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  1. Tin Tin looked good out there doing it all! I don't know if you stayed till the very end but #80 on Tenaha was taking some cheap shots at our #14 the last min of the game. We got Cushing next week and looks like they had trouble with Overton with them hedging to go to OT for the win.
  2. Headed on my way to Tenaha. Time to beat another Tiger team! #BringTheJuice #FearTheSpear #IndianNation
  3. Lol. I've never been there so I was just wanting to know what to expect
  4. What is the visitors side like at the Pit? Never been to Tenaha
  5. Ready for Friday night and I'm sure the boys are too. They will be ready to Bring The Juice! It's been a few years since we last played Tenaha. Time to get our rematch and walk out with a W!
  6. If you want lots of choices then yes Tyler. But Dot's Place in Brownsboro has some good home cooked food.
  7. Waiting to hear the stats from 77 tomorrow and Rippers take on the game. Have a good weekend sir.
  8. Glad to see Tin Tin getting some experience on varsity. I'm ready for the Tenaha game in 2 weeks
  9. Probably talking to his buddy Hart. Sounds like he had a good game
  10. Only 30 to Arp. We stay injury free tonight? Any word if 48-32 is final?
  11. Got next week off to rest and regroup for Tenaha
  12. Who did we bring up from JV? I didn't think this game would be this close from the way some people on here were talking
  13. Do we look the same as we did against Mildred ? I figured as bad as everyone says lone oak is we would put up 28 or 30 in the first
  14. Someone keep us updated. Let's finish non district 5-0! #IndianNation #BringTheJuice!
  15. Indians will go to 5-0 and I'm saying by 2 tds. Don't know much about Lone Oak but we need to play better than what we did last night.
  16. I'm gonna up my prediction to we win by 30+. I don't think Mildred has the speed to keep up with us Friday night.
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