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  1. guess we will have to send you home with a loss so ppl will quit looking at soft schedule as a reason. We win the games we have to play bottom line
  2. getting a little ahead of yourself? You have to beat us before you get a garrison rematch. With that being said, Carlisle pulls out a win in a close game
  3. It is quite alright sir. We know what our team is capable of doing. Cant wait till friday night in Athens!
  4. Here we go again with a person trying to compare schedules. Throw out the schedules when its the playoffs, anything can happen. Carlisle will show up to play and they showed saturday night that they can come from behind to win. Thrall #28 kept them in the game in the 1st half. My hats off to them, they played their hearts out. With that being said lets keep it rolling Indians and send Lovelady home with a loss
  5. one of Carlisle's coaches wife told me after the game sat @ 2 in lufkin
  6. TIme for the indians to put the whooping on thrall..Lets bring home a W
  7. You know nothing about Carlisle then because our boys have a lot of heart also and will not give up until the clock reads 0:00. Coach Baker and his staff have the boys ready to go every week.
  8. you would think that you would support your fellow district teammates. Sorry you got beat by Alto. They just had a better team than you did.
  9. I think its gonna be at Teague's new stadium on fri not sure on the time
  10. thanks . I looked at it. So it looks like Carlisle gets winner of West Hardin- Thrall. How do you think we matchup against these 2 ? I dont know much about either team.
  11. winner gets Carlisle right? how do you think that one will be? I dont know much about West hardin or Thrall
  12. anyone know when uil will release the 1A bracket? I'm curious to see who will be in the bracket with Carlisle
  13. I dont see the game being that close. Carlisle has too much firepower.
  14. Carlisle keeps rolling in district finishing undefeated. What are ya'lls thoughts?
  15. I was just making an observation that Overton didn't have their stands that full at a Carlisle/Overton game. I would have thought that a rivalry game would have brought out more people. I didnt say anything about your team so I dont know where you get you can't win with class.
  16. you were close...final score was 50-6...It's pretty sad when the visiting team has more fans than the home team. Thye pretty much had maybe 30 ppl in the stands by the 4th quarter. way to go Indians..lets get ready for maud and finish district undefeated!
  17. No need to tuck tail. We came out on top. No need to talk about the game. We won , yall lost end of story. Its time to prepare for Overton. The refs didn't lose the game for ya'll. Big Sandy's inability to stop #1 (Baker) was the reason and you lost to a better team. Good luck in your last 2 games.
  18. that must be how people from big sandy deal with things. I'm done. Time to move on to Overton game.
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