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  1. 1 hour ago, upullinmychain said:

    At this point,playing up against larger competition,if we don't get our line play figured out with the youngsters,it's gonna be hard to get our airshow untracked.Those freshman and sophomores are gonna have to figure out how to slow defenses down long enough for our qb to get the ball upfield.I have no doubts that in time they will do just that,but dist is only four games away..Lotta learning in a short period,bright side of playing up is you most likely will square up with bigger and stronger competition and get better for it...Trial by fire is old school but usually effective.As always I'll take my Indians by a tuddie ✌️

    Chain, at least some of Arp posters are talking before the game unlike those from Troup. 

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  2. Just now, Eagleborn said:

    And after a win and only then. Gotcha 

    That's how it usually is with some schools. Won't talk till after the win. With that being said their D1 prospect needs to learn some respect. Talking trash to our coaches on the sidelines and sitting on the Carlisle side during the JV game Thursday night talking trash. I get it that its football and emotions are high but you don't come at adults like that when your a student. 

  3. They did take it right to us but those refs were horrible at times tonight. Not that it would have changed the score but when you hit the pylon it's a touchdown. And that hit on Fernie at the end of the game was uncalled for and that head ref just stood there. Not to mention the player that mouthed at Coach Sharp on our sideline. 

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