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  1. Eaves with another TD. Carlisle 35 Mt. 14 in 4th
  2. He's still not in there on their 2nd possession
  3. Eaves with short TD run. Kick good. 28-14 Carlisle
  4. Ash not in on Mt's 1st possession. Carlisle ball now
  5. Ash got hurt on TD. Don't know what he did tho. We gotta shut down that outside run
  6. 91 yd TD by eaves called back bc of. Holding. Eaves 96 yd TD. Point after no good. Carlisle 14 Mt 8
  7. Maxpreps says 7. I will ask one of the coaches tomorrow.
  8. Won't happen against us. Carlisle boys will Bring The Juice
  9. Definitely up by 36 or more. Don't see them staying close with us. Surprised by the Alto-Tenaha score tho
  10. Well I guess they are playing a little better than what they did against us. They got a TD. But looking like a hoco loss for them
  11. No updates on this one yet? I know there's service in Tenaha. We were posting all during our game there.
  12. What did you think of both teams chain? I haven't seen either of them but I don't think either can stop all the weapons we have.
  13. Carlisle by 4-5 TDs. Mt. has no answer for all our weapons. #BringTheJuice
  14. Ready to watch another Indian win Friday night. This team is so exciting to watch.
  15. I saw that myself. Gonna be an interesting few weeks in our district for sure
  16. Indians roll! I saw where Cushing had to go to OT last night to beat Overton. Boys are locked in and ready to play every game! Tin Tin and others are stepping up and balling out! We have weapons all over the field. I don't think Cushing will have an answer. Carlisle by 3-4 td's at least. #BringTheJuice #FearTheSpear
  17. The Pit wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. I enjoyed being that close to the sideline and getting to shout at the boys every time they made a great play, a great tackle, or a td! They could really hear us more than they normally can and it showed. We came out good after the bye week too. Always worried how we will come out after a week off, but the boys and the coaches were ready for that rematch with Tenaha. Tenaha had no answer for us. I'm looking forward to seeing last nights stats!
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