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  1. No one has been able to stop Eaves yet. Mildred won't either. Indians by 21
  2. Indians Bring The Juice on Homecoming and move to 4-0. I don't know much about Mildred but I don't see them stoppping all our weapons. I think our speed will be too much for them. #FearTheSpear #IndianNation
  3. They play Saturday due to a shortage of officials.
  4. Game day! Time for the Indians to "Bring The Juice"!! #IndianNation #FearTheSpear
  5. Not sure about JV but JH looked good winning 22-6
  6. Indians with the speed and all our weapons plus the hard hitting defense will Bring The Juice to Arp. Gimme my Indians by 21
  7. Rolling with my Indians as always. Carlisle by 7. #FearTheSpear #IndianNation
  8. Joaquin is hammering Arp and WS is sticking close to Tenaha last I saw
  9. Whose scored? Tenaha is up 34-32 on West Sabine. I didn't think WS was any good
  10. Who scored? Last I saw West Sabine was up on Teneha
  11. Lol. Yea I think that last time that we faced each other it wasn't pretty.
  12. Kinda like the AAA Academy a few years back. Those schools don't belong in UIL if they can recruit players from all over. That's like the big market teams in pro sports outspending everyone.
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