maybe someone from Diana can shed more light? Currently the DC at Union Grove. Not sure the other name, I know Willie was one of the two finalists.
  6. People of Quitman rejoice! Willie Hargett is a finalist! I heard they decided last night but not sure who they picked.
  7. There are crazier. Some 4A districts have 6 schools and 4 go to the playoffs. Two of those districts are here in East Texas.
  8. No, Hawkins and Arp play Nov. 1. Yes, there would be a 3 way tie.
  9. Garrison 3-0 Arp 3-1 Frankston 2-1 Winona 1-2 UG 1-2 Hawkins 1-3 WR 1-3 Everyone is mathematically alive.
  10. Does anyone know who Coach Moore is getting to bring with him?
  11. Video Here Also, you can watch every race from the State meet using the navigation menu on the left. The 4A Girls 4x4 is a good one.
  12. Marty Moore - he was the AD at Union Grove for 10 years. From what I hear Hawkins is his home town. I'm glad it worked out, he is an outstanding man.
  13. The only news I have is that Moore was the name taken to the board last night. 2 names were planned to be taken but the other guy dropped out. I hope they didn't pull a Diana.
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