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  1. Its still early you can't make that prediction. I bet you havent even seen them play in person. They have more speed than last year and are hungry to get further. You will be eating your words later in the season.
  2. the weekly time for you to be way off on your predicition haha
  3. Baker always outcoachs Robey who I gather is at Cushing.
  4. Everybody is titled to their own opinions. Who is Robey? just curious whose got who . that's why I posted the poll.
  5. I disagree with you . I dont think a weak non district schedule hurts you when you get in the playoffs. Carlisle is ready to play each week no matter who they play. Coach Baker always has them ready to go.
  6. It's a losing battle with that guy. He seems to think non district opponents make or break a team in the playoffs. Its HS football any team can be beat on a given night. I personally feel that you got to take it one game at a time no matter who you play. I think Carlisle has one of its best teams in awhile this yr as well. You play your schedule and keep going each week until you get beat out when its the playoffs. He can't even answer which team he pulls for. Why get your starters hurt in a blowout . He claims their not getting "conditioning" by playing only one half. It changes if ur winning in a blowout and your starters get season ending injuries or it puts them out a week or more. Things like that can hurt playoff chances. So get over the schedule thing!
  7. I was wondering what school you pull for? You seem to be good at downing other school b/c of their non district schedule which has no effect on whether a school makes the playoffs at the end of the season. Coach Baker has had success with his formula so you go with the saying " if something isnt broke don't fix it" Baker and his staff are awesome and you have obviously never been to a Carlisle practice so you dont know anything about conditioning. If your ahead by 40 or 50 you dont play the whole game with your 1st string. That is just running up the school which is seen by many as bad sportsmanship.
  8. Just like we've beat ya'll the last few years? I doubt Detroit stays anywhere close to Carlisle
  9. We hear this every year. The important thing is to come out and play smart football each week. Who cares who we play, we will beat anyone on the schedule that stands in our way of the playoffs.
  10. The schedule from last yr on brownsboro's site is not up there. Do you happen to know what it was like last yr? I graduated from there in 1996 and we are going to do our 15th reunion this yr and would like to kick it off by going to a game.
  11. Yes, the same as last season with sites being changed......

  12. Does anyone know Brownsboro's football schedule for the upcoming season?
  13. do they have the 2011-2012 schedules in them? if so could you give me carlisle and browsnboro's schedules? thanks
  14. Does anyone know the 2011-2012 schedules for Carlisle and Brownsboro?
  15. I agree. We didnt have anyone ejected ...Carlisle players are classy. You shake hands after the series. Great comeback by the Indians, we just fell a little short. We will come back strong and will take the next 2. We did it last week and the guys will be focused to repeat that this week.
  16. Carlisle is hot too and I think we will take 2 and head to state!
  17. I like the way you think!...Go Indians!!!
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