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  1. Gotta forgive the guy. They don't know what it's like to win against us. They haven't since at least 2007.
  2. They need to fix that clock in Alto. Never seen anything like that ever with the clock jumping the way it did when we played them. Can really change a game quick when it glitches the way there's does.
  3. Brody Eaves should have been 2nd team RB. More yards and tds than 2 of the guys on the list and almost 100 less carries. Don't know what the format was used to pick them but it was wrong.
  4. We got some 8th graders coming up that will be studs later in HS.
  5. He didn't mess up his knee at all. The late hit to his head is what kept him out of the rest of the game. Looks like this region is Mart's again
  6. Game Day! Can't wait for 7pm. Let's go Indians! #BringTheJuice and show everyone what your made of!
  7. Ready for Friday. Almost time for the Indians to go on the warpath again #BringTheJuice
  8. Should be a good game. Some turkey and all the fixing on Thursday and then some football in Palestine on Friday. Can't wait!
  9. Well we know Wortham is not going forward. Told y'all not to underestimate us.
  10. Aaron Marsh said Palestine Westwood but I texted one of the coaches and he said they didn't know yet.
  11. Ready to watch our boys ball out tomorrow! #BringTheJuice
  12. He wasn't even there to see that clock that was possessed or that we had 2 go out and kept them out. Those 2 in there totally different ballgame.
  13. I can't wait for them to Bring the Juice Friday night. Ready to watch them in action Friday.
  14. Yea I saw it. He said nobody from Wortham has said that and that it should be a good game.
  15. Where were they talking at? I didn't know there were Wortham fans on Smoaky
  16. Dang he did go off. I was at home bc yesterday was my wife's birthday. But I'll definitely be in Palestine Friday to watch our boys go off again! Watch out Wortham our tribe is on the warpath!!
  17. Probably could have been more too I bet. I will definitely be in Palestine Friday night to root the boys on in person.
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