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  1. Does Arp have some new players other than the wr that went to Carlisle last year? Put 60 on them before the game was suspended last year. Is Arp that much improved in your opinion?
  2. That's how it usually is with some schools. Won't talk till after the win. With that being said their D1 prospect needs to learn some respect. Talking trash to our coaches on the sidelines and sitting on the Carlisle side during the JV game Thursday night talking trash. I get it that its football and emotions are high but you don't come at adults like that when your a student.
  3. They did take it right to us but those refs were horrible at times tonight. Not that it would have changed the score but when you hit the pylon it's a touchdown. And that hit on Fernie at the end of the game was uncalled for and that head ref just stood there. Not to mention the player that mouthed at Coach Sharp on our sideline.
  4. Chain here come the Troup posters that have waited till the game to post. Lol
  5. We are not White Oak. They won't put 50 on us. It's going to be a close game.
  6. Do we have stats from Thursdays game? I saw the writeup in the Henderson paper but it didn't give any defensive stats really and no stats for Deleon or Hart.
  7. Carlisle win over Harleton 38-26 Fernando Espinoza Sr. QB 17/29 271yds 4TD and 2ints on defense Roberto Camacho Jr WR 6 catches 112yds TD and 32 yd FG Trent Eaves Jr. WR 5 catches 106 yds 2 TD
  8. Waco is a pretty far drive for most in East Texas. Did you mean to type Tyler or Longview Mr. Smoak?
  9. Taking my Indians to bring the wood against Troup for dub #2! #One Tribe
  10. Hey chain and ripper KETK did a short story on Coach Sharp and the team. It was on the sports this evening I think. I saw the video on Facebook
  11. Carlisle/Overton.....it hasn't been close in awhile.
  12. What all did Dave Campbells magazine have to say about our district this year?
  13. 530 and 730 on the 19th and 610 and 650 on the 26th. We play WR and Troup both weeks. We don't play Henderson.
  14. We got them at home this year so we don't have to worry about that malfunctioning scoreboard of theirs.
  15. I heard we looked good too. I'm going to watch them play on June 26
  16. High jumper finished 2nd at regional and 400 M won 1st at regional.
  17. We had 2 girls qualify for state. High jump and 400M
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