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  1. Keep me updated. It's my wife's birthday so I didn't go this week
  2. Don't think it's gonna be streamed according to one of the coaches.
  3. Carlisle by a bunch! We are going to come out hungry after a 1st rd exit last year and that joke of a ref crew and clock we dealt with Thur night. Our boys are on a mission! #BringTheJuice
  4. I told Brody last night that 15-1 with a ring sounds good and that's the ultimate goal now. Even with those 2 out Kiki was gashing their defense with good long runs. What I have an issue with is their clock which from what I heard has been doing that since the 1st game. Get a working clock Alto! That was ridiculous to watch last night. That one waved off flag was bc their coach complained to the refs about their wr and where he was set. I still don't get the fumble recovery and pointed to us as having possession then giving them the 1st down. Plus that fumble of David's was not a catch, therefore not a fumble. Those refs were terrible all the way around last night. We were in it until the last play even with our injuries and it's sad that we don't truely know how much time was really left bc of a whack clock.
  5. I know that. I'm just saying hopefully we go all the way.
  6. Hopefully we go all the way this year. This team is special
  7. Chain time to get this back to page 1. On another note where are the Overton posters at?
  8. Just need to play our game and the horses will be running back 8 miles with a loss
  9. He injured his shoulder according to his moms post on smoaky last night. But #11 is a hard runner too. Not as good as Ash but he still got some good yards last night against us.
  10. Same team that has dominated year after year. Indians big! #BringTheJuice. We will see if this thread gets any posts other than us Carlisle guys.
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