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  1. Funny I thought this was a Brownsboro /Cayuga thread not a Cayuga/Kerens thread. lol
  2. They won't get by Carlisle. Doomer check your spelling. You have too many spelling errors.
  3. 12 straight wins isnt helping you now. I'm talking about the 2000s not the 80s and 90s
  4. and we like to give ya'll a hard time too. We've had ya'lls # the last 5-6 yrs
  5. i dont see overton beating carlisle seeing as how we beat them handily this yr 50-6
  6. Carlisle will be back strong in 2012
  7. Don't count out Carlisle. We will be right there in the mix with Baker and Co.
  8. They should. That is a WEAK district. Will they play Carlisle in nondistrict?
  9. Carlisle and Overton should be in top 10
  10. I think Troup also. They have a great coach and Cason Clark is a pretty good basketball player
  11. I went to school with Troup's coach and I can tell you he has class. Not Troup's fault Winona had only 5 players and couldnt get the ball in the basket. They rest of the Troup kids on the bench had every right to play hard when it came time for them to play. They practice just as much as the 1st team I bet so why not show what you got when you get put in the game. No reason to just pass the ball around , that embarasses the other team even more.
  12. I don't see Carlisle and Overton in different districts. They are only 8 miles apart
  13. I don't know how the JV games came out , but the Indians Varsity teams swept Beckville!
  14. I wish i can see your face when Garrison lights up the scoreboard against ya'll
  15. First of all, our players did honor the National Anthem. We were doing our pregame huddle after we got out of the Indian blow up teepee. It is customary for the band and the announcers to wait until the teams are lined up on the sideline before they start playing. Lovelady's band director jumped the gun. Yes that was a late hit out of bounds but I guess you didnt see #28 throw a punch which he should have been thrown out of the game for. I have no problem saying good game. It was a different game in the second half. We just got outplayed in the 1st half and you cant do that. Good game last night Lovelady.
  16. Go Garrison beat Lovelady. I can't stand those know it alls from there that post on this board. Beat them a 2nd time this season!
  17. Learn how to spell its Carlisle. Its ok Lovelady will be out after a loss to Garrison.
  18. Guess we will see tomorrow night. I think its going to be a great matchup. But most of Lovelady's posters are thinking ahead to Garrison already. Carlisle has enough speed and they have plenty of heart too. Carlisle 35 Lovelady 28
  19. another bleacher coach..You obviously have not seen carlisle play it will not be by 4tds. It is going to be a close game I think
  20. I'm going to watch my Carlisle Indians beat Lovelady friday night in Athens
  21. I think you misunderstood my post that your replied to later in this thread. I was not saying anything about Carlisle beating Garrison. I was referring to Lovelady getting ahead of theirselves and talking bout a Lovelady/Garrison rematch before they played us
  22. your post amuses me. You sound like someone who thinks they are a coach from the stands. It will be a great game either way, but I don't see it being a double digit win.
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