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  1. My only year there was 90 after first 2 years at Panola JC. Transfered to Southwest Texas State in 91 but never the same after TJ. Happy for this generation though. Lots of success with that surgery now
  2. Had medical redshirt with Tommy John surgery in 90 so not listed there but was a scholarship player for sure
  3. 4th trip to Omaha for a former Roughneck as well. Todd Smith 1990, Oklahoma State Scott Copeland 2009, Southern Miss Elijah Trest 2019, 2022, Arkansas
  4. Grant will be a force at QB for WO. 6 ft 3, 195 lefty with good speed. Kinda athlete u see in 3A that can take a broken play and take it to the house. Yeah the Jones kid that committed to Texas Tech for baseball not playing football will hurt. Was good linebacker for sure. Hope Grant picks basketball back up. Was WO best hoops player in his grade before moving to Longview. Obviously will help the baseball team on the hill and with the bat.
  5. Soon to be a senior at White Oak Gavyn Jones has committed to Texas Tech. Roughnecks on a roll producing D1 players with Elijah Trest currently chasing a National title at Arkansas and Heath Hood at Louisiana Lafayette. A Roughneck has won a Juco D3 title with Hood at Tyler JC. A Roughneck has won a Juco D1 title with Justin Thomas at Navarro College. Got a D1 National Runner up finish with Todd Smith at Oklahoma State back in 1990 now have a shot at a D1 title with Trest at Arkansas...small town, big things!
  6. Nothing against current staff just miss the good ole Stanford days. Dude was legit
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