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  1. On 11/7/2023 at 4:16 PM, Ronster23 said:

    There weren't three 2-way starters injured...one was a two way and the other was a defensive starter (ILB) and the one air-flighted was mainly offense (RB), he went in on defense when the defensive starter went out in the first half.

    I think it's been determined that the young man who was air-flighted will definitely be sitting out this game. The other defensive starter is day-to-day as well as the two-way starter. 

    Just going by what your boy MustangMania posted. May not have been 3 but 2 according to him. 

    Rough night though.  Lost that guy who is a two way starter.  Lost our other starting LB (leading tackler)to what I was told was a hamstring injury.  And another 2 way starter to what looked to be a leg injury.  


    Regardless of our woes, Teneha is better.  Their defense played well and their running game was clicking.  


    I believe we play Evadale in Bi District


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  2. 10 hours ago, MUSTANGMANIA said:

    I think this series will go 2-2.  I also think Mount could possibly change that, but 20 pts is a big turnaround to make on a playoff team.  3-1 to District 11 at best.  Sorry, not sorry Carlisle, buy y'all drew the short straw. 

    Sorry not sorry that y'all are not undefeated anymore 

  3. 5 hours ago, StingEmALTO said:

    Yes sir, I can see it in the group we have coming up. For y’all too!

    What do you see happening realignment wise for Carlisle? 183 (unless something crazy happens with the cutoffs) will get Carlisle back in D1. With Grapeland and West Sabine coming down and Carlisle and Lovelady going up, I see us staying in our current district with Grapeland taking Carlisle’s place and West Sabine taking Lovelady’s. That may send y’all back up with Union Grove, Big Sandy, Hawkins, etc… Always interesting to follow!

    I hear there is a big number coming down from 3a to 2a so the cutoff numbers might change and we may end up staying d2. Never know what uil will do tho!

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  4. 2 minutes ago, upullinmychain said:

    My boy is coming home today,whiplash,spinal bruising and severe concussion..He can never play football again but Will be able to play his first love of baseball.thank you God,and thank All of you who prayed for him.the hardest thing I've ever done is stand and watch my son leave in a helicopter,and no enemy to take my anger out on.Thank you to the MT Enterprise coaches and staff for checking in on my kid, straight respect in my heart.I STILL love football and I love my team,thank y'all 

    Glad he is going to be ok. We were all praying for y'all last night. Be careful coming home today.  Let me know if y'all need anything.  Going to get my StuCo to get Levi a little get well gift.  Much love. 

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